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Saturday, December 31, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week 52 and BIG NEWS....don't miss it!

Here it is........the 52nd photo of ME for 2011.

This pictures my little Sugar Bear and I standing on top of the world. Or at least it felt like it. This was taken on the day after Christmas while we took a four wheeler ride around my parents farm. My Dad could resist taking us up to the top of the hill to snap a shot. It was a great afternoon. Nothing makes you feel more blessed than time with your family AND nature. Gosh we are so lucky to live in such a spectacular place.


I am so very grateful to both Jessie and Cara for coaxing me into this "52 weeks of me" project. I started out the year feeling less than thrilled with the idea of posting so many photos of myself online, but man oh man....did I get used to it. I shocked myself....and many other folks with some of my shots. I feel like this project gave me permission to love myself. It helped me accept me as I am and realize that Sugar deserves to have her mama's documented right along side hers.

Recently, Jessie asked if I'd be interested in hosting the "52 weeks of Me" project for 2012. I scoffed at the thought at first....but I think I have come around to the idea. I know that it seems so daunting for some many of you to jump into a project like this, but why not give it a go? There will be NO rules. NONE. I'll provide some themes for those that feel like it helps, but there is no obligation to stick to the theme. You can take the photo yourself, or a loved one can help. I just feel that the main object is to be present. You deserve it....your kids deserve it. It just might change the way you feel about yourself. You'll never know unless you try. So why not......give it a go. You can do it.

I'll be posting my first shot of 2012 by Sunday the 8th of January. I'll have a linky up for you to join in. I also hope to have a flickr group available for those that do not have blogs. If you have any ideas, concerns or questions, please feel free to ask. I'm not entirely sure I have thought of everything.

The first theme will be: NEW don't have to fit the theme, if you don't want to. I am so looking forward to seeing all the photos of YOU. Please spread the word. Even if you aren't thinking of playing along, but you might know someone who would be interested. The more the merrier.

Sorry if the "BIG NEWS" in the title fooled you, but I really wanted folks to read this one. tee hee....I'm totally sneaky like that.

52 Weeks of ME- Weeks 50 and 51 you probably think I have not only given up on my "52 weeks of me" project, but my blog altogether. But......

I have not.

I've just been preoccupied with life. I'm still game though. Taking the photos....but being quite lame at posting. OOPS! Here are two photos to get me all caught up. After this....I'll have one more to post to finish out this project.

Week 50.......again. I cheated, but I continue to feel okay about that. I think the main reason for doing this project (for me) is to be more present in the photos of our life. It doesn't matter if I took it of myself...or if Sugar Bear snapped it for me. I'm still there...up front and present. Here I'm sewing. Actually, I'm doing some MAD last minute Christmas present sewing. I rock the last minute sewing. :) Even in my jammies.


Week 51 found me being a goof ball with our wreath. We bought it from Sugar Bear's school as a fund raiser. I do love a pretty wreath. I love that it lasts for a long time past the holidays as well. I'm the dork with the wreath still up at Easter. :)


Stay tuned for the final shot for 2011.....and a bit of news.

Monday, December 19, 2011

My Week 63


December 5th was quite a day. I'm not certain if I have shared here on the blog some of the trouble we started having with Tiny, our mini horse, this summer. She is in the process of becoming a mare, and she has been a bit of a stinker about it. She wanted to be the boss of the yard, and took to really being a bully to Sugar Bear. There was even a biting incident that ended with Sugar being really afraid of Tiny. We made the hard decision to give her to a new home. We didn't have the time to give her what she needed, and she was really lonely. On this day, they came to get her, and took her to her happy new home. She has horse friends and is feeling so much happier. We are relieved to have our yard back, and Sugar feels safe.


December 6th found us at home in the afternoon, as Sugar Bear had a mild cold which led to a low grade fever. Since we were home, I figured I make the most of it, and go out and take some snaps of the frosty world around us. We have been having some really cold cold cold nights and days. It has been so unusual for us. I love this strange ice formations I found in some loose dirt.


