Monday, April 30, 2012

My Week 81


April 16th was a pretty typical Monday.  Sugar Bear and I rushed home to get some fun time with the baby quail and the baby bunnies.  I know I've said it before, but seriously.....there is nothing better than some free time with baby animals.  They just have this way of snuggling into your soul and cleaning out the ick that the world tried to put there.  The sweet innocence is just hard to beat.  ♥


April 17th was a plain old Tuesday with nothing really special going on.  I was at a complete loss for what to photograph, so I just nabbed a shot of getting the mail.  It's something I do everyday, but it rarely is a cause of joy these days.  Nothing fun ever comes in the mail anymore.  This particular day we did get Sugar's Highlight magazine.  It is usually pretty fun.  Sugar loves to get mail.

April 18th found us at the library after work/school.  That is always a PLUS for our day.  I took this shot of the tree blossom petals the litter the streets this time of year.  It is the BEST type of litter.  :)  Spring is good.


April 19th was a busy busy day for me at work, and the normal Thursday plan for Sugar fell through, so she spent a bit of time at work with me.  I enjoyed some quiet reading time while she was in dance class, and we rushed home to feed the baby birds. They are growing like weeds.


April 20th was a jammed packed day starting with an early morning, and ending with a late night.  A friend took Sugar into school, so that I could head the opposite direction to an all staff training for work.  I rushed back to town at the end of the day to grab my Sugar, have a fast dinner, and then head back to the school to see the Talent Show.  Oh was fun.  So many sweet acts.  One of my favorites I captured here.  Two lovely 5th graders I know choreographed a dance, and did such a wonderful job performing it.  Stunning. It was a 3 hour show, and we got home soooooooo late, but it was worth it.


April 21st was just as jammed packed as the day before, which is unusual for a Saturday.  I volunteered out at Sugar's School from 9:30-2:30pm, while Sugar Bear ran around enjoying the beautiful day of Soccer games.  Sugar doesn't play soccer, as she is very prone to side-aches.  She does like watching her friends play though, so that it fun.  I worked the snack shack, and had fun socializing with new and old friends.  As soon as I wrapped up the shack, we jetted off to the Pottery Company for a little 6 year old's birthday party.  This is the monkey Sugar painted.  So cute, cute, CUTE!  I can't wait to see it when it is fired.  :)


April 22nd was a glorious day.  Sugar Bear played outside while I mowed the lawn.  We caught frogs, cuddled bunnies, and just plain had an amazing day.  It reminded me so much of Summer that I got itching for summer sooooooooooooooo bad.  I can't wait.  The frog in this picture is by far the biggest frog we have found in our yard.  I loved him.  He had the coolest eyes.  I love spending the day with nature. 


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