Wednesday, August 10, 2011

I had a swing like this

Recently, we had a fun little adventure to our family reunion. We had the opportunity to visit the property of one of my dad's cousins. It was incredible, and we had such a great day. Sugar's favorite feature was this old fashioned swing that hung from a large oak tree. She took one look at it and KNEW she had to give it a try.


It took some practice....and some tentative tries, but soon she had the hang of it. One of her distant cousins, a really sweet 9th grader, gave her lots of encouragement and really helped her figure it out. By the time I wandered over there to take photos she was getting more and more daring.


Watching Sugar let herself fly on this swing really brought back the memories of my childhood. My dad made my brother and I a swing just like this one. Our also hung from a huge oak tree, and swung out over a hillside, so that you felt like you were flying out over the world.


There is just something about it that makes you feel so FREE! I know this feeling well. I have so many memories of being up at our swing with my brother. We actually have three different ones, but one was JUST.LIKE.THIS.ONE.


It isn't without risks. I had my share of mishaps. One ended with my sliding face first down the hillside and into a small tree. I had an incredible bloody nose that made my brother regret his decision to NOT change out of his school clothes before going out to play. His white jeans, and white Terry Bradshaw t-shirt were never the same, and I will never forget the sound of my mother's voice as she begged, "tell me WHO is hurt!" There was blood all over the both of us.


Luckily, such a disaster did not befall our dear Sugar Bear, but she did end up with a bit of a shiner. I wasn't there to see it, but somehow she fell off and the swing hit her upper cheek/lower eyelid.


Thank goodness this happened AFTER a fair share of swinging already happened. It took a bit of the FUN out of the day, but not enough for her to disregard that swing as the BEST PART of the reunion.


I don't think you can deny that this smile says it ALL! ♥

4 Live It or Love It:

Jen said...

Swings are the best. You sure can see the joy in her eyes. I am so sorry she got hurt though. That's no fun.

Cara said...

I had a swing just like that too. We use to have to be careful not to run into the tree itself. We had a few bloody noses ourselves.

Jeanette Verster said...

That's such a fabulous swing!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous, as always. Hey, do we ever get to have a look at any of the wedding pix you took this summer? I'm a sucker for weddings...

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