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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Spur of the moment

We have this gorgeous field of weeds.......ahem...I mean daisies, out in front of our house. The other evening, when we returned home, I spontaneously asked Sugar Bear if she'd let me get some pictures of her in the field of flowers. She reluctantly said, "okay, mama!" She was hungry and had to pee. Poor girl. I assured her it would only take a minute. :)


Or five......or ten. For awhile I just let Sugar walk around and explore. Usually, our mini horse is in this field, and we don't venture down there all that much. The horse comes up in the yard to see us....we don't go to her. We are lazy like that. tee hee.......but who knew her field was so wonderful?


It is perfect for skipping......running...smiling.....and laughing.


ooooooo and for posing pretty. ♥


Real pretty!


Oh my girl.....what she won't do for her mama! ♥ I just asked her to give me a few poses with the flowers, and she didn't disappoint.


You'd think a child who has had her picture taken about 5 days a week for....ummmmm....her entire life would be awful about the camera, but she isn't. She loves her mama, and knows how much I love to take her picture. She is a gem, my friends. ♥


and I like to believe that she gets a kick out of it too. I don't think this is a fake smile? do you? It's in her eyes....the joy.


oh the light in these was my favorite time of day....the golden hour. So lovely. Makes for some yummy bokeh.


There are billions and billions of daisies in this field. I'm pretty sure my neighbors hate it, since they are weeds, but I think they are beautiful. I love to look down there and see them waving in the wind.


They are a bit pokey though. So sitting in them isn't as relaxing as it appears. For this....I ADORE and CHERISH the next few pics all the more. My girl is such a good sport.


And fun....she is fun....can't you tell?


oh and sweet....this was her idea. "I'm sleeping mama! I'm a sleeping princess!" ♥


In the end....she is a princess that loves flowers....and bugs....and snakes. She is an explorer....and I love photos that show her examining things. She is always soaking up the world. There is so much to learn from watching her. She took my "just a few minutes to take some pics" line, and ran with it. She absorbed the moments. She made it her own.


She learned what the world looks like while laying deep in a field of daisies. Why didn't I just plop myself down next to her?

Next time I will!


I promise!

Monday, June 27, 2011

My week 38


June 19th Sugar Bear and I went down in the pasture land in front of our house to watch The Hubby work with Ivy. He is training her to be a bird dog. She is VERY smart. We think she might be the smartest of all the dogs we have owned. She LOVES to fetch, and listens really well to direction. The Hubby is really enjoying the process of teaching her. That hasn't always been so for him. It takes a ton of patience, and he doesn't have a lot of that. Ivy just gets it so quickly. That is a good thing.

June 20th Sugar Bear and I had a date night. There is a local Chinese food joint that only her and I go to when we want some special "girl time". We love the flowers and the koi pond out front.

June 21st was a play group day at the park, and the kiddos had fun....but the mama's, well....we wanted more. The kids didn't seem content to just play together. They wanted snacks...and more snacks....and our attention. We wanted to chit chat in peace. It's okay...another day it will work out. We'll bring more snacks next time. :) This little ladybug was a good distraction for awhile....a very short while.

June 22nd was the day after Ivy was spayed. I wanted to document how her incision looked. It is almost a week later, and it is NOT looking good. I'm taking her to a DIFFERENT vet tomorrow to have a look. Please send good healing vibes her way. Thanks!

June 23rd I felt like baking. I made these copy cat girl scout Samoa cookies. They aren't exactly "it", but they aren't something to snub your nose at either. I should know...I've eaten nearly the whole batch.

June 24th was mostly a stay home day. We had to run a few errands late in the day, so the light was quite nearly golden when we returned home. Being that I always have my camera by my side, and I could hardly imagine another day going by with out getting some picture of someone...anyone really in our field of daisies. I asked Sugar Bear if she'd play along, and she was game. We climbed over the gate, and had a little bit of fun. I'm so glad we took the time. I got some of my favorite photos in a long time. :)

June 25th was truck washing day. It happens about 4 times a year. Yeah....we are cool like that. It just seems like a waste when you live on a gravel road. We do enjoy the rare wash days. Sugar likes to run the hose. I like seeing her washing the big truck in her froggie jammies!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

A Dandy of an Evening


For one reason or another, my parents end up with a calf that needs to be raised on the bottle about every other year. This year's little honey is Dandelion.....AKA Dandy. Like all the previous bottle babies....she is a real sweetheart. It is hard not to fall a wee bit in love with these precious little bovines.


Sugar Bear loves going to her grandparents house when there is a bottle baby. I mean who wouldn't love a chance to feed the baby? She takes TWO bottles these days.


She might be a bit of a BIG baby, but a baby she totally is. She LOVES her bottles. ♥ yummy...yum...yum!


and we love to watch her drink them. At least I do. I get such a kick out of all the precious little pieces of this calf. There is just something about that big wet nose.


and the drooly......foamy chin. I love that you can see her tongue in this shot. Like all mammals, she suckles the same....with that tongue. ♥

But honestly.....I'm sure you will all is the eyes that have it. Her adorable, get lost in them, big brown eyes. I think we can all admit that Dandy is pretty darn cute. Throughout the entire meal, this was Sugar's view......... (pretty awesome).


and this was Dandy's view.....(darn cute, too). What a perfect little pair they are, yes?


