Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday Q-shot~ The Color of my eyes

One of my newest blogging buddies, Spoiled Mommy, is hosting a new meme.  Every Saturday she will be asking a question that one must answer with a photo.  This week her question was simple, yet we all seemed to want to answer it pretty literally.  

What Color are your EYES?

This question is very near and dear to my heart, because since Sugar Bear's birth is it the one thing for sure I can claim she got from me.  We both have blue eyes.  Sadly, she also got my bushy eyebrows, and non-existent eyelashes. Despite that.....she is stunning, and I love her eye color.

Here is a close up of Sugar's delightfully youthful eye:


And here is my woefully old looking eye:


Depending on what we are wearing and what the surroundings are, the color changes a bit.  I love to see the reflections in these to show that sometimes you see a whole lot more than the true color when looking into someones eyes.  

Here I see the white of my sweatshirt, the green of the grass, the blue and yellow of her step stool, and the brown picnic table.

13 Live It or Love It:

Carebear said...

Whoa! Your eyes are almost identical. That is amazing. And they really are beautiful eyes! Mine are boring old dookie brown. Thanks for stopping by to read my not-so-romantic engagement post!

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Great shots. And instead of thinking of your eye as woefully old...consider thinking of it as wise and worldly! :)

AnnD said...

Wow! I'm just impressed you got those shots! Were they cropped? What lens did you take them with?

Anyway, Emma has my eyes too! In fact, that's one of the title of the photos I put on my WW's this week! And like Sugar, she has our busy eyebrows (dad's are worse than mom's) but luckily she got dad's eyelashes!

suzy2110 said...

LOVE it Corey- youe eyes are so similar!

I'm going to have to steal your idea, but my pictures will be nowhere near as good! :D

Michele said...

A beautiful post and such amazing eyes! So crisp and clear...
My eyes are chameleon so they adapt the color according to the surroundings... blue for water, green for trees, browns for dark days... it's really quite unique.
I have extremely long lashes which can be kind of a pain because wearing sunglasses, they always tend to touch the lens.. LOL...

Autumn said...

No doubt about it, she got her eyes from you! And gorgeous eyes they are. Bug got his eyes from me too. Except one part, he has the most beautiful long dark eyelashes. I envy those lashes as mine are short and blond. Without mascara you can hardly see them.

Christina said...

You both have such lovely eyes! Nadia inherited my eyes, too - both the blue color, and the bushy eyebrows!

Fresh Mommy said...

So alike!! And both are absolutely gorgeous!!


Janet said...

Jeepers! Your eyes are sooo alike! What an original idea - you really are very clever!

Berta said...

GENETICS, go figure - amazing how that works! I ALWAYS admire any female that can get away without wearing eye makeup! Beautiful eyes, sweet picture!

Nieman Family said...

WOW...Look at that color. Very Gorgeous!!!

♥spoiled mommy♥ said...

Thank you so much for playing along!!! Amazing how much your eyes are alike!!
My girls all have changing color eyes as well, depends on what they wear...that get their eyes from Daddy, the boy-he has mine.
Gorgeous pictures!

Zerilda The Superfluous Blogger said...

i'm really really sorry, but i just poked your eye. you didn't blink, which i think means your eye is broken.

sadly, so now too is my monitor.

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