December 7th was a day at home, as Sugar still had her fever. We had to make a quick trip into my work, but then spent the rest of the day relaxing. I did some knitting. Sugar Bear grabbed this shot of my hands for my 52 weeks of me project. I'm a week behind in this project and feeling icky about it. I am almost done. I can't quit now. Argh. I am, however, excited about this knitting project. It is a gorgeous scarf for......ME! :)


December 8th found Sugar Bear still a bit under the weather. I had so much work piling up at work, so I left the Sugar home with The Hubby for half the day while I tried to hammer out some paperwork. When I got home, we put up some of our outdoor Christmas lights. I adore outside lights. So fun, and pretty.


December 9th brought Sugar back to school, and just in time for my work Holiday party. :) I wasn't feeling like myself (was getting sick), so I just sat back and watched the goings on. Several folks had fun working on Holiday cards. I usually love that sort of thing, but just didn't have the energy.


December 10th....ummmmmm was a saturday.....and I......well, we........dang it. I can't remember. Sigh. I do know I took this shot of more of my outside lights. I thinking we decorated inside the house.....and whined about being sick.


December 11th was Sunday....I think there was more whining.'s likely. I did find time to play with my camera and some fun Bokeh. :) We put up our christmas tree. It is so pretty, but I haven't taken a normal photo of it to prove it. Sorry.


Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Letting her light shine

For the past few months, I have found myself in "barely blogging" mode, and it makes me sad. There are so many things I get out of the process of blogging. I love the idea that someday Sugar Bear will get to read back and have the opportunity to peek into her childhood. To know her mother better. To know the way I have felt about being her mother. I have only been able to do the bare minimum lately when it comes to documenting our life. It is my Christmas wish that I will find the time....the desire....the drive to do more.


The other day, it was an incredible morning outside. It was cold.....and crisp.....and the light was amazing. I couldn't resist trying to nab some macro shots of nature. It was truly something that could be considered "me time". It was all for me. Sugar tagged along, and while I crouched in the frosty grass, I looked over to see my darling girl bathed in warm glorious light. I caught my breath and began to snap away. She didn't disappoint. I was able to snag so many shots that capture all that is Sugar Bear.


Her inner light.....her joy........her amazing little self. I recently had a friend experience the TRUE Sugar Bear, and it blessed my heart. So often, Sugar is just to shy to be "herself". I love that she is opening up to those around her more. I love that my friend got to see this girl.....


This girl. She is funny, and witty.......and just plain lovable. She started to mimic me......searching to get a laugh out of me.


It worked! How could it not? She IS my joy. I am so very blessed to be this little person's mama. I can not feel more proud.


I hope that she will always know how completely I love her. I hope she always knows that I am her biggest fan, and I can't wait to see who she becomes.


This smile has is changing every day.....but it is still my most favorite smile in the world because it goes right to my heart, and fills me with the most amazing feeling.


I know.....I know.....I'm such a sappy mom. I can't help it. She is just such a pretty little nut.


I am about 98% sure she is a an Almond. :)

Monday, December 12, 2011

My week 62


November 28th didn't really bring anything that special, but I do love our drive home each day. It is fun to chat about what we have done while apart. Then we get the mail, and Sugar likes to climb up into the front seat and read the mail on the way up the driveway. Fun times.


November 29th found me late to take a photo. I decided to snap this quick shot while making Sugar Bear's lunch. I pack her lunch and snack each day. The food at school is awful. Even if it wasn' would be hard for Sugar as she is picky picky picky!!!!!! She does love these, though. yum!


November 30th found us trying to get our Christmas decorating started. We need to find Sugar's advent calendar. Why do I always wait until the last minute to get this stuff together. I also had to wrap 25 Christmas/Winter books for Sugar Bear's count down to Christmas. I don't like the wrapping, but the end result is fun. This shot is a quick snap of Sugar's stocking.


