Friday, September 4, 2009

Photo Hunters~ Orange

When I first saw the theme, I was completely unsure of whether I had an easy set of photos that I hadn't shared yet. Then while perusing through my recent trip photos, I found the PURRFECT batch.


Sugar Bear adores getting her face painted.


Predictably, it happens three times a year. Once at the pumpkin patch, once at the Harvest Carnival, and once on our annual girls trip. It is on THAT trip that the BIG face painting happens. The other two times are usually a small figure on her cheek.


Last year, she went with a really stunning butterfly, and she melted hearts wherever she roamed.


This year she had her heart set on a TIGER, her favoritest animal in the whole wide world.


It is always such fun to see her sit on the stool so very relaxed, and thoroughly enjoying the stroking of the paintbrush.


Her anticipation and excitement was contagious. People walking around the booth couldn't help but stop and watch the transformation.


Once she got a look in the mirror at herself, it was plain to see that she approved.


But you really didn't want to mess with this little tiger.


Not only was she about the cutest thing anyone had ever seen....


She was FEISTY as they come. RAWR!!!!!!!

"Tigers, Tigers around me.
Yellow, Black, and Orange they be.
Graceful beauty dwells without,
The stripes, the lean lines they cut out,
A figure swift, a figure fast,
An animal coolest to the last."
~Poem in part, by Linda A. Copp.

Thanks for coming by my blog, and checking out my ORANGE faced little tiger. Have a fabulous weekend.

33 Live It or Love It:

david mcmahon said...

Shot No.4 says it all, Corey!

jams o donnell said...

Aww what a wonderful face painting! Happy weekend

Carver said...

What a delight this post was. Sugar bear makes the cutest tiger I've ever seen. What fun!

Donetta said...

Wow she is so cute! your font went wild!

Fresh Mommy said...

Corey, that looks like so much fun. She really is relaxed... and I agree with her, face painting/getting your makeup done is such a relaxing thing! Although, my girl doesn't think so, not yet at least, she hasn't really liked it too much yet. :)

ancient one said...

Loved this... cute little Tigger

Angela said...

Awesome tiger face painting! My daughter almost fell asleep having her face painted, she was so relaxed. Must feel very soft.

Autumn said...

What an awesome face painting job! I love it. She was so cute when we went to THAT PLACE and all she could talk about was seeing a tiger. :) What a sweetie she is.

Nap Warden said...

That is so fun!

stan said...

absolutely a ball of fun!

Christina said...

She is totally the cutest tiger on the planet - and the best part is her obvious delight in the process! The girl, the artistry and the photos are all wonderful.

Marcelle said...

popping in quickly as I am receiving so many lovely comments from you and need you to know that I am getting them!!!
As I mentioned internet is so expensive here I cant read blogs for the next few weeks but via my google feedreader.

Am so pleased to hear you are keeping to plan...its so worth it when one reaches goal I am behind you all the way...keep updating me please as I am very interested.

Big hug to my favorite blog little girl

Brita said...

What a wonderful face and paiting! Super!
Great choise.

Gabriel said...

Man!!! How beautiful she is!!! That was really fun to read and watch, Corey.

PastorMac's Ann said...

Oh, she was so patient getting the paint on! And it really was the purrrfect choice for her. She is a little tiger, you can tell! Wonderful series and perfect for The Hunt this week!

CRIZ LAI said...

That's a very beautiful face you have there.. Roar!! :P

Sandra said...

Wow!She is just such a cutie! A great choice for this weeks theme.

Nita said...

Wow, it looks pretty cool. Nice choice of this week's theme!

Have a great week!

EastCoastLife said...

awww... such fun she had! Wish I could join in.

SnoopyTheGoon said...

That's indeed a most lovely collection of shots on the theme.

Have a great weekend.

travelingsuep said...

I love the way you have captured her expressions. Fab set.

Karen @ If I Could Escape . . . said...

Beautiful photographs! Happy weekend!

kaye said...

love this shot of sugar bear, her inner tiger is really showing. my photo hunt is here Thanks

Bonggamom said...

What a cute little tiger, I love to paint childrens' faces and I would have loved to paint Sugar Bear's face too!

Colleen said...

She is so cute!

Alice Audrey said...

She came out looking great. Excelelnt orange shot.

Ann said...

She must have loved it. How long did she keep the paints on?

Last week on Friday, my school had a daffodil day, some of the kids came back on Monday still with their paints on.

Thanks for visiting.

Anonymous said...

Too cute! All her expressions were captured beautifully!! :)

Apple said...

adorable! =)

Jeanette said...

Oh how cute is that face?! Love the paintwork, it's amazing!

Anna said...

Elisabet & Erik 5 & 7 years old really love your TIGER-ORANGE face. Wonderful photos and a great growl!
Please look at Elisabet's orange tiger! Much tamer!
(Christina Wigren)

MJ's doghouse said...

how sad was she when the make up had to come off....

Lorna said...

I have granddaughters so these are familiar scenes. The tiger is lovely, but our girls favour horses, and there's nary a spot of orange.

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