Monday, September 21, 2009

It could be worse.......

Oh yes it could!

However, it isn't GREAT right now......

-Sugar Bear and I have a down right, disgusting, pain in the fanny pants COLD!

-My Internet HATES me, and won't let me retrieve my photos from Flickr!

-I have chipped laps....I mean Chapped Lips, and that is totally like BEGGING for a coldsore to emerge.

-It, perhaps, was the nicest day, weather wise, in the history of my town, and I was stuck inside the house with tissue stuffed up my nose.

-I have 684 cool crafty projects I WANT to be doing, but ZERO energy to do them.

-Something is attracting fruit flies to my kitchen, and I.CAN.NOT.FIND.IT!!!!!

Yes people.....It's been a bit bad around here recently, BUT despite this whiny post, I'm actually finding myself very contented in my life. I'm holding on to the really good things.

-I have a job. Oh yes, I do (and I have sick leave less today, though).

-I have food on my table.....actually MORE than I need.

I have enough $$$ to pursue many different hobbies.

-I have caring friends (including YOU).

-I am relatively healthy (minus this stinky cold right now).

-My hubby is healthy, and present.

-My child is healthy, present, and blossoming. She is seriously letting her little light shine. It is impossible to look at her and not be grateful for being alive.

(I would insert a fabulously gorgeous photo of the cutest child alive here, hates me.)

I'm holding on to the GOOD, I really am. I am working hard to control my attitude, and my mood. It isn't easy. I'm finding myself wanting to stuff my body with emotional eating. I am refusing to do it. I'm letting my heart hurt, but not letting my body suffer.

Why all the drama? I mean nothing here is THAT bad, right?


Nothing is THAT bad......HERE!

but somewhere on the Pacific coast, a friend of mine is in her deepest despair, and I am unable to take that hurt away. She lost her 37 year old husband, and father of her two little girls on Friday. While he suffered from a blood disorder for years, they NEVER imagined that in a weeks time he would go from Water skiing, to needing a heart transplant, to receiving a heart, but having his body react so devastatingly that he was declared brain dead within a day of surgery. THIS was not expected....this was not imagines.....this was

I can't not even imagine her pain and suffering. I can only hope and pray that she is able to find her footing, even though her foundation has been ripped out from under her. If you are the praying type, please say a little one for her and her girls.

Join me in embracing the things going right in your life, right now, because it could be a whole lot worse.

14 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

Hope y'all feel better. I will be praying for comfort for your friend.

bBchronicles said...

"It could be worse . . ." No kidding - ohhhhhhhhh, sorry! Things will look better soon!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

I will be praying comfort and strength for you friend.

(And as for the fruit flies. I had them too and could not get rid of them. A friend gave me a tip. She said that they like to live in drains and can survive with even regular temp. water being poured over them. However, if you BOIL several cups of water and pour it down the drain it will kill the little fellas. Give it a try!)

AnnD said...

I hope things get better on your end! I think maybe things happen for a reason...perhaps you are not meant to be crafty for a few days and just chill out. Just go with the flow of your life and what your body is telling you.

We, too, have had fruit flies this year. We've never had them before and, like you, can't pinpoint where the heck they are coming from but I hate them! They do seem to like to hang around drains but no matter how much we run it, clean it and pour baking soda and vinegar down it, it's not helping.

I can't believe your friends' story....God Bless them. I'll pray for them.

AnnD said...

I just read Beth's comment and I'm sooooo doing that whenever breakfast is over! Thanks Beth! :O)

Autumn said...

Oh Dear, I'm so sorry for your friend. What a sad tragic loss. You are right, we need to focus on all the good in our lives, especially when compared to situations like that. I will be thinking of your friend, praying that she finds strength to endure. Hugs.

Kimi said...

(((HUGS))) I am so sorry for your friend! I find myself too thinking how awful it is..and then I hear stories like your friends and thank my lucky stars!

As for fruit flies...I meant to ask about them on the board this morning! I believe someone said apple vinegar to attract them, and then if there is a lid with only a small hole they can't get out again...

Christina said...

Wow. That gives me the shivers. How terrible. My mom told me yetserday about a very critical care patient she had in surgery, and 3 days ago he was FINE. So scary. hugs to your friend, and to you!

Anonymous said...

So sorry for your friend. I was going to list my own woes here, but they're tepid in comparison.

You can catch a lot of fruit flies by leaving a glass of red wine on your counter! It's gross, but it totally works.

Golightly said...

I am so sorry to hear about your friend, she and her family will be in my prayers - it's so tragic - so not fair, like you said.

I hope you feel better soon, too; and get a chance to reach out to your friend.

I often find myself thinking that I have nothing to complain about relatively speaking.

(On a lighter note, I'm going to try the red wine)

Gayle said...

This morning I told myself that I was not going to whine about the weather or kids or the horrible things my husband's ex is putting me through because I know that things can be worse. I told myself to find the good things in the day. You just reinforced that thought. I am so sorry for her loss. It is unimaginable.

Donetta said...

yes indeed...
Prayers for them as they pass through my thoughts.
hope you get to feeling better real soon.

Michelle said...

I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your friend's husband; how very tragic :( My thoughts and prayers are with her family for peace and healing during this time.

Mimi said...

Hi Corey, I've come via David's goodbye post wher you left a comment..can't believe I never found you before.
Thanks for this post- it's very apt to my life right now.
I'm sending love and light to your friend- what a shock.
Look forward to connecting with you again- LOVe your photography too!

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