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Friday, August 31, 2012

My Week 98


August 13th was my first day back to work after my summer break, and I had the pleasure of spending it in a small seaside town. It was GREAT. I had fish and chips for lunch, and we got out of our meeting a bit early, so I headed for the beach. However.....the wind was blowing like 90 miles per hour, and I could hardly hold my camera still. Twice I was almost blown over. It was wild. I braved the wind....and the blowing sand because it isn't often that I'm at the beach by myself. I took tons of photos but decided to share this one of two seagulls arguing over some food.   

Aug 13 2012_0147ew
August 14th was work and then in the evening, I was allllll alone. and I.LIKED.IT. Now I love my family, but sometimes I really dig being alone. I used to spend the majority of my time alone before I had my daughter. My husband's job takes him away from home a lot. I got quite used to it, and sometimes I still crave my "me time".

I got home from work. Ate a little dinner, held the baby bunnies for a bit, and went for a walk with my sweet dog, Ivy and then headed out for a walk in the golden hour. There was so many  pretty photograph. 
Aug 14 2012_0075ew
August 15th while I ate lunch, I sat in my truck under this beautiful tree. I always adore the way the leaves look when the sun is shining through them. I took a bunch of shots, and had a hard time choosing which photo I like best.  This one was nice.  There was a bit of a breeze, and I fell in love with how the weeping branches swayed. It is so relaxing and peaceful
Aug 15 2012_0010ew
August 16th was a glorious morning. One of those where the sunlight is a slight golden color. As I drove up our road heading to work, I just had to stop and snap a few quick shots around our neighborhood.  I rather like shot of my neighbor's old barn. There is just something about barns that draws my eye. 
I really really started missing my Sugar Bear about now.  She was having fun at Grandma and Grandpa's house though.
Aug 16 2012_0604ew
August 17th I had a busy day at work, and nearly forgot to stop by the library to pick up some books for my mother that I had put on hold for her. Good thing I drive right by it on the way home, and it jogged my memory. I'm usually in a hurry, but today I had time to snap a few shots of some flowering shrubs in the Library parking lot. They are small and delicate flowers. I got several shots that I really like. 

Aug 17 2012_0004ew
August 18th I treated my mom, and my daughter to a performance in a small town near where we live.  It was just a hoot. This is the 46th year of live melodrama performances at the theatre, and it is such a fun experience. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We all giggled a lot together throughout the show.  Good times.

The character of Dorfius Dingling (the fellow in the tan outfit) stole the show in my opinion. This was his first year performing, and man oh man.....he was so great! He has the physical comedy thing down.
Aug 18 2012_0104ew
August 19th was a lazy day at home...and mean L A Z Y. I'm pretty sure I got next to nothing done today. It was GREAT to have my daughter back home. 6 nights is just tooooooo long to be apart.

I nearly forgot to grab a shot of my feet for a different project that I do, so we quickly took this one with my remote shutter. My feet look sooooo old next to my Sugar's sweet little feet. 
Aug 19 2012_0047ebwfb

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012 ~week 34

The theme/prompt was:  CLONES

and you know I was all excited and reved up for it.  Alas...I had a bad week.  Busy....sick....coldsore....cranky.....exhausted. didn't happen.  I just plain could NOT find the energy. 

I will make it up though.  I will fit it into another theme before the year is up.  I have already done one this year...and I will do another.  They are too much fun. 

Wednesday of this week, I snapped a shot of who could only be my CLONE because I wouldn't be caught dead eating a Maple Bacon cupcake in broad daylight....right?

Aug 22 2012_0014efb
The theme/prompt for this coming week is: TEXTURE

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My Week 98


August 6th my little honey wasn't up to her best. She had a summer cold. I helped her find a quiet project to do while I spent the afternoon sewing. Here she is making a friendship bracelet. She is using a contraption she got for Christmas made especially to hold the threads while she makes the knots.

I have been at my sewing machine in months and months and months, but today was the day to "get'er done!"

In one afternoon, I:

-Mended one dress, two pairs of jeans, two shirts, and a pair of pajama bottoms.

I then:

-made THREE hooded towels

-refashioned a shirt into a tunic
-refashioned a shirt into a shrug


- made two pairs of the cutest underwear I have ever seen out of old t-shirts. kid is the one wearing homemade underwear. tee hee

