Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Week 43


Okay....so I'm all caught up on this project and it feels GOOD! :)

July 24th was a Sunday.....and I'm not at all sure what I did. I do know that we played with bubbles in the evening. I often forget how relaxing blowing bubbles can be. We need to do it WAYYYYY more often.


July 25th....well.....ummmmm.....can't remember. oh boy...it was only a week ago. That is horrible. I think I worked a bit while sugar Bear was at daycare. I do know that I took a picture of the growing tomatoes. Sugar Bear planted two tomato seeds at school this year, and brought home these tiny little plants. Now they are huge. I'm hoping they remain healthy. I wasn't so sure they'd be successful because we had such a deary spring and June. So far, so good.


July 26th was a Tuesday......We went to playgroup at the park and had a WONDERFUL time. Sugar ran through some sprinklers, and I talked and talked with my friends. Then we got to go to the Library. :) good times. We spent a glorious evening out in the yard with Ivy. She is addicted to fetching a tennis ball. She could do it for hours and hours.

July 27th I had to attend meetings, and I was whiny about it. I had a BAZILLION errands to run, and I was grouchy. I had soooooooooooooooooooooo many things to do before going camping. We left that evening, and got to camp about 9am. I got my tent up just before dark. THEN....I remembered that I hadn't taken a picture yet, so I grabbed a quick shot of a light on my truck. It was packed FULL with camping stuff.

July 28th was a nearly perfect day at the river. There was good company......and so many laughs. I am not much a swimmer, so I just sat under the cabana on the beach, and read my book. Oh how I love it. I love the joy on Sugar's face in this shot of her cousin in law jumping into the river. (yes...there is such a thing as a cousin in law!)


July 29th was a repeat of the 28th, and I couldn't have been happier. :) and Sugar agrees. We love our campin' spot. In this shot it may look like Sugar Bear is getting pulled by a boat, but it is actually another cousin in law running along the edge of the river pulling her. So fun!


July 30th was our last day at the river, and it was nearly a repeat of the two previous days, but folks were getting a bit tired of all the sun and fun. This is my niece K. A must when you camp is a sun hat. I adore this little camo sun hat, and her freckles.....are so sweet. We are glad we got a chance to camp with our family again this year.


2 Live It or Love It:

Autumn said...

Lovely week... although the 30th shot could have been one of me and you. You know, actually seeing each other in person! LOL Actually I think little K's freckles are a much better shot. Love those freckles... my little Bugs nose is full of them too.

Jen said...

Looks like you guys had a blast. I love spending time at the lake.

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