Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 46


August 8th was a pretty normal summer Monday for us.....all except for the fact that Sugar lost her first BIG FRONT tooth that morning will eating toast with Nutella on it (yum!). She was so surprised and happy that it came out so easily. She walked around looking a bit like a hockey player for a few days though. She had a bit of a black eye from getting hit by the wooden swing on Saturday. You can barely see it in this shot. It is her right the corner by her nose. The skin was brown, and greenish, as well.


August 9th was our Tuesday playgroup day at the park. Sugar Bear got to play with two of her little friends that will be in her class at her new school. This is wonderful. I like seeing her bond with the kiddos that she will be spending time at school with. It will make the transition so much easier for her. These are her flip flops she has been wearing all summer. They have done so many fun things.....they are looking a bit worse for the wear.


August 10th Sugar spent only half of her day at daycare and the rest at home loving on a baby bunny. bunnies are the BEST! I adore this shot of her gentle love. ♥


August 11th was a super duper fun day! We had an awesome playgroup at the park, and then....we went roller skating for the first time. Okay....Sugar Bear's first time.....not mine. BUT I haven't been in like 10 was awesome fun! We were attending a birthday party for my friend's daughter. Lots of fun participants. We did some skating limbo....and red light, green light. Sugar was pretty timid, but she had a good time. My friend's little guy who is a year and a day older than Sugar spend a good deal of time trying "teach" her how to skate. It was cute.


August 12th started with some work for me....some daycare of Sugar...and ended with setting up camp. Sugar Bear took this photo of me putting up our tent. I'm a master tent builder. :) This was about 6pmish.....and it was a lovely evening. This would be our last camping trip of the summer season.


August 13th wasn't an ideal camping day. The weather was overcast....and down right gloomy, but we made the best of it. I'd say that Ivy enjoyed herself the MOST. It was her first camping trip, and I think she approved of this activity. She LOVES to jump in the water and fetch sticks or a tennis ball. She is a great swimmer. The girls had such a wonderful time racing her in the water.


August 14th was our last day at camp, and I nabbed this shot of the early risers. This is breakfast at camp. Eggs, bacon, grapes, and Cinnamon rolls. lucky girls. I love this it really shows their personalities. Cousin K, on the left....not such a morning person. Sugar talk talking..... and Cousin S making sure she is all set up for breakfast...making everything just right. I also love how "hill billy" Sugar looks....tee hee....those missing teeth are killing me these days.


It was a beautiful week.....and a wonderful end to my summer. I'm back to work now....le sigh!

5 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

Week 46 already? Wow time sure does fly. Sugar Bear looks so sweet with her missing teeth. Your photos make me want to go camping!!

Jessie said...

I can't believe that you are on week 46 either! Wowsers! That shot of Sugar Bear without her tooth is hysterical! What a fun camping trip! My Sister in Law and I are planning one for next summer with her girls and mine. Fun times with cousins! Great week mama!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I just love toothless grins! Great shot.

inkyblog said...

sweet sweet pics Corey

Gayle said...

The camping looks like so much fun. It is the one thing I really wanted to do this summer and we never got around to it.

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