Monday, April 5, 2010

The Dolly Diptych

Some of you might remember a few weeks back when I announced a photo Diptych contest going on over at Denise Karis' blog. I am THRILLED to announce that I have the very distinct honor of winning that contest. To be honest, I am so very blushy about it. Even right now, I have a goofy little grin on my face.

For me, it was so very interesting to read the comments, and see the great emotion this diptych brought to each viewer. It was such a treat to hear what others saw in my story. Here is the winning diptych in which I had envisioned a story of a child so very quickly leaving her childhood behind. We all lament how our children are growing up too fast, and I wanted to try to capture that feeling. How did I do?


Denise pointed out that many commenters thought it was too depressing, or even freaky. They wanted to see it have a happy ending. Just for fun, I went ahead and created a little story board for those readers. I simply used a few other photos I took that golden evening, and I hope it portrays a story of a little girl finding her beloved doll, and the joy it brings. What do you think?


All in all, it is such a joy for me to work with my photos to tell a story. Photography is my ART, and I'm so very glad I found it.

Thank you Denise for this great opportunity.

10 Live It or Love It:

bBchronicles said...

CONTRATS! That's awesome - yours is beautiful! You deserve the credit - nice job.

Marcelle said...

Of course you won!!!!!!!!!!
Your work is amazing amazing amazing.


Autumn said...

Congrats! I love this for so many reasons, one of which is BECAUSE it's sort of sad and a little dark. I am not a big fan of texture usually but in this instance it works. I also love the depth of field on the doll shot. It evokes emotion..... and in my opinion that is what you want!
So in my humble opinion, the original works far better than the addition of a happy ending. :) Sorry I rambled on.... :) Congrats again!

April said...

I love your first one because it evokes emotion. Although the pic that has your daughter holding the doll while sitting on the ground is so amazing!

Mama Zen said...

Congratulations, Corey!

Megan@SortaCrunchy said...

Congrats, Corey! It is BRILLIANT work. Love, love, love it. SERIOUSLY.

And for the record, I didn't need the happy ending story board. I totally get the original two frames. Totally.

denise karis said...

oh my goodness!! You're so sweet - I LOVE the happy ending - lol, Ill have to show my mom, shell love it - April is totall right on, the original one evokes emotion - thats why it was so brill!!

Lisa said...

Corey your images I have always adored!
I am so happy you won and they rightfully deserve first place. WOOT! WOOT! see I'm doing that manly fist pump in the air, definitely more civilized than that chest bump they like to do.

ispeakbeanish said...

I think they're both wonderful! Congratulations for a heartily deserved win!

Kimberly said...

I'd like to say that I had a feeling you were going to win. ;) Congrats! (And I liked the original too.)

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