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Monday, July 30, 2012

My Week 94


July 16th was a perfect summer day.  We relaxed in the morning.  Held the baby bunnies.  Their eyes still not open.  We fell in love with their little furry rolls.  ♥  Then we met some friends at the pool for an afternoon of fun.  We just can't get enough.

Jul 16 2012_0081efb

July 17th was supposed to bring rain and thunder storms in the afternoon, so we rushed out to meet a bunch of friends at the blueberry farm.  We had a great morning of eating picking blueberries followed by a picnic, and a stop at the pool AGAIN!  yeeeehawwww.....

Jul 17 2012_0004ew

July 18th was work, and daycare as our Wednesday usually brings.  We got home and my husband was gearing up to knock down all the tall weeds in our field, so I nabbed my 100mm lens and headed out to get some shots in the golden hour.  I'm so glad I did.  I get several good shots.  This one is definitely one of my all time favorite macro shots. 

Jul 18 2012_0141efb

July 19th found us using the newly mowed down field for some 4-wheeler practice.  Up until this day, Sugar Bear has shown nearly ZERO interest in using the quad a friend of ours has offered to her.  We have had it at our house for nearly a year, and she has used it like twice.  This day....was different.  She was ready, and boy of boy did she go.  I need to get her a proper helmet now.  This was practice for our camping trip that is coming up.  She is ready......and I'm not sure I am.

Jul 19 2012_0061ew

July 20th had Sugar Bear at daycare, and me staying home to pack up for camping.  I was still suffering from my summer head cold, so I MIGHT have taken a nap as well.  (I'll never tell.)  On the way home, we needed to stop and pick up The Hubby at his shop property that is about a mile from home.  I couldn't resist stopping along the slough to grab this shot.  When I see yummy light like this....I just can't help myself.

Jul 20 2012_0033ew

July 21st was our first day of camping and there were so many wonderful surprises.  I knew that one of my cousins would be there with his daughter, but when we arrived my other cousin was there with his wife, and children as well.  It was great.  This is a photo of Sugar Bear and my cousin's brand new puppy, Luna.  She was darling, and certainly a fun treat.  We couldn't have had a better start to our camping vacation. 

Jul 21 2012_0167efb

July 22nd was day two, and it brought even more surprises.  My other two cousins came with their children as well.  Woo was the first time all the cousins were together in 7 years.   Sugar Bear enjoyed holding and feeding the youngest member of our family, Mr. E.  It was the first time Sugar had ever fed a baby a bottle.  So sweet. 

Jul 22 2012_0052efb

52 Weeks of Me 2012~ week 29

The theme/prompt for the week was: SILLY

and I was such a silly girl....and put off taking my picture until Sunday, and then....I just wasn't feeling it, so I settled for the shot we got of myself, my brother and my cousins. AND.....all our children. It was the first time we've been all together in 7 years.

 We were camping, so we aren't looking too pretty, but heck...we are all there and that's all that matters.

  I set this shot up, and my cousin's wife took the photo.

  Jul 22 2012_0133e5by7web

The Theme/Prompt for the following week is: Water

Sunday, July 15, 2012

My Week 93


July 9th was.....ummmmm I have no idea.  oh wait.....yes, I worked.  I was our Director's last day of work before retiring.  It is so incredibly strange to think of him not being there anymore.  He has been there for over 10 years, and it won't be the same without him.  Sugar Bear went to daycare and enjoyed her day with her friends.  She was supposed to go to her cousin's house for the evening so that I might attend a bit of my Director's retirement party, but plans fell through, and we just headed on home.  It was a pretty night, and I grabbed a shot of my tomato blossoms.  The last few summers we haven't been very successful with the tomatoes.  By the time the fruit finally grows it takes forever to ripen, and then the rain of fall comes and splits them.  Le sigh.  I'm hoping we have better luck this year.  Cross your fingers for us, k?

Jul 09 2012_0001ew

July 10th we met some friends at the pool....AGAIN!  Yes again.  We are taking full advantage of the pool this summer.  I really want Sugar Bear's water confidence to grow.  I took this shot after our pool date of her wet hair and her cute shorts.  It was actually "shorts" weather.  yippie!

Jul 10 2012_0005ew

July 11th had me working my tooshie pie off at work.  ugh.  It was gorge outside and I was stuck indoors.  boo hiss.  Sugar Pie was out loving it up with her friends at daycare.  When I stopped to pick her up she was playing "monkey in the middle" with her two best boy buddies.  I was more than happy to nab some shots of them playing together.  I love to see her enjoying her friends.  That's what summer should be about.

