Thursday, April 12, 2012

Sugar Bear.......

- is SEVEN years old. How can that be?

- is my bestest little friend. I am her mother.....but she is definitely my favorite person in the whole wide world. It is my greatest hope that it always stays that way.

- has amazing hair. I waited soooooooooooooooooo long for that hair to show up, and oh how it takes my breath away with it's multi-colored, highlighted loveliness. I am sad to report that she wants to cut it this summer. It is KILLING me, but we'll do it and give it to Lock for Love.


- blesses my heart each and every single day with her continued, all encompassing, love for her mama. She looks at me with eyes so full of love, that I often feel like I can see her soul.

- loves yogurt, spaghetti, and fruit. She is a pretty choosy eater, but I'm mostly to blame for that. One thing I love about this girl is her ability to stop eating when she is satisfied. She won't eat something for the sake of eating it. She turns down dessert or a treat nearly 50% of the time. Wish I had that control.

-loves to listen to Adele, and more recently, The Civil Wars. She has good taste in music.

- is growing into her new teeth. It has been a hard transition with these new BIGGER teeth, but her smile still lights up the world of those she blesses with it. It changed her little face, but it isn't the outside that truly's what's on the inside that makes her the amazing girl she is.

- is brave and strong. She most recently was sick with vomiting while I was away for several days. While she prefers to nearly crawl back inside me when she is not feeling well, she will also just buck right up and take care of herself. She got ill in the middle of the night, and decided not to wake her grandma, and just clean herself up and go back to sleep. It is times like this when I can't deny she is growing up.

- likes school, but isn't an over achiever. She just doesn't like anything more than anything else. You can ask her, "want to go to the park?" and you'll get nearly the same reaction if you asked her, "want to go take a bath?" She is willing to do most things, but doesn't show GREAT enthusiasm for anything in particular. It is never a chore to get her to go to school, but she doesn't get all giddy about it either. She isn't a fan of reading, but is progressing.

- prides herself in being quite a funny little person. She will always be "my little ham sandwich". She continues to be shy around people, but one of her main coping mechanisms is humor. She has been using this technique since she was about two years of age. She LOVES to make people of all ages laugh. Lately, I've noticed how much she enjoys making her friends laugh. She can be a real goofball. She appreciates a good Ol' corny kid joke. A favorite right now: Why did Tigger look in in the toilet?...........He was looking for Pooh! tee hee


- is tenderhearted, but not overly emotional. I have NEVER seen her mad. oh wait....once when she was like 18 months she threw a tantrum. Other than that.....she is the most even keeled person EVER. She cares deeply, but is able to be reasonable, and is one of the most understanding individuals I have ever met.

- loves the colors BLUE, PURPLE, and GREEN. She tolerates pink, but would really love to do without it. She isn't a foo foo sort of girl, and only asks to wear a dress once in a rare while. In fact, she never really cares what she is wearing. I still pick out her clothes for her (blush).

- is really enjoying the rare sunny days we've had lately. I love to see her outside playing with our dog, or climbing a tree, or singing loudly as she swings back and forth on her swing set. That's what childhood should be about. Nothing rocks our world more than some time before dinner hanging out with the newest babies bunnies. ♥


- deserves so much more that I can ever give her. Of all the things I've ever done.....creating this special little person tops them all. She has given me FAR more than I'll ever be able to repay. ♥ I am one VERY lucky mama!

I love my little Sugar Bear to the moon and back.....and more than all the stars in the sky.

6 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Such beautiful photos of your daughter. Wish we were closer... would love to have your talent capture my kids. Where does the time go? I'm so glad you are so involved without regrets. It seems so different when there are more than one...things I wish I could do differently...time one takes that I wish I could give to another. Sorry I've been MIA.... I haven't been reading like I used to... life needs me, but I'm trying to come back!! :) Miss you all. Happy Spring!

Arizaphale said...

What a beautiful post! Lovely to have an insight into your precious girl. I SO remember feeling like this when my daughter was this age (even though she was a very different child...she could do MAD like nobody's business :-D)and the photos are superb. I know what you mean about growing into her teeth. The BA kept her baby teeth for SO long that she was quite 'gummy' until she lost them at 6-7. Then the new ones came in all gappy and all over the place. Thankfully they seem to have settled down now :-).

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

What beautiful pictures and such a lovely post!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

She sounds like the sweetest little girl and she is so very pretty!

Michelle said...

happy 7th birthday!! What a beautiful young lady she is becoming. You can see how much she has grown and matured compared to the baby-face picture in your heading!

Autumn said...

I feel horrible I haven't been over here that much lately. Life is pretty wacky for me right now. I love this post about Sugar. She's looking more and more like her momma as she gets older. I know how lucky you feel to have her but she's so very lucky to have you for her mom.

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