Aug 06 2012_0010ew

August 7th I just couldn't let the day pass without taking a photo of the underwear I made.  Aren't they adorable?  Other than that....I have no idea what I did this day.  NO IDEA.
Aug 07 2012_0085efb
August 8th we headed into town for some errands, and then spent part of the afternoon at the park with friends.  I had a great time chatting with the adults, and Sugar Bear enjoyed her time with some kiddos.  After the others left, we walked around the park, and she picked a "lamb's ear" leaf, and spend the rest of the day rubbing it on her face.  :)
Aug 08 2012_0065ew
August 9th was a daycare/work day for us girls.  After a long day, we dropped by our shop and picked up The Hubby to head home.  Every time I drive by the boat ramp by the slough, I see these flowers in the evening light.  I usually don't take the time to stop, but that night I did.  I loved trying to get the perfect angle to get the bokeh circles from the glimmering water of the slough, and the sun coming through the petals of the flowers, and the cool "Shadow effect" the WIDE OPEN setting of my lens created.  I love it when it all comes together.
Aug 09 2012_0026efb
August 10th we took a walk today as a family. It has been AGES and AGES since we have done that. We all do it....pretty often, just sort of in mixed groups. This time we were all together. Even stuffed kitty came along. :)

I got several good shots, but I was drawn to this one. My husband isn't fond of me taking photos of him. Actually....he rarely allows it, so this one is pretty special.
Aug 10 2012_0040efb
August 11th we attended a family reunion at the river on Saturday. It was so beautiful down by the water, and I caught my girl just standing back and taking in all the wonder around us. We can't let these sorts of things go unnoticed.
Aug 11 2012_0032ew
August 12th Today was such a fantastic day. It was family picnic day for my 20th High School reunion. I so enjoyed hanging out with old friends and getting all caught up. I didn't really take any pictures of the event. I was more about the chit chatting.  Believe it or not....we had a pretty good turn out.  This is half of our entire class.  :)  Gotta love small towns.

We are used to 50-70 degree weather, and it was 96 today, so it was hot hot HOT for us. When we got back to my parent's house following the reunion, I let my little Sugar play in the sprinkler to get cooled off. She is such a goof ball, and wanted to put her goggles on. 
Aug 12 2012_0039ew

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

My Week 97


July 30th...hmmmm let me think. I have NO idea what I did that day.  It's been too long.  I do know my Sugar was still at Grandma's house, and I played around with my fish eye lens a bit.  Other than that....I have absolutely NO idea.

Jul 30 2012_0035ew

July 31st I met my Dad in a town half way between them and me to gather up my Sugar Booger Bear.  ♥  oh how much I missed my girl.  On the way home we dropped by a lighthouse to see if I could get a shot of it with my fish eye.  This is not how I pictured it, as the fence around it kept me from getting as close as I wanted.  Darn it.

Jul 31 2012_0010ew

August 1st I had to work, but Sugar was thrilled to go back to daycare.  She loves her daycare provider soooooooooooo much, and the other kids are great.  Work was....well work, but I managed to take a moment to stop by my favorite weeds spot to get a few shots in.  This has to be my favorite Queen Anne's Lace shot yet.  I adore the yummy bokeh.

Aug 01 2012_0049ew

August 2nd was work and daycare yet again.  Sugar Bear managed to outgrow ALL of her shoes in the past two weeks.  I had a bit of time to run by a local store to find some cool All Stars on clearance. 

Aug 02 2012_0011ew

August 3rd I took my girl to the pool again. We are really enjoying this fabulous pool being do close to us. She loves being in the water, and her confidence has grown so much this summer. Today she didn't have a friend there with her, so she made a few friends, and spent a good deal of time alone. I caught her chillin' in the baby section of the pool. Can't say I blame her.....the babies are fun to watch. At one point....she almost fell asleep.  It must have been so relaxing. 

I spent the 2.5 hours watching and reading my book. It was so very relaxing. Summer days.....gotta love them. 

Aug 03 2012_0048ew

August 4th was a great day at home.  There was time for the baby bunnies, some four wheel riding, and some reading for me.  It was nearly perfect. 

Aug 04 2012_0108ew

August 5th we had a quiet day at home today. My little Sugar Bear took this time to paint a cute little wooden rat. I always enjoy watching her work on things like this. I love the concentration on her face. It is the moments like that that I love to capture. Life.....the simple things. One of the many things I will miss so much when she is grown and on her own. 

Aug 05 2012_0002ew

Sunday, August 19, 2012

52 Weeks of Me 2012~ week 33

The theme/prompt for the week was: FEET

This week just slipped right by. That has been happening quite a lot lately. Next thing I is Sunday, and I haven't nabbed my shot. ACK. So....I just jetted outside and convinced The Sugar to join me in a quick shot of our feet. Man she makes my feet look OLD! my feet are old, but wowza....this really shows it.

  Aug 19 2012_0047ebwfb

The theme/prompt for the week is: CLONES woo hoo!

  I love this theme. I have done this a few times and it is always fun. You do have to plan...and use a tripod or set your camera down on something, but it is such a good time.

Here are a few examples of stuff I have done:


and more recently:

There are several ways to do this. Google things like: Clone photography, or multiple exposure stuff, and you will find some tutorials.