Jul 11 2012_0003ew

July 12th was a stay home sort of day.  Earlier in the week one of Sugar's little toys broke and she was a bit saddened by it.  The Hubby came to the rescue, glued a bead to it, and it isn't the same, but it works.  She was pretty happy.  It's good to have a dad that can quite nearly always fix what's broke.

Jul 12 2012_0002ew

July 13th happened to be The Hubby and my 16th Wedding anniversary.  ACK....I'm feeling old.  Time sure flies.  We didn't spend the day together.  We both had things we wanted to do, and those things were different.  We actually aren't very used to being together.  He is usually fishing or away hunting.  It's all good.  We both had a great day.  In the late afternoon, early evening, Sugar Bear and I enjoyed a party at the beach with friends.  It was about as perfect as it gets.

Jul 13 2012_0066efb

July 14th kept us home most of the day.  I still have this darn summer cold, and it is really trying to hand on.  I just wasn't up for much action.  Sugar Bear's new sun hat came in the mail, and I'm pretty sure she likes it.  We have misplaced her old one.  I figured I'd find it as soon as I purchased the new one, but so hasn't shown up.  We were excited to count the baby bunnies Loppy had the other day, finally.  We were shocked to only find 3.  She usually has about 7.  OH NO!  I think I had more people interested in buying them this time.  Darn it.

 Later in the afternoon, we headed into town for a pool party.  It was lovely for the Sug, and I got a bit of sun, so that was nice.  We headed on home afterwards, and I whined about my cold the rest of the night.  I'm a big baby like that.

  Jul 14 2012_0030efb

July 15th was a true stay at home day.  We were both in our jammies all day.  So nice.  The Hubby had found a nice soft ball with a loop on it, and decided to make us a tether ball pole.  He literally looked around our property, and found a perfectly straight tree limb, chopped it down, buried it in backyard, attached the rope and ball, and viola.....perfect tether ball to be had.  Seriously.....everyone should be so handy, as he is.  Sugar Bear is loving it.  She is gaining skills, and it doesn't hurt if it hits you, so that is good. 

Jul 15 2012_0060ew

Saturday, July 14, 2012

52 Weeks of Me 2012~ Week 28

The theme/prompt for the week was:  RELAXING

I had a pretty uneventful week, with plenty of relaxing moments.  I didn't take much time to think about what sort of shot I wanted to take.  Today, I realized that I had procrastinated MUCH too long, and needed to get my shot.  I had been doing nothing BUT relaxing all day.  I have a summer head cold, and it feels like it is trying to kill me.  ack! 

 I set my camera up on my deck railing, and using my remote shutter release, I nabbed this shot of myself relaxing on the bench that sits outside my front door.  It is one of my favorite places to relax these days.  Usually with a good book.  :)

Jul 14 2012_0009efb

The theme/prompt for next week is: SILLY I really need to come up with something good for this. Oh the pressure.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

My Week 92


July 2nd was a gloomy day at home.  Seriously....where is our summer weather?  I can't complain though, the rest of the country is dying from high heat.  I need to just be grateful for what I have.  Sugar Bear and I spent a little bit of time making a sticker book for her.  She saw a homemade one at a friend's house, and asked if I could make her one.  I was more than happy to used some of my bazillion's of scrapbooking card stock to help her out.  It turned out cute, and she is happy to have a place for her stickers.  I had a sticker book when I was a young girl.  I loved it.

  Jul 02 2012_0004ew

July 3rd was a real treat for us. A small circus came to town, and we decided to meet a few friends there.  Sugar Bear couldn't remember ever having been to a circus before.  She was only 2 years old the last time.  This show was small, but it really did have some great acts.  Lots of acrobatics.  I spend a good portion of the time hoping that I wouldn't see someone fall to their death.  There was no net....and a very thin mat on asphalt.  ACK.  Luckily, everyone did a great job, and the show was a success. 

Jul 03 2012_0025efb

July 4th was a very typical Fourth of July for us.  We went up to my parent's farm to celebrate.  There was a potluck, and fun with cousins.  We did up Sugar's toenails with Jamberry nails.  So fun and festive.  We enjoyed time with family, and some small fireworks.  We are grateful for our freedom.

Jul 04 2012_0005efb

July 5th was a GREAT day!  I helped my mom clean out the playroom at her house.  It was wayyyyyyyyyyyy past time.  I brought Sugar Bear's big wooden kitchen to add to the playroom, as Sugar just doesn't play with it, and I needed room in her bedroom for a desk.  At my mom's house she will likely play with it.  She tends to play differently there than she does at home.  After all that work, I headed down to the river with my girl and her cousins.  We had a wonderful time.  It was the first dip in the river this summer for all the girls.  It was still a bit cold but they didn't mind. 

