Monday, March 15, 2010

You found me

but, I'm sad to say I most likely didn't meet your expectations. BUMMER!

It is always a trip to see what sorts of things folks have "googled" that landed their curious little heads on my ol' bloggity blog. While I do think I have helped a GREAT many readers out with all sorts of fabulous information on the size of newborn guinea pigs, what rhymes with coats, and what a paper aligator mask might look like, I do think I have let a few inquiring minds flounder.

I mean some of you are just plain WEIRD:

-how to spell kitty? (ummmmmmm you just did!)

-fetish rubber boots girls (Okay.......)

-babies jump into the air (sometimes....but often they land on their bums.)

And sometimes I wonder if you are secretly watching me through my window:

-at the girl the fat tummy hangs down (what of it?)

-child and mom cleaning the house. (All the time.)

And some just make me say a little prayer that you left my blog, and found the answer I would have given you, if only I knew you NEEDED to know:

-may my words not hurt (Always something to strive for.)

-is making a child stand for 5 minutes in a crouching position considered corporal punishment? (I'm not entirely sure, but I'd have loved to have talked to you about it.)

After all that, it is good for the soul to see that we do have some very important things in common:

-Living Cheap and Loving it. (Really? So am I!)

-Love bunnies (Who doesn't?)

-Staying alive (Just barely!)

-I choose her (Me too!)

-I think about her every minute (Obviously!)

Seriously, I don't have all the fact I have more questions than answers most of the time, but taking a peek at what is on the minds of random "googlers" really is intriging. While I'm sure I didn't meet everyone's needs, seeing what the needs are certainly gives me an interesting view of what my blog has to offer.

11 Live It or Love It:

Molly said...

Okay, you need to tell me how you figured all that stuff out?

Cheryl said...

I'm with Molly...

Happy Together said...

lol. it's so true. I wonder how google works sometimes (it can be really off)

Christina said...

Me too, I want to know where you find out what search terms led people here! I have seen posts like this before, but don't know where to get that info. Funny post!!

Lisa said...

Hmmm.....although I have never googled anything like that to land on your blog, I just visit.

I love your heart, your images, your strong love for your family, and I like you!
Hmmmm....second thought maybe I googled, big heart, great photographer, nice family, that's how I got you under my blogs I love to follow list.

Janet said...


Fresh Mommy said...

That is just way too funny!! I'm not even sure what mine say, but I'm not so sure I'd want to know now, LOL. :)

bBchronicles said...

How come I didn't know this existed!?! Let us in our your little 'dark' secret!!!

Autumn said...

Oh how I love Google analytics. Those were fun, not too many creepy ones. Sometimes I get a bit creeped out by who was looking at mine! Reminds me to go take a look and see who landed on my blog from crazy searches.

Kelly Deneen said...

Your random googles are awesome. :)

Kimberly said...

Oh now, those aren't too bad. I'm frankly scared to look and see what brings people to mine. LOl!

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