Monday, June 29, 2009

Ring Around the Rosy

Summer brings many gifts. One of which is the long days, and the incredible golden hour of light they bring. Somehow, during the long dark winter I tend to forget just how much I adore the early evening hours of summer.


There is so much to love about this time of day. It is such a delight to stand leisurely in the kitchen, cooking our dinner, with the door propped open so I can hear Sugar Bear playing on the porch. Slowly, I prepare the food to feed out tummies, while Sugar creates the sounds that feed my soul. The little feet thumping along the wooden planks of our deck, the squeals of laughter, and the calls of, "is it ready yet?" drifting delightfully in the warm air, mixing with the scents of sliced fresh fruit.


Unlike other times of the year, after dinner there is still time to enjoy the fading light. There is no other time of day that I cherish more. The sinking sun sets the world aglow. As often as possible, Sugar Bear and I take full advantage of this magical time, by heading out on an adventure.


One such evening, Sugar saw fit to bring her dolly (affectionately referred to as "sleeping beauty") along on our golden outing. Per usual, I brought the camera.


While I busied myself taking some pictures of the flowers along the road, my sweet baby girl had a rare moment of true imaginary play. Soon, she and her friend were playing "Ring Around the Rosy", as if they were alone in the rays of light. As they twirled, and twirled....spun and spun.....and let the words dance from their lips, I quietly captured their beauty.


And as they "all fell down", my heart beat fast, and my soul gratefully thanked the sun for this amazing summer gift.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wishing She Were Here


I've been busy living our summer life. As you may have noticed, the schedule of posting is sporadic, and I'm surely less predictable these days. THAT is how my life is right now. I'm never really sure what we'll be doing from moment to moment, and your guess is as good as mine as to whether I'll get a post up on the ol' blog.


Tonight, as I sit waiting on a recent project to be finished, I am lonely. It is an odd feeling for someone who usually feels a bit smothered this time of year. Usually, an evening to myself is something I long for after a day of meeting every one's needs. However, tonight feels different. Actually TODAY felt different.


Sugar Bear is off visiting her Grandparents at the farm. I left her there last night, and will fetch her on Tuesday. This is not a new thing. Such visits happen nearly every month, and while I usually miss her.....I never seen to feel empty without her. At least not so soon.


Today.....tonight....I'm wishing she were here. I miss her little voice asking me to play with her. I miss her sweet smile, and boisterous laugh. I miss admiring her beautiful soul as she cares for the things she treasures. I yearn to snuggle up close, and feel her breath on my neck. Sugar is by far the best person I have ever known, and tonight I feel her absence.


I wish she were here......


....and when these photos were taken. She asked me if wishes really do come true. It was a tough one to answer, but I think I instilled in her the importance of HOPE. She turned with a smile, and skipped away saying, "Good! I wished that you would never grow old, so that I could always snuggle you!" ♥


I wish she were here!

Friday, June 26, 2009

A magical evening


I couldn't help but practice some silhouettes again the other day. I am trying to figure it all out, so that when the PERFECT opportunity arises...I'll be ready. Yes, I am sort of anal like that. I can't help it.

Sugar thought the tutu, fairy wings and wand would be a nice touch. I'd have to say that I agree.






Next time we'll remove her bulky pants. One of the things I've learned about silhouette shots is that the clothing really does matter. I can't wait to try some more soon.....possibly with a different model. Hmmmmm....who can I harass with my camera this weekend?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

We were Tempted!


Sugar is a HUGE fan of fresh fruit, and seriously...who can blame her? What is NOT to love? From fresh pears, to nectarines, this girl can put it away. The other day, she ate nearly entire cantaloupe in less than an hour. If I had not stopped her, she'd have been sorely sorry the next day...if you know what I mean? One can only consume so much fresh fruit before you PAY.THE.PRICE.


This week, we were browsing our local market for some fruit, and found a little something that we could not resisted. it wasn't really like THAT. In fact, this airheaded mama THOUGHT she had bought a Honeydew....when in was a TEMPTATION MELON. Never heard of either! It was quite a surprise to crack that puppy open to find light orange flesh.

Sugar looked at me...I looked at her, and we dove in. Yummalishous! Juicy and sweet. It appears that a Temptation Melon is a cantaloupe/honeydew hybrid, and it is delish. Check it out.


Sugar is gobbling it up, and I couldn't resist some pics of her enjoying this new treat.


She just loves this healthy treat, and I love watching her happily hum....and munch.


She is four years old, and I have never taken pics of her enjoying melon. SHOCKED....aren't you?


But I'm so glad I finally did. We all might have missed THIS priceless treasure.



Monday, June 22, 2009

Hunting for a Good Time

For quite some time, I've been thinking of trying a fun photography activity with Sugar Bear, but never took the time to actually do it. This happens often with me. I have so many exciting ideas swirling around in my head. While some find their way to reality, many spend their lifespan continuing to spin in circles....never finding the exit on out of Corey's little head.

This little game finally hit the jackpot, and was ejected just yesterday. While Sugar busied herself with some sort of princess play, I jotted down the first 16 things that popped into my mind. Each one....something that could be found outside withing a half mile of our home.

With my camera in hand, I explained the idea of the activity to Sugar Bear. Her wide smile, and hurried feet to find her little camera proved that a good time was about to be had. Soon we were skipping out the door with our list at the ready. Within a few feet we began our PHOTO SCAVENGER HUNT began. The idea was simple. We each needed to take a picture of the 16 things on our list. Simple as that. We did not need to do it in order, and in fact we both took our pics in completely different orders, but for the sharing of our results, I have paired our pictures up. I do hope you enjoy seeing discoveries.

Sugar and Corey's First Scavenger Hunt:

1. A Pine Cone



2. A Yellow Flower



3. A Grey Rock



4. A White Rock



5. A Berry



6. Some Bark



7. A Purple Flower



8. An Animal



Okay...Had to share a few more.



Isn't she just so cute taking pics of the neighbor's dogs? tee hee....

9. Something Red



10. A Metal Gate



11. A Mail Box



12. Water



13. A White Flower



14. Something Blue



15. A Stick



16. A Bug



I have to admit, folks......This was a BLAST. Not only did it give us something to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon, it gave us a challenge, and I think that is something wonderful. It opened out eyes to the things we drive past everyday, and helped us see more than before. It encouraged me to look at something with a different eye, and try to see the art in it. It was refreshing, and invigorating.

WE will most definately be doing this again, and I'd like to challenge you all to play along as well. If you have been in a rut lately.....feeling in a photography funk....or just plain need something fun to do with your child/children.....please take my list.....and an hour or so, and try to get shots of as many of the items as you can. I'd be honored to see your efforts. Link back here, and let me know if you do. I'm sure Sugar would get a kick out of it as well.

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