Jul 05 2012_0069ew

July 6th sent us back home.  Sugar Bear was going to spend a few more days at the farm with her cousins, but she wasn't feel her best, and requested to come on home with mama, so that's what we did.  We had a pretty quiet day, and went for a bike ride in the evening.  Gosh my bottom isn't used to bike seats.  I need WAY more practice. 

Jul 06 2012_0038ew

July 7th was a stunning day.  We met a friend at a the local pool, and had a splashing good time.  I enjoyed hanging out and talking with the mama while the girls swam and swam.  Sugar Bear was able to encourage her friend to try the big water slide.  Once she did.....they couldn't stop themselves from going on it over and over and over.  That is what summer should be about. 

Jul 07 2012_0021ew

July 8th was a much more subdued sort of day.  We stayed home in our jammies, and cleaned house a bit.  We did a few art projects and basically just enjoyed being together.  Life is GOOD!

  Jul 08 2012_0015ew

Monday, July 9, 2012

My Week 91


June 25th we were still up at my parent's farm visiting family.  It was finally feeling a bit like summer.  Grandma likes to play card games with her grandkids....and of course they love it.  This set of "Go Fish" cards were mine as a kid.

Jun 25 2012_0009ew

June 26th we headed on home to take care of our pets while The Hubby went Shrimping.  Shrimp season isn't as good as last year, but it is keeping him busy.  We spent some time outside with our male bunny, Mace.  He loves his run around time. 

Jun 26 2012_0002efb

June 27th sent me to work (boo hoo), and Sugar to day care.  Nothing really amazing or interesting happened.  I snapped this shot of Sugar Bear and her buddy H-boy.  They have been friends since she was 2.  I'm not sure why....but something about this shot makes me feel worried.  tee hee

Jun 27 2012_0016efb

June 28th was super duper awesome.  My nieces called and invited us to join them to a local pool that has been recently renovated.  We'd been meaning to get over there, but hadn't made it happen. was AWESOME!  Sugar had a blast.  I love this shot of the water dumping on them.  Sugar Bear is in there somewhere.  :)

Jun 28 2012_0029efb

June 29th was a fairly busy day at home.  I made the wise move to mow the lawn, as it was way too tall, and we only had a brief break from all the rain we'd been having.

Jun 29 2012_0005efb

June 30th found me with a MAJOR case of the sweet teeth.  I NEEDED to make a goody, and boy oh boy did it.  I made my favorite Blackberry pie bars, but used half Blackberries and half Blueberries.  I called them my "black and blue bars."  I should have called them my "add 3 inches to my bum bars!"  oh my granny!

July 1st was doomy and gloomy outside, so Sugar and I spent the day inside together.  I taught her how to play "Slap Jack!"  She loved it.  You can't tell that she is an aggressive player, can you?

Jul 01 2012_0004ew

Saturday, July 7, 2012

52 Weeks of Me 2012~ Week 27

The theme/prompt for the week was: COUNTRY

I wasn't at all sure what I wanted to do for the theme, but I knew I'd have several opportunities this week. I first hoped to get a shot on The Fourth of July, but I wasn't really feeling the perfect moment, so I let it slip by. Then I had few shot of myself taken relaxing by the river, but it didn't feel "right" either.

Finally, I decided to let Sugar Bear torture me in the big daisy field. It's only fair. I rolled around in the daisies, and Sugar took some shots. We liked this one the best. I was really feeling like a COUNTRY girl. I itched like one.

  Jul 06 2012_0090e2w

The theme/prompt for next week is: RELAXING

I hope to find some time to relax this week. It's a busy one.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Week 90


June 18th was a Monday.....and we......ummmm......we....darnit I don't remember.  I think maybe I worked, but I just couldn't say.  Oh yes....I did work, and Sugar went to daycare and managed not to vomit on anyone.  whew.  Then we got home and it was so stunning out that we had to take some pics in the daisies.  I mean....HOW.COULD.WE.NOT????  It was so fun LAST YEAR!  We had fun this year too.  I'll be posting more pics soon.

Jun 18 2012_0078efb

June 19th found us at the dentist. Sugar Bear was a trooper.  Not that she has ever been anything but a trooper, but man.....this time is was a challenge.  They were doing major dental work on 3 children under the age of 4 who were NOT.AT.ALL.HAPPY.ABOUT.IT!!!!   Their screams and cries had me in tears TWICE.  All there were sedated, but seems like the sedation just makes them feel wierd and angry.  ACK.  Sugar had her first REAL dental procedure that had to be endured.  She had sealants put on her back molars, and man....I gagged just watching.  I'm a pansy like that.  I did manage to snap several shots of the goings on, because I'm totally embarrassing like that. Just wait until her first appointment with a Gyno.....she's really gonna love me. tee hee

Jun 19 2012_0022ew

June 20th was other bit of a work day for me....and daycare for Sugar.  We got home and dove into our first watermelon.  Yummy!  Watermelon is for sure one of my girl's favorite fruits.  I like it....but don't love it.  I let her have most of it.