  Have fun!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My week 96

Okay folks....there has been a minor error along this "my week" journey this past year, and I somehow neglected to post a week back in March or April ish. ( I forget now.  I discovered it last week and have already forgotten which one I didn't post.  yes....I have major memory issues....let's not talk about it.)  Anyhow, I might go back and shove it in there, but the numbers will all be off, and I'm not sure I'm in the mood to fix it.  So I am skipping a title of "My week 95" and putting this one down at 96, as that is correct.  I am 8 short weeks from my two year mark  in this project.  If you add "The Kitty Project" in, I'll will have been shooting a photo a day for 3 years.  WOWZA! 

I haven't been blogging much, but I do try to keep up.  I have started posting over at Blipfoto if you are interested in checking it out.  Sometimes the photo I choose for there isn't the same as the photo I will eventually put in the "my week" collage. 

Here is the link to my Blip Journal:

Now to get caught up on this project. 


July 23rd we were deep into our camping adventure, and it couldn't have been more fun.  I would hobble down to the river, sit under a tree and watch the kiddos play.  Sugar Bear had a major blast trying to stand up on the inflatable rafts.  So fun to watch her work so hard.  The crashes were pretty spectacular too.

Jul 23 2012_0032ew

July 24th brought more fun in the the river.  I jsut don't think my girl could get enough of these summer days.  Her swimming improved sooooooooooo much this summer between the local pool and the river.  I am not posting a picture of it, but 9 times out of 10 if you looked in the river all you saw was her little bum cheeks skim the water.  It's amazing she didn't get a sunburn on her tushie.  She loves to be under the water with her goggles, but her little bum sticks up.  So funny.

Jul 24 2012_0015ew

July 25th was a repeat of the days before.  When Sugar isn't swimming, she is fishing.  On goes the sun hat, and out she goes with the fishing pole to the best fishing spots.  I was grateful that someone was always around to help her out with the fishing, as I do not fish. I'm not sure why...but this is one of my favorite camping photos I took.  I just love it.  So peaceful.

Jul 25 2012_0020ew

July 26th was...guess what? more camping.  This time I am sharing a photo of the girls playing a game where this little sticks create a web to hold marbles, and then each kiddo takes turns pulling out a stick and hoping that no marbles fall.  Sugar loves this game.

Jul 26 2012_0094ew

July 27th was our last complete day of camping.  It was lovely indeed.  I just had to nab a shot of this little girls in silhouette.  I got one like this a few years ago.  Here they are spelling out the word "LOVE".  So cute.

Jul 27 2012_0007efb

July 28th was spent packing up camp. Oh how that is NOT our favorite part of camping.  It takes hours.  ack.  We then took one last swim, and heading out in our separate ways.  Sugar opted to stay a few days with Grandma and Grandpa, so I headed home alone.  I was shocked to see how much her chia pet grew.  I am not the best chia owner.  I can never get it to look like the one on the box.  I has bald spots, and it gets all leggy right away.  What am I don't wrong?

Jul 28 2012_0002ew

July 29th was a super relaxing day at home, and I had another surprise to behold.  The baby bunnies grew by leaps and bounds.  Their eyes opened while we were away, and they are not used to us.  We have lots of work to get them ready for new families. 

Jul 29 2012_0001ew

Monday, August 13, 2012

52 Weeks of me 2012~ Week 32

The theme/prompt for the week was:  HAT

Sugar Bear snapped this quick shot of me wearing her newest sun hat.  She didn't tell me I had it on backwards.  What a goofy girl...with a goofy mama!

Aug 11 2012_0048ew

The next theme/prompt is: FEET

Sunday, August 5, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ week 31

Theme/Prompt:  The Jump Shot you know that the "52 weeks of me" challenge has done it's job when you are willing to post a photo of yourself looking like this:

Aug 05 2012_0098ew

I mean seriously...I would have NEVER posted a photo of myself like this a few years ago. ACK. but...for some reason, it just doesn't bother me anymore. This is who I am. I hang out in my jammies....I make crazy faces....I'm on the upper side of what I allow myself to weigh.....and I don't wear make-up or brush my hair. Just be glad I brush my teeth. :)

  I wanted to do an awesome jump shot for this theme, but I was so worried about my already sore ankle. I waited until literally 20 minutes ago, and just gave in and did a quick little leap off my deck....wearing what I've been wearing allllllllll day longggggggggggggg. I am so very cool like that.

The theme/prompt for next week is: HAT

Friday, August 3, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ Week 30

The theme/prompt for the week was:  WATER

I had BIG intentions.....and even planned to have this theme for the week that I was camping by the creek and river, but alas....I sprained my ankle and lots all motivation.  boo hiss......

Jul 26 2012_0071ew

The theme/prompt for this week is: The jump shot

yeah....goodluck doing that with a healing ankle, Corey.


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