Monday, August 30, 2010

Crafty Tuesday~ Goes.....toothy!

Look at this darling little honey! See anything different about her?


Yup.....Sugar Bear has lost her first tooth. You might have heard me whining the other day about possibly missing the event....and sure enough....I did. I was a bit sad, but my girl called me from her grandparents house sooooooooooooooooo extremely, over the top, excited that I couldn't feel sorry for myself long. It was a wonderful experience for her.


Several weeks her tooth became increasingly wiggly, I jumped to action to create a super cute tooth pillow. I found a super easy tutorial online (gosh I love the Internet!), and loved every minute making it for my girl.


Sugar Bear named it "Toothy". I can't think of a better name, can you? Then we got busy waiting.....and wiggling. ooooo.....I just can't watch the wiggling. ick......


Until finally, she had success. That first tooth just popped out nicely!

That night, they placed the tooth gently in Toothy's mouth, and added a note in the back pocket asking the tooth fairy to please....please...please....not take the tooth, as "mommy hasn't seen it yet!" ♥


I hear that my girl....drifted off to sleep thinking tooth fairy sorts of thoughts. sigh.....wish I had been there.


She was rewarded in the morning, with 2 crisp dollar bills in the pocket, and her tooth still in Toothy's mouth. She could hardly wait for me to see it. Poor girl had to wait.....TWO more nights. The photo at the top of this post is the one I snapped within minutes of being together. I don't know who was more excited......her or I?


When we got home, I happily snapped the rest of these shots to document the occasion of her first lost tooth. It is taking a bit to get used to her new look, but it is growing on me. How could it not?


Oh, I lost a tooth,
Whatever shall I do?
I'm left with a window and my tongue is sticking through.
I laugh and I giggle each time I look at you!
Oh, I lost a tooth
Whatever shall I do?
~Author Unknown

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Sunday Citar~ Sunset

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

“The sky broke like an egg into full sunset and the water caught fire.”
Pamela Hansford Johnson


This is the BEST sunset shot I've ever taken....but it is the first sunset I've had the pleasure of viewing in a long....long...long time. We are talking years, here. I was blessed this week to be a witness to a fabulous coastal sunset.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Back to the grind, Kitty!

Day 350
(Had to step back into our working shoes this week.)


Day 351
(Waiting patiently....that's what Kitty does best.)


Day 352
(Held hostage by time......)


Day 353
(Kitty can make even a boring old hydrangea look pretty, right? tee hee)


Day 354
(Feeling like we've been run a truck.)


Day 355
(Sometimes internet computer games are a fun distraction.)


Day 356
(Chillin' at the neighbors house when they aren't home.....nice. tee hee)


Hosted by Chris

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Nature

Hey Folks! I'm lacking in words this week. I know that last week, I mentioned wanting to use my words on this blog more, but today isn't the day. I only have time to drop this bad boy on the ol' blog and run.

Berta set us to thinking about NATURE this week. While I took the very literal sense of the word with a photo of my neighbor's beautiful hydrangea. Berta did some rockin' "out of the box" thinking this week with her shot of a little lady whose NATURE is to be girly. I love it.


Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Sunday, August 22, 2010


I'm wishing...

I would have made time for sewing this weekend. I have a BAZILLION projects I want to make, and yet.....never seem to get to them.

I'm wondering...

if I'll EVER finish editing wedding photos. I do not know how folks do it that have a full time job, kids, spouse, and a photography business. I feel like a have spent a ton of time editing, and I'm still not done. (Might be why no sewing is happening.)

I'm glutton...

for punishment. Seriously......why am I eating cookie dough? Aren't my pants tight enough? why oh why do I do this to myself?

I'm excited...

to be meeting up with a really fabulous photographer in my area tomorrow night. We are going to chat it up, and scout out picture taking spots in our town. I am over the top, embarrassingly excited.

I'm thinking...

that Sugar Bear is definitely attuned to the "times are a-changing". Kindergarten starts up in a few more weeks, and she seems to be regressing a bit. Lots of babyish talk, and really, really needy. It is like she knows she has this HUGE step towards independence coming up, and want to hold on to her babyhood. I'm feeling it too. Oh yes, I am.

I'm wondering...

if Sugar Bear will survive another 5 days away from me this week. We are struggling through a tough period of time these days. I have returned to work, but my daycare provider is not up and running again, since her car accident back in May. So, my sweet girl is spending her week days and nights with her grandparents who live an hour and a half away. This weekend, she was super clingy and full of sad tears at bedtime. She is hopelessly attached to me these days, and just thinking of being apart makes her cry.

I'm feeling...

pretty melancholy that Sugar bear's first tooth is loose...and I mean really loose. Not only am I not ready for this BIG milestone, I'm fairly certain I'm going to miss it. :( I just dropped her off this evening at my parents, and she won't be back home until Friday night. That tooth is sooooo coming out before the weekend. :( I really don't want to miss it. sigh.....

I'm not surprised...

that I'm coming down with my first cold of the work season. Two of my co-workers were on the up swing of a summer cold when I returned to work last week. This constant sneezing I've been doing today doesn't bode well for my work week.

I'm grateful...

that minus the impending illness, my first week back at work was calm, organized, and a great change from recent years. I'm looking forward to a great year. I can feel a shift in the right direction.

I'm anxious...

that I won't get my latest library book finished in time. It has like 48 holds on it, so I can't renew. If I don't get it done, I'll surely have to buy it, or wait 6 months to get it again. That is sooo not cool. I love the library, but this is stressing me out. I suppose I shouldn't have went ahead and checked out a nearly 600 page book, then I have soooo much stuff going on these days.

I'm blessed...

to have some really wonderful people in my life. I am really wanting to make a better effort to connect with those whom I cherish. I have been far to quick to let time pass between contact. I don't want to regret that. Being busy, or no excuse for letting relationships go stagnant.

I'm inspired...I'm tired.

I'm hopeful....I'm hungry.

I'm busy....I'm late.

I'm sad....I'm worried.

I'm loved....I'm needed.

I'm trying.....I'm successful.

I'm procrastinating....I'm complicated.


Thursday, August 19, 2010

Kitty on the GO!

Day 343

(I don't have a clue what I shot that day...or where it went.....still looking.)


Day 344

(Kitty loves to play around this hotel hair dryers.)


Day 345

(Oooooooo....good food at a hole in the wall cafe, with an old friend.)


Day 346

(Driving....all get home.)


Day 347

(Don't forget to water the plants, Kitty.)


Day 348

(Kitty found a shell at the river.)


Day 349

(We are seriously going NUTS!)


Hosted by Chris

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Words

This week, I chose the theme of WORDS for Berta and I to capture. My mind has been on the fact that my blog used to be as much about WORDS as it was pictures. I'm not sure I have written anything of substance or interest in a year now. I simply don't seem to find the time to put my WORDS down anymore. I'm lucky if I find the time to post pictures. This makes me sad. I enjoy the process of getting my thoughts out of my head, and onto the paper (or screen). I miss it. It seems like I can't FOCUS on the meaning in my life anymore, and spend too much time going from this to that...and back to this. I want to reflect more.....acknowledge more.....share more. I just need to FOCUS.


Berta's shot makes me want to see the rest of the book. Not only does it have cool has words...........interesting words....and I like that. I'm curious about life, too. Aren't you?

Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

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