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Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fabulous Friday Challenge~ Tangled

I know you have already seen all the shots I took the other day of my little Rapunzel, but I wanted to enter this one in the Fabulous Friday Challenge. :)


Monday, October 24, 2011

All Tangled Up

Okay, folks! I busted out all my little tricks on this one! I am not afraid to admit that I am pretty darn proud of myself, too. The past month I've been working really, really, REALLY hard on a Rapunzel costume for my little Sugar. You might know that the movie, "Tangled" is quite possibly our most FAVORITE.MOVIE.EVER!!!!!! I've been a bit obsessed with it since I saw it in the theatre. What's not to love about it? After spending hours sewing and sewing...and seam sewing again, I spent even more time cutting and cutting, and cutting......then braiding and re braiding yarn. I have to admit, it was pretty awesome to finally see it all together.

Sorry for the overload. I just couldn't narrow it down too much.










We both got MAD love for little Pascal. Quite possibly the cutest chameleon EVER!


one of my favorite scenes in the movie, but she should be standing in the grass.





Oh you can't be Rapunzel without a good old fashioned cast iron skillet for protection!





twirling. ♥





Good times!


Oct2211_0057ew poor girl....she wasn't loving it by the time we were done. In fact....she had a sore throat, and if you look at some of the close ups of her....there isn't much light in her eyes. I can always tell when she doesn't feel good. It shows in her eyes.


Now we are just so very excited for Halloween to get here, so she can show her friends her costume. She is pretty in love with it. Can't say I blame her. Sort of makes me wish I made one for me too.....sort of! :)

Sunday, October 23, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Forty-three

I think the theme for the week was: HUMOR

Good thing Sugar took this silly picture of me at a party the other day. I walked around like this for awhile. The kids got a good kick out of it.


Good times!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Week 55


No big individual photos this week....I'm just too lazy.

October 10th was a normal ol' boring day or work for me, but Sugar had she a wonderful day. There was no school, and she got to spend the day with her old daycare provider. She LOVED it. I wish I had grabbed a shot of her at daycare, but I spaced it, and just took this shot when I got home. I have to maneuver around this colorful blackberry bushes each time I have the opportunity to open or shut our gate. They are pokey....but starting to be a pretty shade of red.

October 11th brought nothing new, but I grabbed this shot of a pretty little weed outside of Sugar Bear's dance school. She is really enjoying dance again this year. It has been different for me, as I work late on those days, and a friend is taking her to dance. I just get there in time to pick her up. It is strange not to be there mingling with the other parents.

October 12th was bore to the ring! I took this shot when we got home. Sugar Bear put up our first Halloween decoration. Seriously.....I am never this late in decorating. This went up....and hasn't had any company since.

October 13th at dance class....again. Pretty skies this week. This day was gloomy grey....but pretty light.

October 14th found me home after work allllllll by myself. I walked around and took pictures of EVERYTHING. I couldn't help but photograph this little guy. It was a huge challenge though. He wouldn't quite moving....and he was surprisingly fast. I love the water droplet in her fuzz.

October 15th was a day of ME! I read......and sewed......and then went out on the town with a couple fabulous ladies. We had a good time talking....and talking.....and talking. This is what I ate. It is a super yummy veggie sandwich, but this is the second time it has ended up hurting my tummy. I think it is the onions.

October 16th was a GLORIOUS day. Seriously fabulous weather, and perfect for attending a garden tea party. Both us girls had such a marvelous time. We have such wonderful friends.

Sneak Peekie Poo

I've been busy.....Can you guess what I've been doing?


Tuesday, October 18, 2011

It's Fall, Ya'll!

Q: What did one autumn leaf say to another?
A: I'm falling for you.


Looking back at where I was a year ago, forces me to realize how "out of it" I have been in the past month. This exhaustion....this dull, listless behavior isn't ME. I want the happy, loving the season, excited for possibilities, and looking to the positive Corey back.


For more reasons than I can count I adore the season of Fall. There is just something to love about it. Last Friday, I took a moment to SLOW.THE.HECK.DOWN, and gave myself permission to just walk, and look....and be in the season. It was fabulous. IT really got me thinking about how much I love Fall, and how it just isn't like me to not be engaged in life right now.


I know I've been grieving.....and it appears that it has done a real number on me. While looking back at my blogging from last fall, I ran across THIS POST and I could seriously write it alllllll over again WORD.FOR.WORD. That makes me sad. I so want it to be better. I need it to be better. When will it be better?


It is time, yet again, for me to grab my life by the horns, and stop letting the "other stuff" be the "big stuff"!
It is time for me to start noticing.....

- The cold crisp mornings....and clear sunny afternoon. ♥


-The I love the autumn colors in nature. In general, I'm not a fan of orange, and yellow in my home, or in clothing....but in nature....WOW!

- The incredible it turned everything into a masterpiece.

- The crinkly crunch of leaves under my feet.

