Thursday, January 6, 2011

Motivation.......or not (in other words....HELP!)

This blog has a hollow sort of echo about it these days, yes? Sometimes I feel like peeking in and calling out, "HELLO?" and when I think of the tiny little "hello...hello...hello...."'s that would be coming back at me, I refrain. It's too sad and depressing. I'm not sad or depressed about the state of my blog, I'm just honestly sort of stuck. I've been blogging for almost four years now....and I've hit a wall. While it has usually been pretty easy for me, suddenly I find myself not motivated at all.

To be honest...I'm not really sure what I'm doing with all my time these days. I don't really feel like I'm too busy to blog, but I can't seem to find the time. If I think REALLY hard about it, I realize that the major issue is my pictures. I haven't been editing pictures in a timely fashion, and if I don't have pictures to post....I don't tend to blog.

In fact...I almost didn't sit down to write this fascinating little gem because I don't have single recent picture edited to share. When did I become so dependant on pictures to tell a story? I used to write.....write about stuff important to me. I want to do that again...but haven't found sufficient motivation.

Can you help me....what would you like to hear about? It would make my day if the 5 people who still read my blog......Christina, Autumn, Gayle...okay the three people who still read my blog...(just kidding)....okay where was I? oh Yes....if anyone out there could think of something they would like to ask me....or something they would like to me blog about....or something they'd like to just make up random stuff about, like I know what I'm talking about....please....leave me a comment.

Okay....can you do that? All righty then. I'm gonna do ice the finger that types the "." because I just over worked it a bit. :)

18 Live It or Love It:

Megan (FriedOkra) said...

I'm still reading! I want to know about your job, and who cooks and eats what at your house, and how all the animals are doing, and what a day is like for you, start to finish.

How's that?

Childlife said...

I'm still reading, cutie! :) I know I've been like the world's worst commenter and all, but I am still reading. I love just hearing what you and your little princess have been up to. Even without the photos ;) You two shine whether it's with words or snapshots or just a few snippets about your day. Don't say it often enough, but you are often the rare smile at the end of a very long day for me. I just need to get out of Google reader more often and tell you so :o)



Autumn said...

You crack me up! Good way to call out your lurking readers.. tee hee!
I would like to know how you deal with a puking child... ok not really but that's what's going on in my house today so it's in my brain. I want to know what camera equipment you have been drooling over. What's on your must have list these days?

bBchronicles said...

Hey there STRANGER! Get OFF YOUR BUTT and BLOG!!!! LOL! I'm a FINE ONE TO TALK - I just took about a month break and now I'm back at it!!!!!

I think I get too dependent on photos as well - so I'm going to blog/journal one day, add photos on another. When I wasn't blogging - I found SO MUCH TIME to do other things - I got an unbelievable amount of stuff DONE! So, I found out that blogging isn't everything and there is so much OUT THERE that I need to accomplish! I've been blogging about as long as you and when I go back and read some of the stuff I've written, it's motivated me to continue - because I'm actually writing for my posterity not for the blogging public! It's worth it - just channel your thoughts and start writing for your grandchildren/great grandchildren. My grandparents left me nothing about themselves so I decided that was going to change for my posterity!!!!!

Don't give up - maybe take a REST and then come back!
Hugs - Berta

Heidi said...

I'm still reading, too! Don't change a thing, what you do and how you do it....that's what we like. A little of this, a little of that, a photo or two! With or without words, fine, too!
Hugs, Heidi

Gayle said...

I know you like to keep yourself a little vague for a sense of security and that's fine, but things I would love to read about..... where you live (or a general description), why you are there, do you like it, weather (big one for me), would you move. AND all about the animals, the horse we don't hear much about and anything else you have creeping about, how you care for them, who cares for them, what else would you like to have. AND what are some of the favorite games you play with Sugar, some fun activities, things she says, what she likes (her and my Olivia are the same age and since I have no friends with kids her age I'd love to see how they compare in personalities and interests). AND family, I would love to hear about your extended family. AND your job... we don't hear too many details about it, but maybe you can't. AND I need you to tell me what inexpensive lens I should buy for my Canon EOS 30D so I can take GREAT basketball photos; I want something I can stand under the rim and get awesome close-ups, but still take photos when they are at the other end of the court (my photos suck). the last request was something personal, but the rest of them I'm sure people would love reading about.

I guess what I'm getting at is what you do is great and it has kept me here for a long time, but more in depth stories while keeping it private would be cool. (Fine line to walk, huh?).

