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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Kitty is Coping

Coping with Stress and Worry has it's ups and downs. I really want you all to know that I am fine. While I'm extremely worried over a situation, outside of my immediate family, I am honestly doing really good. I do not, and have never suffered from severe emotion anxiety. But....I am the type of person to give friends and family my full attention, and when they are stressed.....I am there with them.

This week, I worked on coping. Kitty helped.

Day 231
(A quick little "peek a boo" break at work never hurt anyone. Humor is good medicine.)


Day 232
(Escaping reality in the library. It's what we do best these days.)


Day 233
(Oh dear.....emotional eating again.....not good news.)


Day 234
(Enjoying some much needed outside time with Sugar Bear. Fresh air does a body good.)


Day 235
(It's a texture thing.....rummaging around in these beads is a great form of therapy.)


Day 236
(Kitty really is becoming a wonderful escape artist. )


Day 237
(Sunshine.....quiet time........and a fun book to bury our thoughts in.....priceless.)


Hosted by Chris

There have been some questions about Kitty, and what this project is looking and feeling like these days. I am still so very grateful for The Kitty Project. Kitty really helps me look at my day and find that important message in it. Sometimes it is easy to find, and sometimes more difficult, but I am plugging along, and am shocked that I have made it this far. Kitty comes with me everywhere. Usually in my purse or coat pocket. Throughout the day, I think...."is this the kitty moment?" and if the answer is "yes", then I stop drop and shoot. If the answer is "no", I move on. Sometimes, I get to the VERY end of my day, and haven't had that "YES" moment. Then....I sit down and just think about how I FEEL about my day, and try to capture something that represents that. It has been working, and I feel more connected to my day to day life.

When I'm done.....I'll be looking into making a book of some sort for myself. We'll see if I can make it possible for others to purchase, but I'm not really certain of interest in such a book.

Thank you all for your support in this project. It has really meant a lot to me. ♥

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Reflection

REFLECTION is the theme that Berta picked out for us this week. What a fun theme. I always enjoy trying to catch reflection shots. However this week...I just couldn't seem to remember to look around my world for the perfect reflection. I would remember late at night...and forget the WHOLE next day. sigh...I just couldn't get my act together at all. So yesterday....during a break at work, I went outside....and took a look around. I was pretty sure I wanted to get a reflection in a puddle since it has been raining cats and frogs around here lately. I snapped a few with reflections of the trees and dull sky. Those weren't doing it for me though. Right when I was about to give up and pack it in, up pulled a school bus....and low and behold, there was my shot.

Berta's shot made me smile. She took this theme in an entirely different direction and I love her for that. I am fairly certain I have this same book as well....and I love her for THAT as well. Berta is a wonderful partner in this project, and I consider myself VERY blessed. Please be sure to pop over to her place and tell her just how awesome she is. ♥


And if you are a Team-Up Thursday participant. Please take a moment to link on up.

PS. I'll be out of town for a few if it takes me awhile to come around to your blog, please know that my intention is good. Have a GREAT day!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Eat It All

There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle. ~ Albert Einstein


You may have seen this photo before. Previously, I shared the photo during a Team-Up Thursday project back in early March. Since then, I have found myself strangely drawn back to it as I flip through my photo files. There is just something about this shot that captures my eye, and makes my mind start to wander.


That's what it says.....EAT IT ALL.


When presented with Ice Cream, certainly many of us find ourselves easily partaking in the entire cone. We don't have to be reminded to finish our scrumptious treat. We happily devour every last bite, with a smile on our satisfied little faces. Food....and especially TREATS are not often wasted in this society of ours. You only have to take a quick look around to see that we usually seem to EAT IT ALL, and then some.


But my question is this.....are we just as thorough with our day to day life as we are with our ice cream? Do we take each moment of our day like a lick of the cone, and eagerly lap up the opportunities like the drips of the melting ice cream? Are we just as determined to EAT IT ALL, when we are accepting the everyday life we have been so miraculously given?

Sometimes I find myself needing to slow down, take a look around and see what I'm missing. Between bites of this.....and I taking the time to enjoy what I just ingested?


There are people who so arrange their lives that they feed themselves only on side dishes. ~José Ortega y Gasset


EAT IT ALL......what does that mean to me?
What does that mean to YOU?


Life isn't just the side isn't just the main course, and it certainly isn't just the TREATS! It is everything.....ALL of it, and it is my job to EAT IT ALL.


