Thursday, August 7, 2008

Photostory Friday~ Every Little Hair on Her Head

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

There are simply not enough words to adequately describe the fierce emotion that comes along with being a parent. I vividly recall a moment during my pregnancy with Sugar Bear, when a friend, who happens to be a mother of 7, said to me, "I wish I could help you understand just what it will be like, but I can't wait for you to find out." I thought I knew.......I DIDN'T!

I can not describe the depth of my love for my child. I can only feel it's intense emotion, and look to other mothers with knowing eyes. There have been times when I have attempted to put
my thoughts into words, and I think other parents reading it can relate. Certainly not all, though.

Recently, someone said to me, "I just don't understand when other parents say, 'my child is the light of my life!' I mean seriously?.....seriously?.....are they kidding me? Am I the only parent whose life is HELL now that they have kids?" This statement surprised me, and quite honestly made my heart hurt for this person. How could he not get it? I truly thought is was something all parents felt? Don't all parents feel as if their deep love
might never be fully understood by their children?
Like their own heart would literally be torn from their chest if harm were to come to their child?

Late last week, I posted about
the slew of bad news flooding into the life of my friends. While all cases of suffering were fresh in my mind as I journeyed through my days this week, I feel compelled to ask for many more prayers for my co-worker. Her 13 year old daughter, Michelle tragically fell from the hay truck last week, and suffered severe head trauma. She has fought through two surgeries, and is currently on life support, and in a coma. She is suffering from a high fever, and things are very grim.

My heart is aching for this family. I simply can not imagine their emotions throughout this devastating ordeal. As a mother, I am unable to even fathom this sort of pain. I know that the family would appreciate any and all positive thoughts, and prayers.

Tonight, as I skimmed through old photos, I found this one among a group from last August that I haven't edited yet. I am uncertain as to why exactly, but photos like this illicit so much emotion in me. I can't help but stare at it.......and thank the Lord for every little hair on her head.


24 Live It or Love It:

AnnD said...

I'm always taking photos of Em's hair! I love it! When Sugar's is long and luxorious, you will remember the wisps and baby fine curls she had!

JennWasHere said...

That is a wonderful shot! She has a great hair!

My PSF this week is posted HERE. Please check on it if you can. Happy weekends!

Leigh Douglas said...

Thanks so much for sharing that pic. She is just a doll. I'm learning so much from reading your blog. Thanks for the kind words you left me. I've set up another blog for my pics. I put a link to your blog, hope you don't mind. I may be picking your brain on photog questions. Thanks for your help. Leigh

Jenty said...

(((HUGS))) hope she pulls through. You're right, stories like that make you really appreciate your situation

tommie said...

I do hope thing improve for your friends' daughter.

Lovely shot....

MamaGeek said...

I so hope it all turns out alright. Times like that make you appreciate the little times like these.

Beautiful sentiment, lovely photo Corey.

Peter Dyrholm said...

Great photo in the evening sun :-)

Being a parent changes your world. As you I thought I knew it. but man was I wrong... However those little ones... yeah they get to you and I know I will do everything in the world for the kids. That's my first priority.

I have encountered people that has other priorities despite having children. I must admit I don't get it. How can one be blessed with such a wonder and still be caught up in everything else...

I am sorry to hear about your friends daughter. Man it hurts me thinking about it. I hope and pray that she will fully recover very soon.

Thank you for a great story

melissagarrett said...

I had actually composed a fantastic response to this post this morning, and then it wouldn't let me post it. Arg!

In a nutshell, I understand completely what you're saying.

Laura said...

So true, Corey. So true.

And that is a super sweet picture!

Christina said...

I understand exactly what you are saying. All my imaginings of what motherhood would be were overshadowed by the reality of it. Yes, it's harder than I realized...but only because the love and pride for that little person is a thousand times more than I ever imagined. It really is something you have to experience in order to understand.

And the photos from behind always get to me, too.

Holly at Tropic of Mom said...

I love the pictures I've taken of my the back of my boy's head with all his curls, too!

What a beautiful girl you have!

Robyn said...

Love, love, love the curls.
I know what you mean about being a mom, but I have bad days too, more like exhaustion. I wouldn't trade it for the world though.
I hope Michell pulls through. Any girl on the top of a hay truck sounds like a fighter to me.

Susie said...

ThaT story completely touched my heart as I too couldn't imagine how dark my life would be without my little mouse-I can no longer survive without her.....
That picture gave me chills-you have some very real talent with the camera, and a very real beautiful little girl.

ispeakbeanish said...

You truly don't understand until you have your own. I remember realizing more and more how much my parents loved me as I cared for and loved and worried about my newborn Bean after she arrived. She is such a joy and a light. I can't imagine life without her. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and love for Sugar.

Chris said...

This was an amazing post. Thank you for the sentiment. I think (and hope) that most parents feel the way you do, about your daughter. Parenting is the hardest and most rewarding thing we'll ever do. My older brother died when he was seven years old, but I could never begin to fathom the depths of my mother's loss, until I had a seven year old son of my own.
I love the shot of your daughter's hair. Those shots from behind tell such great stories!

holly said...

i only *had* children so i could understand. and now i think that was just way too insanity to go through in order to satisfy curiosity. but you know, since i have 'em, i will probably keep them now. they're kinda cute.

beth said...

Great shot- looks like you could reach out and touch her sweet curls!

Cecily R said...

I love everything about this post. Everything. The shot is perfection. The words are just right.

Fantastic PSF!

Michelle said...

I just can't imagine what your friend is going through with her daughter's accident; they will be in my prayers.

Golightly said...

I truly hope the 13 year old pulls through all this.

I love the shot from behind, I took a couple of my son from a young age because I so often see that part of him. As a baby he always wanted to face out while carried as a preschooler, he is always on the run.

Childlife said...

Oh, YOU! You made me cry with that last line and that photo -- you have the most lovely thoughts, Corey :)

I will definitely be keeping your friend and her little one in my prayers -- stories like this just break my heart. I know what it feels like to sit there in a hospital room and wonder when and if you'll get to take your child home. You can count on me to be praying, Corey.

Sorry I've been MIA lately -- I've been following you faithfully in my reader, but we've been gone almost every single day, with more days just like it ahead. Got to get that last bit of summer in, ya know? ;)

Jo Beaufoix said...

I love that picture, and I am so sorry for your friend and her daughter. I am sending prayers babe. And that man, I can't believe he feels that way, it's so sad. His poor kids. :(

Mary Ann said...

I can't imagine what your co-worker is going through. My heart breaks hearing stories like that. When I hear of tragedies like that, I often imagine myself in that position wondering how I could go on.

I can't believe someone would actually say that about their children. How sad!

Deb - Mom of 3 Girls said...

What a wonderful photo.

Yep - every last little hair, and smile, and breath in their bodies. I never knew just how intensely I would love my children before I had them - and the thought of something happening to any one of them isn't even worth thinking about. I will pray for your co-workers daughter - what a horribly tragic accident.

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