Monday, August 8, 2011

Week 44


Aug 1st found Sugar Bear getting a bit of a 4-wheeler lesson. Her dad is borrowing a little pink 4-wheeler for awhile to see how Sugar likes it. His friend's daughter just wasn't into it. Sugar really isn't either. That doesn't bother me a bit. I'm not ready for this sort of thing. I'm not sure I'll ever be. For the record, The hubby was just adjusting the throttle, and teaching Sugar Bear how to start it. When she rode it....I was on the back and she had a helmet on. :)


Aug 2nd Sugar Bear and I went blueberry pickin' with some friends. It was a beautiful day, and the berries were on. :) we got 14.5 lbs. Sugar wasn't a very interested picker this year. She ate a lot though. :) I did both.


Aug 3rd found us playing around in the evening with some bubbles. I can't really remember what we did that day.....but the evening was relaxing and summery. I try to cherish those times. They are fleeting.


Aug 4th was playdate day at the park. It was a pretty afternoon. Sugar and I were the first ones there, but soon we had a few friends show up. One friend even came by without her kiddo. We haven't seen each other enough this summer, so we had a nice chat.


Aug 5th Sugar Bear and I headed back to the river for a late afternoon swim. Well, Sugar did the swimming, and I did some photo taking.....and enjoying of the scenery. This sand castle was built over a week ago. I couldn't believe it was still standing. I got some darling pictures of Sugar playing at the river, but I don't like to post photos of her in a swimsuit, so I'll have to just appreciate them myself.


Aug 6th we went to a family reunion. We rode with my parents, and as usual, my dad NEEDED to take the scenic route. NICE. Everyone in the car gets carsick on windy roads.....except my dad. He always does this to us. It was pretty. We saw some really nice farm land. Luckily, on the way home.....he took the direct freeway route. whew.....and somehow I got one of my most favorite sunset shots ever. I took this through the window.....going 65 MPH. The farmers were out in the field and the dust was making it really hazy. It was pretty.


Aug 7th found us back at home. I was in an unexplainable funk most of the day. The highlight of the day was checking on our newest members of the family. YES....we have baby bunnies, again! :) This little one is about 4 days old.


4 Live It or Love It:

Fresh Mommy said...

Beautiful... there is so much beauty in living a full life!! Great shots, Corey :)

Jen said...

That sunset is absolutely gorgeous. Another wonderful week!!

Gayle said...

New bunnies! So fun... my little ones are asking every day when they can get a bunny. Need cages first!!

Cara said...

That sunset shot is awesome. You should frame it!

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