Saturday, January 29, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Five

Theme of the week:

Daily Activities

When I saw this theme, I immediately knew I needed a shot of myself at work, but wasn't sure what I wanted to be doing in the shot. I tried several different things, and had a really challenging time getting the focus right. I really need to get a new camera remote. It is nearly impossible to get good focus when you set up a scene, press the timer, run to your place and wait for the camera to shoot. ugh....a remote works so much better as you are already in the scene for the camera to focus on.

ANYHOW, (man I can get off on a tangent) I tried to look like I was working in several of the shots, but it always looked contrived, so I finally settled on pretending to nap at my desk. I figure this shows what I'd like to be doing....instead of what I should be doing. Often I am so very tired at work because I stayed up entirely too late reading. Right about 2pm, I get the yawns, and can hardly keep my eyes open. When I was pregnant, I'd actually just lay my head down like this and sleep. :) It was cute then.....but now, I think my boss would not see how cute it is. :)


For kicks, I converted this shot as well, but I wasn't sure which one I liked best. I think the color shot shows more clearly the chaos around me, which is very much a part of my daily life. I am messy at work. I am type A about a lot of things....but not about my desk. The black and white shot looks more peaceful I think.


Which one do you like better?

Be sure to head on over to visit Jessie and Cara to see all the fabulous ladies taking part in this cool project.

13 Live It or Love It:

Donetta said...

how pretty you are!
Sugar looks just like you! Wow how fun. Love the color the best.
Enjoy your weekend.

Gayle said...

I agree, the color does show chaos while the b&w is more peaceful. I like them both!

Marcelle said...

Enjoying this challenge.

Melissa said...

I prefer color shots usually, but you nailed that B/W's gorgeous!

Jessie said...

That is a great b/w! I remember when I worked outside of the home when pregnant with Piper I would close my office door and lay my head down for a few minutes too. Great shot and you look so peaceful that no boss could possibly be angry about that :)

Cara said...

I like them both, like you said the color one does show more of the chaos and the b&w make the scene more serene. Either way you did a fabulous job, I too tried the work photo and thought I looked contrived too.

Autumn said...

The color shot is my favorite. My desk is usually a mess too. But then I get really frustrated and spend a couple hours cleaning and wonder why I let it ever get that way! rinse and repeat! lol

Janet said...

Definitely the colour for me! What a good idea! Very creative Corey!

April said...

You are so right about the color one showing it all better!
Love your series by the way...and the concept about your daughter seeing your chin because of her height...that was soo sweet!

Christina said...

Yup, I'm jumping on the color bandwagon too! It is more chaotic that way, but I like the clash of you sleeping so peacefully with all that going on around you.

FranKloh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Kimberly said...

My eyes are wandering all over this shot taking it all in. :) Love the soft light and the little peek it gives us into your life. And is that lotion from Bath and Body works on your desk? I am soooo a fan of their Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion. LOL!

Anonymous said...

Don't try to fool them all Corey. This is how I usually find you when I walk into your office. HeeHee. -H

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