Sunday, January 9, 2011

My Week 13

A big thanks to everyone who left me a comment on THIS POST. It was wonderful motivation to just hear from so many of you, and to see that you are indeed interested in some of the same things I am. Mostly, SUGAR BEAR....and who want to hear about ME? tee hee...

In an effort to be more "REAL" and to give you more of an insight into my life, I'll be alittle more wordy in the "My Week" posts.


The first shot was taken on December 26th while Sugar Bear and I were diggin' into one of her favorite gifts this Christmas. A Mind Blowing Science Kit. We love doing activities like this together. In this particular experiment, she was discovering which substances in our house are an acid or a base. Good Times. We are totally excited to get started on her Disgusting Science kit next. Woo hoo!

The second shot was taken on December 27th. Ummm.....yes, the Living and Loving household finally joined the rest of the video gaming world and now has a Wii. My sore muscles won't let me forget it. OH and my poor wrists. I do think Corey is getting old, folks! I've been struggling with wrist pain for about a year now. Have I gone to a doctor about it.....NO! but I whine a lot and I think that helps. :)

The third shot was taken on December 28th at my parent's house. We spent the late afternoon and evening playing with more Christmas Gifts. The FIND IT game was a crowd pleaser. It doesn't matter if you are 5 (oh so very almost 6) or 65 years old, you can easily become obsessed with finding the penny! (I finally got the penny to come to surface so that I might see the mint date, TODAY! Yeah...Corey is awesome!) The other object in this shot is a card game called, "Frog Juice". It is a bit too complicated for Sugar Bear, but once I get this game completely figured out myself, I believe I can teach her, and she'll love it.

The fourth shot was taken on December 29th. This photo cracks me up. I was wanting to capture the idea of flooding, but I think I only succeeded in portraying a really rundown camp trailer. This little beauty sits long side the gravel road that leads to our house, and we drive by it twice a day. I hardly ever notice it....but it sure does reflect nicely in a the HUGE puddle that was the result of days and days and days of rain.

The fifth shot was taken on December 30th, which happens to have been like my most favorite day of the entire Christmas break. was missing a special little something (Sugar Bear), but it was over flowing with a really wonderful, long time friend, and her totally adorable son (and dog). They were on a quick little adventure, and stopped into my town, and I got to spend about 6 hours with them, and it was perfect. So very perfect. We got to talk...and walk....and laugh....and smile. The weather was so cooperative, and really we couldn't have asked for more from a December day.

The sixth shot was taken on December 31st. Usually, I spend New Year's Eve at home doing nothing different from any other night, but this year I had the opportunity to hang out with some friends. There was food....and I'm all about the food. Oh yes....I am. I hate to say it....but I was only there for the food....and the board games. (sorry Carol....I know how you despise board games!) It was lovely. I had some big laughs....and was able to help some folks out. It didn't turn out as expected, and I was home before midnight, but that's totally okay. I was able to lay in bed and finish a wonderful book. I even got to sleep in the next morning. THAT was a wonderful way to start the new year.

The seventh shot was taken on January 1st, 2011. HAPPY NEW YEAR! I was so very excited to get Sugar Bear back home from my parent's house, and she was really pleased to get an early birthday surprise from her mama. Her Aunt Lisa had given her a cute little toy for Christmas, and she fell so hard in love with it, that I couldn't resist snapping up a set of 5 ZOOBLES that happened to be on sale. You totally can't tell that she loves them, right?

It was a wonderful week.

6 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

Oh how much I would love a Wii! SO MUCH fun!

Marcelle said...

Love how you never have a boring post for me to read.....always so busy with exciting things, lucky Sugar Bear to have you as a mommy...thanks for sharing and the detail...

Jen said...

You are so good at keeping up with your weeks. I love hearing about your week.

Autumn said...

It's my Bug! :) I wondered what picture you would use from that day. He sure had fun and got soaked! hehe So happy that we were able to do it. I love your weekly recap posts, it's so fun getting just a little glimpse into your daily life.

Christina said...

Oooh, the science kit sounds like so much fun! We'd LOVE that! Since you are a fellow game lover, you might enjoy our recent favorite discovery: Rat-a-tat-Cat. Great game for kids, plus adults truly enjoy it, too. And it has cats - a big plus for Nadia!!
I'm curious why Sugar stayed with your parents over the Christmas break?

Tanya said...

I miss my WII so much!! lol. I love posts like this. I love your pics too. :) :) By far one of my faves on my blogroll!

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