Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of spending some time in the company of a very interesting little creature. This type of creature is something rather rare in my current life, and I was pretty excited to have the opportunity to see this animal in action. I wasn't disappointed in the least. It was in perfect form.


As my eyes followed his every movement, I couldn't help but notice his energy....his spunk. He jumped from one thing to the next with anticipation of what lay under this....over that....behind this.....inside that. While I had to pull my jacket close...he dashed through freezing puddles without seeming to even notice that he was getting wet from the tip of his toes to nearly the knee of his pants. His hands turned red with the chill, but it didn't stop him from exploring the tidal puddles. Despite many pleas from the maternal creature he insisted that he did NOT need a jacket, and that his hands were NOT cold. It was fascinating to see this independent and rather inexplicable behavior. I raised my camera to see if I could catch some shots of this allusive being, and was not surprised at all to see that he had a silly bone as well.


There is always something about a camera that brings out kooky behavior in this species. Quickly his expression morphed from one thing to the next. There was much giggling, and more antics. The maternal subject kept suggesting a more "normal" sort of behavior, but the more she requested, the sillier the behavior became. FASCINATING!


It was an incredible experience, in which I'm honored to have been a part of. I'm not sure what I expected, but it was good to know that this particular specimen is much like another animal whom I have TONS of experience with. The Sugar Bear species has much in common with this strange creature. Who knew? I think they would get along very well. Next time I'm given the opportunity to interact with this little darling....I hope to bring Sugar Bear along.
P.S. Thank you to my friend, Autumn for giving this opportunity to get to know her darling boy, BUG! He is a gem. I had such a wonderful time. Give him a squeeze for me.

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Autumn said...

OMGosh! Is it super duper sappy that I got all teary reading this post? lol Yeah I know something is wrong with me. Love the shots you got of him. Crazy child, I guess all that energy keeps him warm. We had such a good time at the cold beach with you.

inkyblog said...

isn't he cute? and your pics - beautiful, I bet his Mom loves these pics xoxox

Janet said...


Jeanette Verster said...

He's lovely!! Love his big blues!

Christina said...

A boy?! Well golly, that is a rare creature! there aren't too many of them around these parts either. He is a cutie. :o)

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