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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Three Corners~ Water

Water was the theme for the month of August, and what a wonderful theme it is. I personally love water. I wanted to get really creative with this theme, but I am finding that I tend to procrastinate (no.....really....I do) and get stuck with photos less creative than I desire. That's okay though....I'm beginning to accept that about me. tee hee

Regardless, I think I captured some interesting shots this month.

Sugar enjoyed stomping in the water that gently sprays out of her Dora Water Mat.


Mama enjoys taking pictures of the fun water spray.


Lastly, I was thrilled to capture a fun little water orb nestled in one of our growing Nasturtiums.


Please take some time in the next day or so to head on over and check out Lindy and Jeanette's Three Corner photos.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Photostory Friday and Photo Hunters~ Beautiful Senior Moments

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Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Ever since becoming interested in photography, I have longed to see my "visions" come to be. I find myself creating photos in my mind, and trying desperately to make them real. Often I come so very close, but that exact image just slips through my fingers. I simply hang that idea up on the wall of my mind, and hope that someday...somehow I'll be able to achieve it, and move on to another idea.

One BEAUTIFUL May day, while walking with my Hubby along some abandoned railroad tracks, I was utterly blinded by a vision. I stood there planning the entire photo shoot out, down to the very last detail. Being without the exact ingredients to achieve this vision, I tucked it away in my mental file folder of ideas.

A few weeks ago, a light bulb nearly exploded over my head when I realized I just might be able to see my vision come to be. I made a quick call....set a date, and waited patiently. Last Saturday, I was lucky enough to give my idea a try, and I nearly cried with joy as I loaded the photos on my computer. As I spent hours pouring over the results, and post processing, my heart sang. COULD this be???? Have I done it? OH MY YES....I HAVE! BEAUTY is in the eye of the beholder.....and I find beauty in acheiving my vision.















I'd like to thank my dear friend for loaning me her senior son, and allowing me to capture his wonderful spirit in these Senior Portraits. He and his girlfriend were a joy to work with. I am beyond grateful.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Swim Guppy Swim

This past July, I signed Sugar Bear up for private swimming lessons. My thinking lay in the fact that she is fairly adventurous, and not too intimidated by water. I wanted to be sure that she had one-on-one attention, to keep her safe. She was super excited, yet I worried she might not crawl out of her shy shell to interact with the instructor. Sugar may not look like it....but it takes her awhile to warm up.


Here we are the first day....waiting for our turn. Sometimes Mama needs to remember that it isn't always best to arrive early.


The waiting can just depress the heck out of an over eager little honey.

July0708_0006ew was her turn. She was a bit apprehensive of Miss S, and the cool water.


As soon as she was in...she almost thought about coming out.


But Miss S sweet talked her into hanging out a bit. Sugar is NOT afraid of water....she just didn't know Miss S, and felt out of place.


Much to my dismay, one of the first things Miss S wanted to do was work on Sugar's tolerance for water in her face. sigh......Sugar didn't enjoy it...


And it really did nothing for their buddng relationship.


Sugar often shot Miss S the, "why are you doing that to me?" look, but had yet to say a word.


Miss S did all the talking....and Sugar Bear listened and clung to the side of the pool. She could barely touch the bottom if she got on her tippy toes, so she just prefered to cling to the side.


FINALLY, Miss S broke out the fish. What three year old isn't won over by a water spitting fish?


I am fairly certain it was then that Sugar decided Miss S was a-okay!


Stay tuned next week to see if this little guppy ever let go of the side.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot and Buggy

So.....things aren't going as planned these days. We are HOT and BUGGY. Well, Sugar is HOT, and we might ALL be BUGGY. Time will tell.

Sugar Bear has had a fever since Saturday. No other symptoms....just the fever that persists. As long as she is under the influence of Motrin...she is a happy, normal Sugar. I'm waiting for the fever to end.....then most likely look for a rash to develop. We'll see. While the fever is present, I let her sleep with me, so that I can keep an eye on it throughout the night. I just love having my little snuggle muffin back in my bed.

HOWEVER, I got a VERY dreaded phone call yesterday evening, that really made me cringe. LICE........a child at Sugar's daycare has LICE. Sigh...being that I work in the preschool industry....I am not shocked. Lice doesn't discriminate. So....I checked The Sugar....and CRAP....she has it. Sigh.....

So......I have spent a great deal of time treating her......and myself (no one was here to check me, so I treated myself) using a non-toxic method, washing EVERYTHING in the house, vacuuming like a crazy fool, freezing stuffed animals, and picking....picking....and picking eggs out of Sugar's hair.

Your head itches now, huh? sucks.

So....all the cool posts I had planned to post....haven't happened. Editing the two photo shoots I did recently....hasn't happened. We are Hot and Buggy, baby. Oh the joy.....LIFE IS....ummmmm good?

Friday, August 22, 2008

Photo Hunters~ Wrinkled

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Sitting outside on my deck last night after work, I noticed the wrinkled leaves on my Hydranga. Remembering the theme of the week, I ran inside for my camera.



After snapping a few of the green leaves, I happened to glance at some dried up, wrinkled leaves in the grass. I picked up a few, and held them up. Slowly I turned around to find the perfect backdrop for these wrinkled leaves. I am fairly certain I found it.






Happy Weekend everyone. I look forward to celebrating the wrinkles with you all.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Photostory Friday~ I Love Bugs!

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

While browsing through some old photos tonight, I ran across this photo of Sugar Bear playing with a bug. My girl is a true nature lover. It is pure joy to be outside with her. She embraces the world, and cherishes all it has to offer, and this includes bugs. The girl can play with a beetle bug for a half hour.


A funny thing happened tonight when I stopped on this particular photo. I noticed Sugar's hand gesture, and cracked a huge smile on my face. She is making the sign for "I love you!" I had not noticed this until tonight. I am certain she didn't intend to use sign language at that very moment, although she does know that particular sign. I just find it so totally interesting. It is like a subtle (or not so subtle) message to the world about her love of all things nature.

Rock on Sugar Bear!

Thanks for visiting my blog this week! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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