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Saturday, February 25, 2012

52 Weeks of ME 2012- Week Eight

Theme/Prompt was: FAVORITE FOOD

I am a lover of food....I mean, who isn't, right? I could have taken a photo with sooooooooooooo many different things, but I thought a donut might be fun. I love love love donuts, so I can NEVER buy them. They are mostly a "goin' campin'" food for me. The only other time I get the opportunity to eat them is when other people bring them to work. I could devour a box in seconds. My favorites are the old fashion glazed, and the maple bars. So.....imagine my surprise when I was minding my own business in our local bread outlet store and saw these Old Fashioned MAPLE donuts. ackkkkkk.....there was NO WAY I wasn't walking out of that store with a box of those. I snapped them right up, and set to photographing myself in my truck right outside the store. I was worried I'd eat them all before I got my shot if I waited. tee hee....


I only wish I was joking. Sugar Bear got two, and I ate the rest. They were gone in two days. sighhhhh......

The THEME/PROMPT for this coming week is: EYES

Can't wait see all the amazing eyes. oh and yes....I do have friends playing along....they just don't have blogs. I know it looks like it's mainly just me....but there is actually about 10 folks playing along, and I'm so happy about that.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Fabulous Friday Challenge~ Magic

There is MAGIC everywhere......


you just have to open your eyes and look for it. ♥

Sugar Bear gave me these wet spring blossoms right after dance class the other day. It's the simple things sometimes that have the biggest impact on my heart. ♥

100 days of School

Some of these photos have peeked in on my weekly photo posts, and a few folks have been interested in what we have been working on.

Sugar Bear's School celebrates the 100th day of school each year. In the first grade, they are assigned the task of creating a 100 day project at home. They need to choose an object, and then take 100 of those objects and make something with them. EXACTLY less.

When we started thinking of ideas, the hardest thing was trying to come up with something we could easier have 100 of. Quickly we discovered the bucket of beer caps. Yes....BEER CAPS. My husband is a bit of a beer drinker, and he and his friends save the beer caps for a fundraiser that happens a few times a year at a local mini-mart type store. Needless to say....we had well over 100 bottle caps to play with.

WE quickly decided that we did not want them to say "BEER", so Sugar and I set to punching out circles of scrapbook paper to cover them up.


In an effort to make less work, we decided to push the paper circles into the bottle caps, rather than glue the circles to the top. This worked nicely.


It took much thinking to come up with a design for our bottle caps. I googled "bottle cap projects", and found some really amazing art. We were inspired to make a fish of our own. Sugar was very meticulous about how to place the caps. She worked really hard on the design.


Once she settled on the finished design, I hot glued it them all in place. We were so pleased to be done. Unfortunately, when we picked up the cardboard we found one MORE cap. ack.....poor Sugar Bear. She fretted so much trying to figure out where to add the final one. She finally added it to the mouth, but it took her awhile to accept the change to her design. She rather liked the way it looked before that last cap was added. The picture below shows it before it was added.


And here she is holding the final project on the day we turned it in. In this particular photo, Sugar Bear is pretending to hold her breath under water. tee hee....goofy little pumpkin head! ♥


She likes how it all turned out, and was so very excited to take it to school to show to her friends. On the big day, all the kids got a chance to hold up their project, and tell the class about what they made. I so wanted to be there, but I had a work engagement that I couldn't miss. I just know it had to been special though. ♥

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Week 72


February 6th was a typical after work/school errand day. On this particular day we were at Bi-mart grabbing who knows what????? I can't even remember what I needed, but I always enjoy having my little shopping buddy with me. I took a different shot of Sugar Bear looking at cards in the card section. She adores doing this. The musical cards are her favorite. When Mama has time to let her look......she is happy. She could spend an hour in the card section.


February 7th was a dark rainy sort of day. new or exciting. Sugar Bear has been eager to write notes to me lately, so she set to work on the way home on a note and a picture. Wish I nabbed a shot of the finished product.


February 8th brought more and more and more rain. I grabbed this shot of myself standing in a huge puddle outside one of our favorite Chinese food joints. Sugar and I stopped by there to pick up some take out. We don't do that very often, so it was a real treat.


February 9th...well, I couldn't tell you anything special about the 9th, but I do know that I forgot to take a picture until late that evening. I took a quick shot of a new product we had found that week. These are diced up Prunes. Sugar Bear loves prunes, but really isn't all that found of raisins. These are perfect for sprinkling on yogurt and such. She loves them.

February 10th after work and school, Sugar Bear went and had a date with her Aunt Amy, while I went out with some friends for a friend's birthday. We had a yummy dinner that ended with this delicious cheese cake. Oh my, how I love cheesecake. Sugar had a good time as well. They went to the pottery place, and painted a Valentine surprise for me, then went out to dinner. They had never had a one on one date before, so it was really special.

February 11th was mama/daughter date day. Well....I guess you can call it that. We went to a local grocery outlet, then Walmart.....and finally stopped to try out the new frozen yogurt shop. It was fun. Sugar had never been to a yogurt shop before, so she was over the top excited. She asked if we could go there every week, so I think she liked it. :)


February 12th was a quiet Sunday at home. I took this shot of the bamboo plant Sugar picked out the day before. It was an early Valentine's day present for her. She love love LOVES the color blue, so it was perfect for her.


So there's a pretty boring week explained. One of these days, I'll be interesting again. wink wink....