December 1st started our count down to Christmas. This is a shot of the tree that resides in Sugar's room, and the 25 wrapped books just waiting to be opened one per night until Christmas. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.......I love this time of year.


December 2nd was quite a day. The photo I put in the collage cracks me up. It says so much about a lot of things....but mostly it is just perfect for my friend Kim. She is a nut and love her. Work can make us all bananas and it is always good to get a laugh at work. This was a hard day. it was the last day of work for a friend....and we sent her off well, but she is greatly missed. love you Heather! ♥

December 3rd was a perfect sort of Saturday. It started off with a wonderful frost. I adore taking photos in the frosty weather. Sugar even let me grab some of her. I hope to share those soon. This one spoke to me, though. I love the yummy bokeh. ♥ Later we went to town to see the Christmas Opry. It is such a fun tradition. This year was all the more special, as Sugar's cousins had a small part in it.


December 4th was a stay at home day. I had 478956 things to get done, and I was pretty successful. The Hubby had been done on a hunting trip since Wednesday, and Sugar was all the more excited to have slumber parties in mama's bed. I snapped this shot soon after I noticed this darling scene. Sugar was waiting in my bed for me to finish brushing my teeth. She was excited to read that night's Christmas story. Toby Cat always loves to join us.


I couldn't have asked for a better week. ♥ I am so blessed.

Monday, December 5, 2011

My Week 61


November 21st was a day at home.....ALONE for me. I was a bit under the weather, so I stayed home from work, and spent some quality time with my computer and a toasty fire. Gosh I love a wonderful fire.


November 22nd was another day at home. I wrapped up editing some pictures of my cousin's wedding last summer. I am sooooooooooooooooooo behind on my editing. It is depressing.

November 23rd I had a very very very busy day at work. It was a beautifully crisp day. I couldn't resist taking a quick shot of the sunset when I stopped at the library. It was stunning. I was really beginning to miss my Sugar Bear on this day. My heart needed my little love. She would have really enjoyed seeing this pretty sky.


November 24th was Thanksgiving. I was thankful to finally be with my girl. She was thankful to be with her cousins. It was a really relaxing Thanksgiving day with my brother and his family, my parents, and my sister in law's mother. The Hubby was still gone on his hunting trip.


November 25th was a special day at home for my girl and myself. We were pretty lazy together. We did a bit of housework, but had a little fun with some crafty stuff. This was one of those little sun catcher things where you put the little plastic beads in the right sections, then heat it in the oven. So fun.


November 26th was the best day of the Thanksgiving weekend. We slept in together, and then we went to see a movie. "Arthur Christmas" in 3D. We enjoyed it. It is so rare that we go see movies, so it was a special treat. We then went to the mall, to mail her Christmas letter to Santa. She didn't want to sit on Santa's lap, as usual, but this year....I didn't even bother to encourage her. I'm okay with missing that photo op. :) This is growth for me. tee hee


November 27th was a pretty darn fun day as well. The Hubby had finally made it home from a very successful hunting trip. We went to his parent's house for a belated Thanksgiving with his family. This darling little puppy is Wicket, my sister in law's new baby. What a cutie.


Sunday, December 4, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Forty-eight

Good times at the Mall! :)

Never take yourself too seriously!


Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My Week 60


November 14th was a normal sort of Monday. I forgot all about a potluck at work....which always makes me sad, but everyone else made some delicious stuff. I picked up Sugar Bear after school and we ran some errands. After we picked up our tickets for the Nutcracker, we played a little in some leaves on the sidewalk.


November 15th I had a meeting further south in the afternoon. I spent several hours in a cramped, hot little room with too many people. I did get a good start on a scarf while I listened to the speakers though. I always enjoy that. When I went to leave the building, this cute little guy was waiting for me on the sidewalk. I had a little fun laying on the ground to nab this shot of him. He was only about 2 inches long. Sadly....before I could say anything, a co-worker accidentally stepped on him a few minutes later. It was so awful. sigh.....