I don't want to be 80-some years old and look back at my life only to see that I missed something....or LOTS of somethings. I want to feel like I accepted graciously what came my way, and partook in the goodness that it was.


I want to fully engage in every moment. I want to savor the flavor of my life. See the beauty.....feel the feelings......learn the lessons.


Quite possibly the biggest lessons of all: While "eating it all" is important.......sharing it with others is all the more. No one says we have to do it alone. Take someone special with you. You both will be better for it, of this I am sure.


You find yourselves blessed, and your hearts will be FULL!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Always, Sometimes, Never

I always:

~Have my camera with me.
~Wash my hands after using the bathroom.
~Sing along with the radio while driving.
~Take a bath with my Sugar Bear.
~Want Ice Cream.
~Swerve my truck to drive through rain puddles.
~Stay up too late.
~Get Nauseous when I spin.
~Think my truck is making a funny sound.
~Get a Double Decker Taco when I go to Taco Bell.
~Kiss my Sugar Bear goodnight.
~Screw up whatever I'm making for a Potluck.
~Have Ibuprofen when friend is in need.
~Talk too much.
~Stay in bed until the last possible minute.
~Feel too cold.
~Use my fingers to count.

I sometimes:

~Want to jump in puddles.
~Shave my legs.
~Want Cotton Candy.
~Get to sleep in.
~Fall asleep while reading.
~Keep my jammies on all day over the weekend.
~Run late.
~Sneak back into Sugar Bear's room just to watch her sleep.
~get car sick.
~Wish I could push "pause" on my life.
~Feel like watching a scary movie.
~Drive too fast.

I never:

~Seem to remember to send Birthday Cards.
~Drink tea, coffee, soda or alcohol.
~Want to eat Sushi.
~Seem to have tissues when a friend is in need.
~Wear makeup.
~Want to bungee jump.
~Eat enough veggies.
~Waste time looking for the closest parking space.
~Wear a dress anymore.
~Fall asleep watching a movie or TV.
~Paint my nails.
~Feel spontaneous.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sunday Citar~ Balance

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.



“In art and dream may you proceed with abandon. In life may you proceed with balance and stealth.”
Patti Smith

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Kitty is Blue....and Green

It wasn't until I loaded these photos up all together that I noticed how BLUE and GREEN my week was. Interesting.....because I've been a bit BLUE. My immediate life is good. It really really is....but my extended family a bit shaky these days....and I've been feeling BLUE and a bit BLACK about it.

The GREEN....well, I'm just so very glad that I've been able to spend more time outdoors recently. It is so very good for the heart and soul....not to mention the body.

Day 224
(This shot is just plain depressing...and it totally fits my mood that day.)


Day 225
(The sun WILL come out! and it does feel good.)


Day 226
(But that doesn't mean I'll get to play in it. Second day of LONG afternoon meetings INSIDE.)


Day 227
(Sometimes.....I feel like I'm on the outside looking in. It was one of these days.)


Day 228
(Dedicated my day to making so much needed SPACE.)


Day 229
(Sometimes I wish I was better at camouflage. Wanting to hide.)


Day 230
(When all else fails.....PLAY!)


Hosted by Chris

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Numbers

This week, I got the honor of choosing a theme for Berta and myself. NUMBERS sounded like a good idea. Then I proceeded to have ZERO motivation, and inspiration this week. It has sort of been an emotional few weeks for me, and I've had a hard time focusing on my usual things. A few days ago, I glanced up at my calendar at work and was SHOCKED to see that it is the middle of April. How on earth did that happen???? Seriously....where did March go? It only seemed fitting that I document the NUMBERS on my calendar to reflect my feelings. There have been some really BRIGHT moments.....and some pretty dark moments in this month so far. It is my hope that the sun starts shining on the rest of the month.

Berta's shot made me smile when I saw it, because I had snapped a few shots of the numbers keys on my keyboard at work as well. I spend a lot of time with that keyboard.


If you are participating in Team Up Thursday, please link up here. It helps us all find each other.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Chain, Chain, Chain.......a CHAIN-ging moment.