Good luck getting motivated!!

Janet said...

I'm still reading too, but I have hit a huge blank wrt my blogging ... however ...I'm back! Keep on with the beautiful photographs and your words of inspiration! Rest is good! It's helped me feel motivated!

Jeanette said...

Hey, I'm still here!! My reader wouldn't be the same without your posts, you can't stop

Marcelle said...

I also still read your blog via my feedreader while on holiday the last 3 months and could not always comment due to the limited internet access.
Keep doing what you have been doing, sharing your life and your photography with us.
Need to hear more about Sugar Bear as well...she is so grown up now.

Kimberly said...

I went through a dry spell a while back and came mighty close to shutting down my blog. I just let it go, and eventually it came back to me. I think I fall in that same rut that you described, feeling like I can't post without photos. When I first started blogging it was long thought filled prose. Now it's picture posts mostly. Hmm, you just gave me the best idea. No Photo Friday. Oh the wheels are turning...

But you asked a specific question so here's a specific answer, I'd like to hear more about your husband. (Is that weird?) LOL! I was fascinated to find out that he's a fisherman since living here in the mountains (and far away from the ocean), that's a foreign concept (and thus highly intriguing) for me. :)

Jen said...

I think most people that I know that blog seem to be feeling the same way lately. It's just not as important as it once was to a lot of people. I think that is fine. Your blog should be what you want it to be at any given time. Maybe you could post photos that are unedited. Maybe that would make it seem like less work.

Anyways, I love your blog and your beautiful words and photos. I am with Kimberly. I would like to hear more about your husband. I am glad she said it first though. LOL. I think it is because you don't talk about him very often. But really you could blog about anything and I would read it!!!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Hi lovely

I so get this as I've been there too. I decided this week to maybe try to write a little each day like I used to, even if just to make me think about each day and what we've done with it.

I know I'm not here often enough but i always love it when i do come here, and I love hearing about Sugar. Can you believe our babies are almost 6 and when we started they were tiny 2 year olds!!

Big hugs sweetie. Blog what feels right for you. Your photos are always wonderful but your words are fab too. xxx

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

What has Sugar been up to lately?

Nickolaus Clan said...

You are an inspiration for me. I would love to have the time to copy you and do a Kitty project of my own. Maybe a break from blogging to refresh your creative side would help. I do enjoy your pictures and stories very much.

Sue said...

You blog is always one of the first I check out..what I love the best..your photos and your devotion and love for your SugarBear. Most of my blog reader is comprised of crafts and decorating..but you and a few others touch on real stuff and life and I really really love reading them. More about you and your family and the pets..maybe some tips on photography.

Christina said...

Hiya! You bet I'm still reading! You even specifically called me out as one of your faithful few, and yet I'm comment #16 by the time I get around here! See, we all love you. :o)
I do feel you...I have been feeling very blah for the blog lately, too. Comments are way down, which does effect me even tho I don't want it to. I actually have piles of photos to blog, and stories in my head...but little inspiration. I want to WRITE!!!

Okay, so questions. you seem like the most productive person....I want to know how you organize your time to get so much done. And I want to hear cute Sugar Bear stories. I'd love to hear more about the husband too, and family dynamics. Fave things to do with Sugar...I can used inspiration for some of the long days here. ;o) Really, anything you want to say, we want to hear. :o)

Bellevelma said...

Hi Corey, I still read your blog. I have you in my google reader :). Can't think of anything to ask you as I can't even blog myself these days. I jst wanted you to know I'm still hanging around.

Kerstin said...

HI Corey - I know exactly how you feel - want to let you know that I am still reading your blog and checking all your breathtaking photos but am not in the mood to write comments or do blogging for myself - I am soooo behind of all and everything that I have no idea how to come off of that and how I could come back to normal.... since I had this bad cold or flu or however you will call that in oct and november (8 weeks of sickness) I am in the mood for - nothing - really nothing!!!! Sometimes I ask myself what I am doing with those hours I have for myself (right now its quite less time for me - as I am 'fully booked 'the whole day with the two dogs).... I cannot remember the last time I did a a properly photo (with thinking about and what i amd doing with my cam)..... some "snap shots" of christmas and ny's eve okay.. but its not that kind of photography I used to do....
so chin up.... Let us know what you're doing - how you are and i am really looking forward for your new project---- I wish I would be as tough as you.....

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