November 16th was a rainy, rainy day. There was school and a play date for Sugar Bear, and work for me. I took this shot on the way home. It has been so hard transitioning into driving home in the dark.


November 17th was a typical Thursday up until the evening. Then we had the great joy of attending Sugar Bear's Fall Festival at school. Both her grandmas and her papa on her dad's side were there as well. We watched her sing and dance. It was fun indeed. The Hubby left that day for a 7 day hunting trip that he had been planning for ages.

November 18th was a busy, busy day. I had some high hopes for it...but as you can see in the picture....I walked away from the day discouraged. sigh.....I keep hoping for some change....and it just isn't the right time, yet, I guess.


November 19th was a super fun Saturday. It was just me and my girl. We had date night together. We went to see a local production of The Nutcracker. Several of Sugar's little friends had small parts in it. So fun. We went out to dinner afterwards. I happened to wear some really old heels that decided to completely fall apart at dinner. It was hilarious. Sugar got a real kick out of "silly mommy" and her broken shoes. tee hee.....


November 20th was a day of this and that. Spent the morning with my girl, then packed her up for a trip to Grandma and Grandpa's farm. She had the entire Thanksgiving week off from school, so she spend Sunday through Wednesday night with them. I drove her half there, then headed home to an empty house. It was just me and the cat. I spent the first hour rearranging my freezer to try and fit this 1/2 of a steer that I purchased from my parents. WOW....I have a ton of meat.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

I'm so Thankful For......

-My wonderful and supportive parents.

-Sugar Bear's friends. They are such a darling group of children.

-Pumpkin Butter Cake.

-The roof over my head.

-My husband. We've been together almost 22 years, and he still likes me. ♥

-A flexible job, so that I might put my family first.

-Co-working friends that make me laugh.

-A big Strong Beefy diesel truck that never fails to keep us safe on our daily commute.

-My health.

-The most amazing Daughter the world has ever seen. ♥ ♥ ♥

-New friends.

-Old friends.

-The library.....books are such a huge part of my life.

-The ability to try new things.

-Always having enough......enough of anything.

-My desire to always be present.

-Frozen Blueberries. :)

-People who put up with me, and all my weirdo-ness! (yes, that is a word.)

-My desire and ability to make people laugh.

-Clean, drinkable water every single day.

-My daughter's health!!!! Such a blessing.

-The Hubby's job that gives me a sense of purpose and gives us so many opportunities.

-Sugar Bear's school. She loves it.

-My doggy....the bunnies!

-Living somewhere that I feel is safe.

-Everyone that makes me feel loved.

Happy Thanksgiving, Everyone! Life is Good!

Monday, November 21, 2011

52 Weeks of ME- Week Forty-seven

Last Saturday was "Girl's Date Night!" and boy oh boy was my date a dream. ♥


My Sugar Bear and I got all gussied up and headed off to see a local performance of the Nutcracker. We knew about 5-6 kiddos participating in the performance, so it was a real treat to see them in action. Sugar Bear didn't really know what to expect of the show, but I'm not sure it met her expectation. As we were driving away she said, "Mama, they should call that show 'dancing....dancing....dancing....and dancing some more'!" tee hee......she sort of wanted it to have some more acting, and less dancing, I think.

We headed out to dinner next, and had such a lovely time. The best part was when the shoes I was wearing completely and utterly fell apart. I hadn't worn them in 8 years, and apparently....the glue not longer wanted to hold. In the middle of the restaurant, the sole fell off one, and I had to rip the sole off the other, so that I wasn't completely lopsided. Sugar, and many of the patrons got a pretty good kick out of it. I took it in stride. If we can't laugh at will be rough.

It couldn't have been a better evening. I'm so grateful for my wonderful daughter, and my blessed life.

52 Weeks of ME- Week Forty-six

Ack....I'm so behind on this project. I'm not even certain what number we are supposed to be on. I do know that I'm at least a week behind on posting. I've been taking the shots though, so that is good.

Here is one I took back on the 9th. Again I set the camera on my dashboard. I don't know why...but there is great lighting in my truck. Such great open shade, with the big windshield letting in the yummy light.


