Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Week 79


April 2nd was a beautiful Monday. It is such a blessing to have daylight and sun when we get home from our day. We love having time to enjoy the outdoors together. Sugar has been spending more time outside on her swingset and climbing trees lately. It is so wonderful. That's what life should be about . I spent time getting us ready for our strange week. There was much packing involved.


April 3rd was a pretty typical day for Sugar Bear ending with a not so typical Tuesday night sleep over at her cousin's house. I, on the other hand, spent a good portion of my day traveling east....alone....through some snow. The roads were clear, and the music was good. I had just purchased "The Civil Wars" cd, and was LOVING it! I arrived at my conference destination in plenty of time for a nap, dinner, and reading in bed. It was lovely.


April 4th, I awoke to some fresh snow on the world around me, and I had to snap a few pictures before my conference began. It was a good day of learning, and after lunch many of my co-workers joined the conference party, and we settled into a condo for the rest of the week.


April 5th was an entire day of trainings for me, and sadly Sugar Bear spent her day really sick. I got a call first thing in the morning letting me know that she had been up all night ill. Grandma was there to take good care of her, but she wanted her mama, and I missed her. I stayed focus on my work, and enjoyed a great class on "Dealing with Change" where they provided chocolate and toys. :)


April 6th Sugar Bear was still sick......and missing me. It is so hard to be away when she isn't well. I had a morning of trainings, and then head back home through the beautiful snowy mountains.


April 7th we were all back together and prepping for Easter. We colored hot boiled eggs with crayons. I didn't have any dye. It was fun, and pretty. We played with baby bunnies, and just had a relaxing day at home. Loved it. Sugar was feeling better, but still not 100%.


April 8th was Easter in the rain......per usual. Sugar made the best of her egg hunt though, and she found 25 out of 26. That last one.....we might find this summer. :) She was feeling quite a bit better, so we headed into town to my brother's house for an Easter dinner with my family. Sugar enjoyed some time with her cousins.


2 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

It looks like you had a beautiful drive to your training. I am glad Sugar Bear is feeling better.

Susan @ Sunflower Status said...

Such great pictures. Love the snowy road, and the CUTE bunny! :-D

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