Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ Adventures of a Girl (and her dog)







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15 Live It or Love It:

Fran said...

aw, so cute! :) Happy WW!

JC said...

Fun, fun, fun... something sure has their attention... I can only wonder what it might be...

Sugar behind the tree is special, too!

Gayle said...

I bet he's a great pal to Sugar. And there's the famous rain suit!

suzy2110 said...

I cannot get over how long Sugar's hair is- do you remember how you used to lament the fact that you couldn't do ponytails?! :D

Gorgeous pics!

AnnD said...

Too sweet! I hope someday we can let our dog wander around without a leash...

I also love that waterproof jumpsuit she's wearing. Perfect for mucking in mud! Where did you get it?

Aspiemom said...

You have such precious photo's!

Good buds!

Maureen Hayes said...

There is nothing sweeter than the relationship between a child and their pet. These are lovely photos. I think the rain boots she has on are adorable!

My WW post is up at:


Happy WW!

iMother2.0 said...

the second shot just pulls at my heart :)

Christina said...

That suit is just too awesome. Love the peek around the tree!

Tanya said...

absolutely gorgeous!!

Jeanette said...

Her rain outfit is too cute!

♥ spoiled mommy ♥ said...

Oh wow-wonderful pictures!
Forget mans best friend, I think its def. more like Sugars best friend.

Chris said...

She's so gorgeous!

You probably never hear that huh?

That second to last shot cracks me up ... her personality shining through?

ispeakbeanish said...

I love the second one! We're thinking of getting a lab once we get our house and have a yard for it. The Bean would LOVE having a dog.

Tabitha Blue/Fresh Mommy said...

She is just so precious!! And she is right.. my girl needs some cute rain-boots like that!



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