Friday, January 28, 2011

Here's a SCARY Thought

Hey....remember this picture?


Yeah.....that totally attractive photo of me that I posted just the other day.
Well, about a day after posting this shot, I realized that this is the very acurate view my poor sweet Sugar Bear has of me about 60% of the time. I had never really thought about the fact that she is looking up at me nearly all the time, and how that might look to her. Ugh...I feel a bit sorry for her. tee hee

BUT.....this only goes to prove that we need to be less worried about what WE think about how we actually look in photos, and more interesting in just plain being present in them. I am certain that our children, in future years, will NOT look back at photos of their parent, and think, "WOW....she sure was having a bad hair day!" or "Gee, where did that double chin come from?" or "Look at the back fat on her!" They will simply see....MOM.....or DAD....and feel all the love they had/have for you. They will smile on that shot, and think, "I remember that shirt." or "I sure do miss those days." or "Gee.....I wish she/he were here now!" ♥ It isn't for's for THEM, and aren't they so very worth it?

So, as I look at this photo, and snicker.....and think, "how absurd!" Sugar Bear is likely to see it 20 years from now, and think, "That's my mom!" ♥

5 Live It or Love It:

Janet said...

LOL! Absolutely true! I hadn't thought of it that way and you're right! Our kids will remember the good things - always!

Kerstin said...

soooo well said and thought Corey - hit the nail on the head. Honestly I never had that thought when I see a photo of me. Will think about it next time.
BTW I love your shot and the perspective is awesome!!!!!

Donetta said...

So true Corey. It is an interesting thought to wonder. How do we look to them? The view of the kid crawling and us bending down to see the table top from the vantage they do. I had never really considered the view they have of us from below. thought provoking idea.
Oh I hope your day is so peaceful. Have some fun in it.

Christina said...

what a wonderful thought! I love it, Corey!

Kimberly said...

Gosh, that's completely hilarious, and so totally true!

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