Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tell Me Thursday~ Making the effort to see


Yesterday, I posted some photos I took back in June. I'm feeling really glad that folks liked them, because I was really trying to offer a lesson in finding beauty in things we would normally ignore. If you looked closely, you might have noticed that I tried to capture flowers in each shot as well. I find such great joy in seeing old with new.


I took these shots along a little road I travel at least once a week. I'm always in a hurry, and over the past four years I have barely given this property a second glance. The one time I really did notice, a brief though blipped through my mind, "what a mess!"

However on this day, I had all the time in the world. I happen to be WALKING and not driving. It was a beautiful day, and the world was my oyster. While the Hubby and I ambled along, I randomly aimed my camera at things, and looked for the beauty. Much to The Hubby's surprise, I chose to spend considerable time in front of this property.


All the lines......the textures, and the contrasting colors drew me in.


Everywhere I turned another interesting image greeted me.


Some of the most interesting things were beyond my 300mm lens, and I wished for permission to enter this property, but the guard chicken was on duty.


One of my favorite treasures was the old school bus. For some reason it really intrigued me. I would love to get in close for some macros.


But this is the best I can do. There is just something about the peeling paint, the scummy or broken windows, and the dead branches.....makes me wonder what the inside looks like. It almost haunts me, thinking of the children that once climbed aboard. Surely it was cheery looking in those days. Nothing like the creepy vibe it gives off now.


In the end, it was an extremely rewarding photo walk. I learned a bit about my camera, and a bit about me. I contemplated the old, and felt relief in the NEW.


I can't wait for my next photo walk. I wonder what lessons are out there waiting for me.

8 Live It or Love It:

Angela said...

The school bus is amazing!! I'm fascinated by old discarded machinery as well and took some pics while I was on a bike ride with my phone:

Autumn said...

These were taken in the spring, yes? I love the fox gloves in the front and the old cars in the back. What I really love is that you find the beauty in the mess. When I read one of your posts of taking a walk with your camera I get re-energized to do the same.

Janet said...

You're right! Beauty is skin deep and so often there is so much more beneath the grubby exterior! Thank you for sharing today!

Gayle said...

That's a great story. Love "treasure finding" walks. I hadn't noticed the flowers at first, but after going back they really make a nice touch.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Whenever I see an abandoned property like this (I am assuming it's abandoned!) it makes me wonder who used to live there and what circumstances led up to it's current state.

Great shots!

Tishia said...

Wow what amazing pictures! The school bus seemed to intrigue me the most as I looked at all the pics you shared.

Aspiemom said...

How funny to see the pretty fresh flowers growing up amidst the junk!

Catherine @ The Blonde Diaries said...

What beautiful and interesting photos. I am with you, I would skip past this area as well unless someone else started prodding around. I think slowing down and looking around is a great idea and definitely some new treasures are waiting to be discovered.

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