Sunday, August 28, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week thirty-Five I couldn't remember the I decided to go with something I've been wanting to do for months. .....AND.....I was home alone on Friday evening, so it was the perfect opportunity.

I took the following photos using a tripod, remote shutter release, and a FAN! Yes.....a FAN! I've been dying to try to get shots using a fan. I wanted something that had movement in it. I spent about an hour outside on my deck snapping shots, and I learned a little bit about myself!

First....I am NOT a model....nor could I ever be. the Majority of the faces I make....are NOT cute, pretty, beautiful or lovely. There are certainly NOT sexy either.









But that's okay, cause I'm content with being a goof ball! and I am good at THAT!




Here's my favorite "nut job" shot! tee hee


It was a hoot, and I can only imagine what the bunnies, squirrels, birds, mini horse, and bugs in my back yard were thinking. What a goof ball I am. So a model I am NOT, but suddenly in among all the "other" shots.....out jumps a shot that makes me go, " this one is different! Who the heckola is THAT?" I don't know how it happened, but one shot out of the 105 turned out like THIS:


And suddenly......I'm not such a dork after all! I actually got what I was looking for....even though I had to take 97 photos BEFORE this one could emerge. The lesson here.....keep trying....keep going.....don't give up. Have fun....and you just never know. You might reach your goal in the end.

Be sure to head on over to visit Jessie and Cara to see all the fabulous ladies taking part in this cool project.

8 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Are you kidding me?? You are beautiful! I love that last shot of you. Great job!

April said...

What a fun photo shoot! I love the last one too, you look fantastic!

Donetta said...

3,7 and the 13th images! Oh your so beautiful! Hi girl. I watched a movie set on an island round Ireland. You are so fit for films of the type. Your soulful face is full of mystery.

Ill be heading home in 6 more days. Lots of painful hard work to do.
walking is never to be taken for granted.

viva the face

Tanya said...

that last shot is incredible!!!!!

Cara said...

This totally made my day! You are such a fun person. I have the same issue with the faces, I can never get one that looks natural, let alone sexy.
I am a little behind due to vacations, earthquakes and hurricanes. Looking forward to getting on track soon.
I love that you are hanging strong with us and this project Corey!

carrie said...

Holy crap. That last shot is totally MODEL worthy! I love it. Although I love the "nut job" pic, too. ;-)

Marcelle said...

wow I never knew your hair was so long, you rocked this shoot...

Jeanette said...

Bwahahaha! This made me laugh. Love it!!
I LOVE the one with your eyes closed.
You are SUCH a beautiful woman

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