I keep saying that one of these days I'll put some makeup on for these shots. But gosh darn it......I'm lazy. tee hee

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week 59


November 7th was a good day to get used to the Daylight savings change. All went well, but by was dark....and we were sleepy. I took some time to just play with Sugar Bear that evening. Here we dressed up bear in her doll's Elmo Jammies. So cute. I haven't been the best about playing with Sugar these days.


November 8th was ick! A day of work....and stress.....buried under a pile of papers. sigh.

November 9th was a typical Wednesday, and I honestly can't remember a thing about it. I do remember having to wait, for some reason somewhere on our way home. We played a game of tic tac toe! ooooooooo wait....I remember now. The electricity was out at home, so I stopped and got Chinese food for dinner. We were waiting for it to be ready. :) It was yummy, and we enjoyed a fire in the fireplace, and some good family time playing with some metal puzzles my husband likes.


November 10th was spent driving down the coast....but not enough time to stop and enjoy the views. That is so frustrating for me. I did have good company with me, so that was a plus.

November 11th found me feeling obsessed with knitting. I don't know what bit me that day, but I just HAD to knit. Both Sugar Bear and I got the chance to stay home, due to Veteran's day. I started a scarf, in an effort to use up some yarn and ribbon that I purchase.....gulp....8 years ago. eeekkkk....


November 12th was a super great day! It felt like Sunday....but it was only it was all the more awesome. We attended a great Birthday party for a sweet boy in Sugar's class. It was such a fun party, with great friends in attendance. I love this shot of Sugar Bear and some of her girlfriends playing on the floor. ♥

November 13th brought another great opportunity. We were invited to a Fairy Club. One of Sugar's little girl friends from school and dance wanted to start a Fairy Club. We went to her house, and colored, figured out our fairy names, and when on a fairy trail hike. So very fun.


Thank you to anyone that is still following my blog. I know it has been a yawn fest for quite awhile now. I hope to get my act back together sometime soon.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Week 58


October 31st was Halloween. Just like it is every single year. It's funny like that. LOL (oh gosh, I'm in a weird mood.) It was wonderful. After school, we met up at a friend's house and had such a lovely time. Pizza, fruit, butternut squash soup, and lots and lots and lots of fun. I brought pumpkin cookies....cause Fall is my baking season. It couldn't have been a better Halloween.


November 1st was a boring old Tuesday. I'm pretty sure nothing remotely special happened. oh wait.....yes it did! I had a dental cleaning appointment, and a haircut.....and something that I hoped would lead to major change. It was an uplifting day, and I did marvel at the beauty that is my world though. I snapped this shot of a fluffy plant and the moon while waiting for Sugar Bear to get out of dance class.


November 2nd was a crisp Fall day. I had tons of responsibilities at work, and I found a need to find some peace in my truck before a car seat clinic I helped at started. So much to little time.


November 3rd was a typical Thursday. I got off work a little early, and did some reading in my truck while waiting for Sugar Bear's dance Class to end. I nabbed this shot of the sky reflected in a huge mud puddle. There is beauty often where we don't take the time to look. I'm glad that no matter how monotonous my life gets....I don't forget to look.

November 4th found me traveling south for the day. It was work.....and quite nearly drove me nuts, but the actual drive was stunning, and I was happy to be near the ocean at sunset. It was foggy, but worth a stop for a few quick pics. Sugar Bear went to her grandparent's house for the weekend, so I had time to just get home slowly....enjoying the view.


November 5th I spent with The hubby......and cleaning, and editing pics.....and doing stuff I can't even recall, but I did a bit of sleeping....that I do know. I nearly forgot to pick up my camera that day, so I nabbed a quick shot of the pizza muffins I made, while they waited in the fridge for Sugar Bear's lunch box.

November 6th was a lovely, quiet Sunday. I baked some pumpkin cookies for work. I may have ate one or five too many. I'm a naughty girl like that.

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