Thursday, March 18, 2010

Kitty Gets Out

For the last few weeks, Kitty has been inside.....QUITE A LOT. Sickness has plagued out life, but things are looking up, and Kitty got out quite a bit more this week. It was so very good for us all.

Day 189

(We walk by this drainage pipe 4 times a week...and Kitty was just dying to check it out.)


Day 190

(Kitty wanted to be king of the castle while I checked out some books at the library for Sugar.)


Day 191

(Kitty tries to help me decide what to wear.)


Day 192
(Checking out the visual stimulation at the checkout counter.)


Day 193

(Sometimes we just want to bury our woes in FOOD!)


Day 194

( I see ANOTHER new pet in there?)


Day 195

(Time change....seriously......I swear it tries to kill us.)


Hosted by Chris

10 Live It or Love It:

Christina said...

Kitty has had a very full and fun week!! Your library looks awesome. Day 193 - isn't that the truth. *sigh*

Chris said...

Ah Kitty, what a life you lead. How dull it makes mine seem....

Did Kitty get the Betty and Veronica Digest? I haven't read an Archie comic in a LONG time. I'm going to go find one tomorrow!

debi9kids said...

Way to get around Kitty ;)

LOVE Kitty in the tower! Adorable :)

Janet said...

I'm with Chris - I haven't seen an Archie comic in a long time! LOL! What a lucky Kitty - sure does get around!

Mom24 said...

You're so creative. I'm loving it.

I didn't even know they still made Archie comics. Great memory.

I relate to the drowning in food. *sigh*

cat said...

Love the Kitty pics.

Autumn said...

Oh please tell me you're kidding about another pet and that it's just one of the previously purchased bunnies in a nice cozy cage??! If not then... someone may need a knock on their noggin! hehehehe
I am loving the weather this week. Hope you and Sugar are able to get out and enjoying it a bit.

Kimberly said...

Day 192 - I would love to see a step back from that photo to see you shooting kitty on the magazine rack. I'm scared of public shooting, so I have to give you props for that. And with kitty no less! :)

Mama Zen said...

That castle shot is fantastic!

Fresh Mommy said...

Oh my, I was just sick too!! Ugh, not fun, and hope you all are feeling so much better!! And what is that other pet in there??!!


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