-The food....oh the food of Autumn. sigh...pumpkin......I need pumpkin. I made the most yummy Pumpkin Butter Cake the other day. YOU.MUST.TRY.IT! MUST!
So this is ME, Corey, suggesting to myself that it is time to start living and loving. It's time to be engaged. Don't let this incredible season pass unnoticed!

52 weeks of me- Week 42

Sugar Bear took this photo of me. I love that I look psycho in it. I feel psycho these days. :)


I keep plugging along on this project. It is a whole lot easier to post pictures of myself. It has desensitized me, so that is a good thing. I don't feel like I am having time to be creative with it, but that's okay. Sugar Bear loves taking photos of me, and that is just perfect.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The way she is

Something you might not know about my Sugar Bear is the fact that she is extremely goofy. She loves a good laugh, and if she can be the cause of it.....all the better. It is one of the ways, that over the years, she has learned as a coping skill to deal with her shyness. If people are going to be looking at her....she's gonna act like a doof and make them laugh. That way...if they are laughing at her....she knows why. She started this at an age as young as 2 and a half. She would pretend to fall down, or walk into a wall, and say, "oiy!" or "Doh!", and the kids would laugh. It was her way of joining in, and being in control of how she was included. It was facsinating to watch.

It continues to this day, some four years later. A fellow parent came up to me the other day and said, "You know....Sugar really has helped "S" feel more comfortable riding the bus. She loves to sit with Sugar Bear, because she makes her laugh. "S" is always saying, 'Sugar is so funny, dad!'"
This made me smile. It doesn't surprise me one bit. I know that Sugar Bear has had her own anxiety over riding the bus, and it makes perfect sense that she is using humor to ease that stress. It is just how she rolls.

She makes me laugh EVERY.SINGLE.DAY! I adore her goofy nature. I love that she has figured out a way to cope with stress, and that it has an additional result of endearing her to others. Kids like her. She is fun to be around. This is good. It gives her confidence.....and what more could a mother ask for?

I just love her. I do....I know you're not shocked. I adore her....and cherish her....and miss her goofy little face when we are apart. I'm lucky. I know it. It couldn't be better! Bless her goofy little heart!


Friday, October 14, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Forty-one

Sugar Bear and I had a little fun out in the back yard. She snapped away and I made tons of faces. It wasn't until nearly the end that I realized I just needed one with my eyes covered and I'd have a "speak no evil, hear no evil, see no evil" set! :) Good times!


Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Week 54


October 3rd I finally took a photo of my music obsession. I mean, seriously....I listen to Adele's new CD like EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.AT.FULL.VOLUME!!!!! There are not words for how much I love love love this whole CD. My favorite song is "someone like you", and if you haven't heard NEED to go HERE and watch the video. It is such a great song, and Adele is amazing. Even if you have heard need to go to the video and see that version. You get to hear her ultra cute speaking voice. LOVE HER! (can you tell?) Her music has helped me through my grief so much.


October 4th brought me the most amazing pork chops I have EVER eaten. I don't know what I did....okay maybe it was my magic cast iron skillet, but dang good. I wanted to marry these pork chops. MARRY them. Sugar Bear ate it up, like it was going out of style. If she gives something a seal of approval, it has to be good. :)

October 5th found us girls in a yarn shop. I haven't allowed myself to enter a yarn shop since before Sugar Bear was born. (yes, that long!) I have no business being in a yarn shop when I have a TOTE full of yarn at home. I had a good reason though. I was getting a gift certificate for a wonderful new friend who has been helping take care of Sugar Bear after school. I appreciate her so very much. I feel so blessed. Sugar Bear found the yarn shop to be FABULOUSO! Oh the softness....and the colors. So fun. She even found a set of knitting needles she wants for Christmas. It was a fun little detour after work, and school. (P.S. I didn't buy anything, I promise!)


October 6th was a beautiful Autumn day. I spent the VAST majority of it in an office. That makes me sad. I did take some time during lunch to nab a shot of this beautiful tree. I love the peeling red bark. It is one of my favorite trees.


October 7th was a Friday. You can't go toooooo wrong with a Friday, right? After work and school, we stopped by a store real quick to grab a few things, and I finally remembered to replace Sugar Bear's slinky. She had one, but a friend accidentally destroyed it. I promised her a new one several months ago. She was pretty excited to play with it again. Who doesn't love a slinky?


October 8th was a day of sewing for me. I got a lot done, and it felt good. Later in the day, we headed out to a birthday party for a friend. Sugar was very excited for this party, because she misses this friend a lot. It was a great party with popcorn, a movie, pizza, cake, cotton candy, and a craft. Seriously good time. This is the likeness Sugar made of herself. Such a fun activity. Good times.


October 9th continued our weekend of sewing and cleaning, and we added baking, cooking, and a really awesome potluck with friends. Sugar had such fun playing with her friends, and I always enjoy the adult time. There was good food......and good conversation. I made corn pudding and THIS amazing Pumpkin Butter Cake. Oh was so so so good! Can't wait to make it again. I took this photo of Sugar playing on a big tree stump that looked a bit like a throne. She loved being KING!


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