Saturday, February 18, 2012

52 Weeks of ME 2012- Week Seven

For pretty obvious reasons, the Theme/Prompt for the week was: LOVE

I thought it was gonna be such an easy theme, with tons of opportunities presenting themselves during Valentine's Day week. I couldn't have been more mistaken. was not a good picture week for me.

I managed to nab is shot that I DO.NOT.LOVE, but fits the theme last night after work. I was trying to get a shot that focused on my new necklace. The Hubby got it for me for Valentine's day and I love love love it. I'll get a better shot of it later. This will just have to do for now.


The Theme/Prompt for next week is: FAVORITE FOOD

Okay, this one has to be fun and easy, right? time will tell.

Please link up!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My little Valentine

We had a lovely Valentine's Day, but I didn't get a decent photo of the day. ugh....I only had time enough to snap a quick shot of Sugar's hair outside her school.


And a couple quick shots of her in the hall outside her class. I made her this long top for Valentine's day based off of this tutorial.


I'm not entirely thrilled with how it turned out, but I just needed some practice. It only cost me about $2, so no worries. Sugar Bear likes it, so that is really all that matters.


I do like that I used colors that are don't scream, "VALENTINE'S DAY!" so that she can continue to wear it year round.


They didn't have a party at school, and Sugar had dance until late, so this really was the extent of our Valentine photo opportunity. I had hoped for more....but sometimes things just aren't as easy as one would think.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

52 Weeks of ME 2012- Week Six

The Theme/Prompt for week six was: DARK

I had no way of knowing that the theme/prompt of the week was going to be so very fitting in my life. I found myself in quite a dark, dismal, gloomy mood Tuesday night. Lately there has been a series of bad news regarding the health of children people I care about. Children getting cancer.....and children who might have cancer....but they aren't sure. It is getting to me. There is just something about children.....that makes me feel so very vulnerable. Cancer in general is scary. Cancer in children.....freaks me the FREAK out! This control freak does not like feeling like I can't control things. Cancer just can't be controlled. or predicted....or prevented, really. See....we are just plain vulnerable to it. sigh.....

So while sitting in my truck waiting for Sugar Bear to finish up dance class, I pondered the BIG things. Why? Why? WHY????? It's not one deserves this.....what if it happens to Sugar Bear???? ugh.....tough stuff to think about.


I know we are so blessed with good health. Sometimes I'm reminded all the more not to take it for granted.

The theme/prompt for this coming week is: LOVE

Should be easy. :) Can't wait to see what folks come up with. If you have been having trouble linking up, please let me know. email me at livingandlovingblog at gmail dot com. :)

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

My Week 71


January 30th was a happy and healthy Monday. We love having daylight hours when we get home. It was lovely to be outside a bit, and get some serious snuggles in on Oshee......Poesheee....Minosheee....she is the snuggiliest bunny in the whole wide world. LOVE her. LOVE my girl....and the two much love my heart might burst. ♥


January 31st sent me to the doctors for a routine-ish thing, and then a quick stop at Wal-mart before heading in to work. I might have been procrastinating when I found myself sitting in my truck taking photos of two crows. I couldn't help it....they fascinated me. They were obviously in a relationship of some sort. Mates???? Mother/child???? not sure, but the one was certainly taking care of the other. It was a crow sort of way.


February 1st was a pretty typical day for Sugar Bear at school. As for me....I helped at a Car seat Checkup station for a few hours at the local Fire Station. I always enjoy hanging with the other car seat nerds. tee hee....I snapped a quick shot of one of the trees outside the fire station. It has really felt like spring around here lately....but not yet....not yet.


February 2nd was a long long day, but Sugar and I were greeted upon our return home by The Hubby and about 15 fresh crab. sigh....we hadn't really had much this season. It was a delightful sight. Even better that The Hubby cooks it and picks it ALL! I didn't even have to lift a finger. It was so nice after a long day at work, then picking up Sugar Bear from dance, to dash back to work for a meeting. So good be home...and to have a yummy treat.


February 3rd was Friday....yes, Friday at last. We stopped off at the pet store to get a little food for our snake, Shiny. This darling little honey got the honor. surely isn't my favorite part of the month (don't hate me, Carol). The snake appreciates it, and that really is how the world goes round. Sugar is used to it, but neither of us choose to watch.


February 4th was a stunning day! STUNNING.....and I'm embarrassed to say that Sugar and I spent the entire day INSIDE. It is a shame....a real, real shame, but I had 456 things that needed to get done inside. sigh.....we did some fun things, though. We worked on Sugar's Valentines for her friends. We played a little, and just got to be together. That is always worth while.


February 5th was another fabulous day outside....and we stayed inside. I just couldn't find the motivation to go anywhere. I need some friends to push me.....push me to get out and DO! Sugar and I wrapped up her 100th Day of School project. It has been so fun to work together on this project.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

52 Weeks of ME 2012- Week Five

Week five and the theme/prompt was: At Arm's Length

I had a few ideas, but mainly I wanted to just get a shot that showed the length of my arm with me at the end. I hadn't intended on grabbing the shot in a hurry on a Saturday afternoon though, so the Jammies and scarf are just a bonus. I'm THAT cool. I wear my pajamas all day, and when I get chilly, I throw a scarf the house. Yes....that is me, and years from now, Sugar Bear will not be surprised to see a photo of me sporting this look.


The Theme/Prompt for week SIX is: DARK

I can't wait to see what you all come up with. :)

Don't forget to link up! Thanks!

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