Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Do me a Favor...

And head on over to Denise Karis' blog and check out the finalists in her diptych contest.

Yes, I'm one of them, but I would love love love for you to head over and vote for whichever one strikes a cord with you. There is NO need to vote for me because you know me. I just want to send traffic over there. This is Denise's first contest, and it would be great to give her some support. She is a wonderful photographer.

The diptych I put together is from some photos I took last summer. The idea behind the diptych revolves around the idea of childhood being fleeting. A child so very quickly leaving her childhood behind, and moving on.

Please head on over and vote. Voting ends on the 26th. And I seriously for the one that touches you the most. The other two are fabulous!


4 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

I went and I voted. Outstanding photography. At first I saw sadness because the child moved on to another stage of her life. Then I got to see the other comments and agreed it should have been in the other order with such a small child finding a doll. Then I got angry because it reminded me of a child alone playing and then being snatched by an awful man.

WOW!! It's amazing all the emotions your photos can bring.

Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Of course I liked yours the best!

Cara said...

I voted, I loved you diptych!

denise karis said...

im with gayle on that one - totally - i was like "oh crap, I hope this kid didnt get taken..." and then I was like "PLEASE reverse this and make it a happy story" but truth - children grow up and move on - sad - yours is a very emotional diptych.

Thank you for the post!! You're very very sweet and a great bloggie friend to have :P xoxoxo

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