Jun 20 2012_0200efb

June 21st was our first offical "park playdate", and it was lovely.  I enjoyed some time with the other mamas, and Sugar Bear had fun with friends.  I love this shot of the girls teamwork while playing in the tree.  ♥

Jun 21 2012_0005ew

June 22nd was a stay home day.  I tried to get things done around the old homestead, and Sugar Bear made this masterpiece in her room.  I love it when she is creative.

Jun 22 2012_0003ew

June 23rd was another stay home day.  We've been having a very GREY June here.  We did manage to get outside and snap a few shots of me for my "52 weeks of Me" project.  Other than that....I have no idea what we did.  Seems like I need a schedule to keep my mind on remembering what we did.  ack.  oh wait....looking at the next picture reminded me of what we did.  I did like 60 bazillion loads of laundry and checked Sugar Bear's hair like 4598664 times for headlice.  It is going around her group of friends, and I was sure we had to have it, but I have not found a single bug or nit.  I've looked....A LOT.

Jun 23 2012_0011efb

June 24th we headed up to my parent's farm to visit with them, and my Aunt who was there.  We had a really lovely time.  We went to our cemetary to put some stuff on my Grandma's grave.  Sugar couldn't resist climbing up on a huge tree stump and pretending to be lady liberty.  I think all the flags on the graves inspired her.  :)

Jun 24 2012_0008efb

Monday, July 2, 2012

I like BIG hair!

I totally wasn't going to post these was they look a bit like kiddy "glamour shots", which I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo not a fan of, but I just feel a bit like having a giggle tonight.

  My girl is sick.....again. Now I should NOT be feeling whiney about it because it is minor illness and there are so many lovely children who are suffering from really horrible illnesses, and I need to be grateful for my Sugar Bear's health, soooooo (can this sentence get any longer? Yes, it can!) I need to post some fun photos that remind me of happy, healthy times.

The afternoon after Sugar Bear's Dance Recital, we had a bit of fun when we took all of Sugar's hair out of that gell and hair spray shellaced bun.

Ohhhhh my! First there was much fluffing and shaking.

Jun 03 2012_0030efb

And then there was the flip back and see what we had.  BIG HAIR is what we had for sure.

Jun 03 2012_0025efb

I have had big old curly hair my whole life, while my Sugar Bear has had straight, and not so thick tresses.  It was so fun to see her looking a bit like I did in the early 1990's.  tee hee

Jun 03 2012_0035efb

It was interesing to see how the big hair, and all my giggling brought out the sassy in my girl.  She was posing up a storm, and being such a nut.  Loved it.

Jun 03 2012_0036efb

While my girl briefly considered cutting her hair to the length of her bangs, I'm really glad she has decided to wait awhile.  I adore her long hair.

Jun 03 2012_0038efb

For a minute during this giggly good time, I saw a bit of who she might become in a few years, and I liked it.  I know her body will grow.....and her features might change, but her heart......It will always be as perfect as it is now.

Jun 03 2012_0043efb

Sunday, July 1, 2012

52 Weeks of me 2012~ Week 26

The Theme/Prompt for this week was:  CLOTHES

I really wasn't sure what I was going to do for this theme. I really am not the type of person that pays much attention to what clothes I am wearing. I tend to just wear black jeans, and some sort of shirt nearly every single day.

The other day, however, I was ready a great article titled, "7 Ways You Could Be Holding your Daughter Back." It's a great read, I highly reccommend it. Since my Sugar Bear was tiny, I have been THAT PERSON who thinks about gender steriotypes, and comments on such things often when I hear them. I have spent a considerable amount of time trying to not pigeon hole Sugar into gender specific activities or things. I feel like I've done a pretty good job, but there is always room for improvement.

A friend posted this article on Facebook and mentioned that #5 was where she could use some improvement. Many moms chimed in on that one as well. At that moment, I knew right away what my picture was going to be for this week. I wanted to capture my lawn mowing shoes! My girl knows that her mama mows the lawn. She knows that mama can do lot of cool things around the house. We still leave some things for The Hubby to handle, only because he can make/fix ANYTHING with a rubber band, some duck tape, a toothpick, and a piece of gum. I'm not nearly as handy as him, but I certainly can do hard work, and I hope that Sugar really "sees" it.

So here I am in my lawn mowing, hard working shoes.  I giggle about this because I've had these shoes for years, and they just got demoted to "outside work shoes" this summer.  They are size Youth 5's.  I love the Youth section.  :)

  Jun 29 2012_0005efb

The Theme/Prompt for next week is: COUNTRY

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