Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Week 47


August 15th was actually my first day back to work after my summer break, but I just couldn't bring myself to snap a shot of my work day. Instead, I chose to capture the growth of our baby bunnies. I so love coming home to these little honey bunnies. ♥ This is our favorite one. We have 6 black babies, and this one who looks just like mama, Loppy.

August 16th was a pretty normal day for us for me.....daycare of The Sugar. A set of sisters at daycare brought all the kiddos some goody bags from their birthday. In it....was some fun "fruit by the foot" thingies. Sugar was on cloud nine when I let her have it on the way home. She doesn't get things like that very often as I'm a bit of a freak when it comes to food dyes. As you can see.....her tongue tells no lies.


August 17th was a beautiful Wednesday. Unfortunately I spent the VAST majority of it inside my office at work. I decided that I wanted to capture a sight that we see twice a day since I'm back to work. This slough runs along the highway that we travel to and fro. It is so beautiful this time of year. I love the golden light in the early evening.


August 18th marked the day that Sugar Bear lost her second top tooth. My daycare provider had texted me a photo earlier in the day, so I was prepared with my camera at pick up time. Sugar was hamming it up for her friends by not letting mama get an easy shot of her new smile. This is VERY Sugar. Love this shot.


August 19th I came home and went about tending to my animals. Tiny insisted on following me around as usual. I couldn't resist the pretty evening light, and the fun backlit situation. She is such a pretty girl.


August 20th found me home alone....except for the animals, that is. I had considerable amounts of photo editing to do....and unfortunately spent the entire weekend (which was beautiful) sitting at my computer. The pets were restless....and my bum got tired. Ugh. I nabbed this shot of my kitty. He looks grouchy...and that's exactly how I felt.

August 21st was another day in the house at the computer, but I took a little "Mental Health" break to play with baby bunnies. Can you see this amazing growth in this little guy/gal? The eyes are open....and he/she is so much bigger. WOW! and.....cute enough to eat with a spoon. ♥


I am not at all surprised to see that I managed to capture the majority of my shots of my pets on my first week back to work. There is nothing more stress reducing as petting a furry friend. ♥

2 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

You are so right. Furry friend do provide much needed stress relief. I can't believe how much the bunny grew over the course of the week. Amazing.

mrsmouthy said...

Corey, I'm wondering if I could post your horse picture side by side with a horse picture I took on my blog. If so, would you send me a copy? (I'll of course give you credit and put a link to your blog in the post.) If so: Thanks!

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