Don't you just want to reach out and give her a little scratch on her forehead? It's hard to resist.


I can't think of a better way to end out day at the farm. It sure was a dandy of an evening.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Twenty-six

Theme of the week:

Everyday Object

When I think of something I do everyday, my mind easily goes to my truck. It feels like a spend entire too much of my life in that thing. To make it more enjoyable, Sugar Bear and I love to listen to many different types of music, and you can always find me singing right along. So my object is my truck AND the radio. So I nabbed a shot of me singing and driving. It was quite the adventure. I set my camera up on my dashboard, then set the timer function of 10 seconds. I would then press the shutter when the stoplight turned green, and then tried to ignore the camera and just sing. Sugar got a real kick out of this project. You should see some of the shots. I am definately NOT a pretty singer. tee hee....This is actually the first singing shot I got, and it wasn't HORRIBLE, so I went with it. You can see a bit of my steering wheel in the bottom left corner.


I now know why people point, stare, and laugh when they sit at a stop light with me. :)

Just for is another shot I got. I can't remember what exactly made me smile, but it really turned out rather nice. I'm sure it was something Sugar said. She is always blessing my heart. ♥


Be sure to head on over to visit Jessie and Cara to see all the fabulous ladies taking part in this cool project.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Fabulous Friday Challenge~ That moment

Often when I'm photographing, I snap, snap, snap away thinking, "okay....okay....that's good....oooo this would be better.....move corey.....okay...okay.....I think we have it......", and then suddenly there is a click of the shutter, and my heart jumps into my throat and I just KNOW I just captured something special. It is THE ONE! I love it when that happens....and it happened today. ♥


I'm so glad I went with my little whim, and asked Sugar to let me grab a few shots in our field below our house. I didn't worry about what she was wearing....or what her hair looked like. I just wanted to capture my girl in the daisies....and this made it all worth it.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

How good it is

Beauty is EVERYWHERE. You just need to open your eyes, and allow yourself to see it. Some might stand in my front yard, and think, "This place really needs some yard work done."


Others might look on with envy, and long to live where things are wild....and free.


Some might look at this long and lanky 6 month old pup, and see the disasters she might cause.....the work, the responsibilities......


I look and see that she is beautiful....and easily one of the sweetest dogs EVER!


Others might see this horse grazing in a field over run with weeds, and see another mouth to feed.

I look and see that we have a horse who thinks she is the sweetest dog EVER, and she is stunning. She makes that wild field of weeds all the more delightful.


As I walk around our property I see so many wonderful aspects. Most of these might not be cherished by others, but I find them comforting. I find them to be just like ME.


I'm not orderly. I'm not put together......or easy to control. I'm all over the place flitting from one thing to the next. Sometimes I'm not where you'd expect me to be, and other times I pop up just where you always wanted me to be.

Often, I feel like I'm that weed that some want to pull and throw away, and yet, others will glady allow to blossom.


Other's just need to circle me, and find that angle that highlights my best side. There is always a best side....and I feel like as a society we often fail to search for it. I haven't always been able to succeed in this, but I try....and I will not stop trying to find the good side, because it is likely there.


Sometimes....we just need to do something entirely different. You just need to look up.


How often do you look UP?

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

My Week 37


June 12th was our last day with Miss Sass, and it was fun....lots and lots of fun. I could watch Sugar Bear interact with Miss Sass all day...all year....forever. It is beautiful that friendship. ♥

June 13th was a horrible....horrible....horrible day. Actually it start the evening before. I don't remember the last time I had the type of illness that involved vomiting....and I hope it is years and years until it happens again. Awful. The good news....I was the only one that got it.

June 14th I spent trying to recover while having to go to work. ugh...I sat in several meetings.....feeling pretty darn icky. It was good to get home and have some fresh air. It is always a mood lifter to get outside, and enjoy our beautiful property. Ivy thinks it is especially nice to chew on a stick in the sunshine. She is seating her "big girl" teeth right now, and can't stop chewing.

June 15th marked the last day of kindergarten for Sugar. Wow, what a year. So many things to be grateful for, and this friendship is one of them. I couldn't ask for a more darling little friend for my Sugar Bear. We won't be seeing as much of her, as we won't be in the same school, but we are determined not to let this friendship go.

June 16th I suppose was our first official day of summer break. We spent a great deal of it outdoors. We had our first playdate at the park, and then spent time out in our yard goofing with the fisheye lens. :)

June 17th was pretty awesome on so many levels. The weather was A-MAY-ZING!!!!!! and Sugar Bear got her ears pierced.....and then we went to the best bonfire EVER! six hundred thumbs up for June 17th.

June 18th was a lazy hazy sort of day at home. After a really long week of ups and downs, we just needed some time to relax. Sugar was still on a bit of a high from getting her ears pierced, and she was feeling quite pretty. ♥

Great Week!

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