I love snow. Yes I do. I can totally say that because I actually experience snow about.......3 days a year. is the lack of snow in my life that helps me appreciate it's amazing qualities. I have a wonderful respect for the cold stuff. Give me a little bit...and I'm a happy camper. Give me too much and I get nervous and in some cases have been known to panic. In fact, several years least 8 or more, I was officially banned from snowy mountain excursions. It might have had a little something to do with shrieking....and thrashing....and demanding to be let OUT of the vehicle when the snow got over two feet deep on the road....but I'm not really saying. It might have had something to do with the crying and the pleading to turn around, and go home...but I'm not sure. Some people just can't handle a little hysterics. Sheesh.....

Regardless. I LOVE snow. (in little bits)

Sugar Bear has been completely and utterly deflated that we have not had snow in our neck of the woods. is a rarity to get snow here, but for some reason we have had snow that lasted about 3 days for the last 3 winters. So in Sugar's mind.....we should have gotten snow this winter, and we didn't.
A little over a month ago, I had the occasion to travel east for a business trip. There were several of us a variety of vehicles. My girl friend and I headed over a day earlier than the rest of the pack, because I had an early morning session at the conference. We jumped in my truck, and headed out. We met snow on the pass....and had to stop and put chains on my rig. Let me just say that between the two of us...we had only ever put chains on a vehicle ONCE....and that had been exactly 5 years previous when we were heading to the same conference. We had been together then....and successfully put the chains on based on the instructions. This went quicker (less than 10 minutes), and we were on our way. Thumbs up! The rest of the crew came over the next day and didn't require chains, as the storm as passed and the plows had done their job.
Three days later, it was a different story. We were all set to head home when a storm hit. We set out together, in a caravan of sorts. When we hit the spot requesting chain usage, I pulled over. Even though my truck has 4-wheel drive, I like to error on the side of caution. (remember the shrieking....and pleading???) I'm not a huge fan of driving in the snow, but for some reason...on THIS girl friend and I were the voice of calm and reason. The chains went on my truck in a snap.

And then.......we proceeded to install chains on the next FOUR cars behind us. Yup....we did. Not a one of those ladies felt comfortable with such a task. There was worry.....and fretting....and wishing a MAN was there. Seriously? You don't need a man when you have Corey and Kim. Us girls got it done, oh yes we did! Not only did we put the chains on the other 3 cars in our group, we did it for a lady that we didn't even know. Done, done, done, and done! My blue truck is in the foreground of this shot, and the two cars, and two vans between it and the Semi Truck were chained up by my friend and I.


Feeling a bit invincible we headed on out. What a beautiful drive it was.

I'm sure there are people who might laugh at my story, but for a girl who never sees snow....and surely never drives in snow, this was a big day.

Those people who banned me so many years ago from attending snowy driving excursions can NOT believe I chained up ONE vehicle, let alone 5. They are shocked that I casually drove on this snowy road....and actually took pictures while doing it. (They pictured more breathing in a paper bag, and head between the knees type behavior.)


Sometimes, if we just get over the things we don't think we can do.....we find that we are totally capable of big things. It was time for me to stop saying, "I can't!" and start saying, "I will, and it will be awesome!"

Now I can look back on these photos, and the say quite loudly, "I CAN!....oh yes I CAN!"


and I'm so very glad I did, because that last a memento of quite possibly the prettiest drive I've been on in a long, long, long time. Life Is GOOD!

Monday, April 19, 2010

She Can Wipe Up Spills As Well....


WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back on October I saw on idea on Treasures for Tots.....who saw the idea on Trey and Lucy and I couldn't help but try it. Back on December I made a dishtowel Tunic for Sugar Bear using some Santa dishtowels I found at Target in the Dollar Spot. She and I both loved it. I neglected to get a post up about it, though.


Then Easter was coming up, and I ran across a set of bunny towels at Big Lots and couldn't help but try another little holiday tunic. They are a snap to make....and Sugar says they are comfortable.


A BIG bonus is that she can clean up spills in a jiffy. tee hee.....

I realized that this little idea is not for everyone. Some folks will think I'm NUTS for dressing my child in dish towels, but let me just say.......a holiday outfit for less than $3, that my child loves......that is totally worth a few strange looks.

I mean....she only gets to wear it a few I don't want to spend a fortune on the fabric. This is such a quick and simple solution. And totally unique. IF it hadn't been raining cats and frogs, and IF we had been able to attend the Easter Egg Hunt I had hoped we would, she would have most definitely been the only one there in THIS little outfit.

Oh and photo opportunities we missed. But that's okay.....cause it came in handy to dry the Easter dinner dishes. tee hee....just kidding.

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