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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kitty Kitty......Meow, Meow

Can it really be October.......Already?

When September began, I launched myself head first into a photography project. You can read all about it, and view the first week of photos here. The second week of photos are here. And this post will contain the third week's photos.
This project has been so very interesting for me. I have indeed learned a lot about not only my photography, but myself. Each day, I find Kitty lingering in the back of my thoughts, and as I view my world, I think about when and where I want to capture that day's photo. It has forced me to think about my life, and choose a defining moment in each day. This was not expected, and is quite a pleasant surprise.

I have toyed with making a calendar of my 12 favorite images....and still might, but a few of my faithful readers have encouraged me to continue on with this project. While I'm not ready to commit to a 365 featuring Kitty, I am willing to take it month by month, and continue as long as it doesn't feel FINISHED. I can't help but sit here, and feel like I'm just not done yet.

Day Fifteen
(feeling a bit lonely)


Day Sixteen
(After 13 years we finally paid to have our driveway and parking area improved, and it looks GREAT!)


Day Seventeen
(Feeling renewed by the wonders of Autumn.)


Day Eighteen
(In complete dispair for the death of a friend's husband.)


Day Nineteen
(Trying my best to NOT fall into the trap of emotional eating.)


Day Twenty
(Having the privledge of spending time teaching my Sugar to ride her bike.)


Day Twenty-one
(Spending most of the day sick in bed with The Sugar)


It was definately a week of UPS and DOWNS. I'm finding that this simple project is somehow helping me own up to my feelings, be more present in my life, and truely see that each day is it's own, even when it feels like you are going no where.
Thank you for your support. Since I'm behind in posting this project, it is likely that the next week of photos will be up this weekend. It is my hope that this isn't boring to you all. I feel lately that I have lost my readership, and have been doing some personal work on whether that should matter to me or not. I fear the heavy subject I have been featuring lately might have scared many off, and yet, I feel it in my heart that I must power through with my intended purpose. It is my wish that those that come here, will find what they are looking for.
Have a great Day!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Monday, September 28, 2009

Look at our little Lilly


Isn't she about as cute as it gets? I mean seriously.....don't you just want to squeeze her? ME, TOO!


Not to long ago, while checking out one of my favorite crafty blogs, I noticed that Jessica, from Happy Together, had sent out a call for test sewers (is that how you spell it? the same as a sewer???? really?).

Being that I LOVE to sew, which has nothing to do with stinky sewers, by the way, I quickly raised my hand, and hoped to be chosen. A few days later, I was actually FLOORED when I got an email from Jessica letting me know that I was one of the lucky few to get the great opportunity to test drive her Octopus pattern.


As it so happened, I had some fuchsia fleece lying around, leftover from a jumper I had made for Sugar over a year ago. The sweet berry flannel I was currently using to make her little tote matched it perfectly, so it was quickly decided that Sugar Bear needed a new little friend.


The pattern is easy to follow, and the outcome is so very darling. Sugar Bear helped me along the way, and had the final say on the bow placement.


I think she has an eye for stuff like that. :) She was more than delighted to let me grab a few snaps of her and Lilly the Octopus.


Choosing a name was a bit of a bumpy ride though. Sugar's first inclination was to call her "Strawberry", but quickly changed her mind, leaning more towards "Fluffy!" That name lasted for about 10 minutes, until she delightfully announced, "I think she looks more like a Lilly. Don't you, Mama?"


And Lilly it was.....and still is. She is WELL loved, that little octopus.


Sugar Bear was quite happy to pose with her new tote and Lilly, but for some reason she was a bit too excited to hold still. I suppose all the pretty little cuteness was too much for a little girl to handle. ♥ Who can blame her?


Today, Lilly had the distinct honor to accompany Sugar Bear to daycare/preschool. She was the talk of the town, and when I stopped by to gather my girl, it was reported that Sugar had offered her mama's abilities to SEVERAL of her little friends. It seems everyone wanted an Octopus of their very own, and Sugar was more than happy to tell them that "her mama would make them one!"


Looks like I better get hoppin'! Thank you soooooooooooooo much, Jessica, for giving me the honor of testing your pattern. This little project is such a treat.

***P.S. I'm feature today over at Jessica's Blog. come by and show your love. ♥***

Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Berry Sweet Bag

Been blogging less, and crafting more. Life is so very good.

My Sugar Bear needed a special bag for a special activity (to be shared later). I dug through all my fabric and came up with some fun flannel that The Sugar would love. Her favorite colors are pink and green, and she is a FREAK for any sort of berry.

Recently, while perusing some fun crafty blogs, I ran across this really darling reversible tote. The lovely, Ali, inspired me so much, that I set to making not only my very first bag, but my very first bag with NO INSTRUCTIONS! eeekkkkk....what a challenge.

But....I think I stepped up, and ended up with one the the CUTEST bags I've ever seen.


Don't you just LOVE the fabric. So SWEET!


Sugar Bear love the strawberry fabric, so this side is her very favorite.


Here is the reverse side. It is my favorite. I love the little pocket.


Here you can see the the strawberry fabric is now on the inside. ♥


I am just so very proud of myself for pulling this thing off. It was a bit of a brain puzzle figuring out how to make sure it looked good both inside and out. The amazing thing is....I didn't have to take any of it apart in the process. That is seriously a miracle.


Sugar will be using it tomorrow. I can't wait to see her packing it around.

I ♥ Faces~ Blue

I could spend hours flipping through my photo files looking for the perfect photo for this week's theme, but when it comes right down to it.....when I think of BLUE, the first thing that ALWAYS comes to mind is my Sugar Bear's eyes. Being that I have a sewing project calling my name right now, I figured it would be easy enough to just feature my most recent favorite shot of my blue eyed beauty.


Be sure to head on over to I ♥ Faces to see some fabulous BLUE shots.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Sunday Citar~ peace

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.


The best remedy for those who are afraid, lonely or unhappy is to go outside, somewhere where they can be quiet, alone with the heavens, nature and God. Because only then does one feel that all is as it should be and that God wishes to see people happy, amidst the simple beauty of nature. ~ Anne Frank

Friday, September 25, 2009

URGENT!!!!!! So many prayers needed!

There is just no way I can put into words the despair I am feeling today. A little honey, born the same month as my Sugar has been awaiting a heart transplant. Today she suffered a stroke. She has a large blood clot in the left side of her brain, and is not able to speak or move the right side of her body. Many prayers are being requested for this little girl, and her family. Please visit her blog and offer up support and prayer. My friend, her mama, is in desperation.
I ask this in a puddle of tears, and with a heart that is aching for such a little life that is suffering.
May God quickly and safely break up the clot and restore full function. Please......
Fight hard little Gabriella! We believe in YOU! ♥

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Life is a Treasure

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek


One morning, late last spring (yes....I'm THAT behind on editing photos!!!!), the Sugar came running to my room holding a very special discovery. After waking, and opening her bedroom door, she had stumbled upon a paper plate on the floor of her path. It has interesting markings on it, and a short word on the back. I rubbed my tired eyes, and blinked several times at the bobbing paper plate, trying to figure out what it was. Soon my face was bright with a smile, as I recognized The Hubbies handwriting. Sugar Bear was holding a TREASURE MAP!


Quickly we donned our cloths, and boots, and head out into the morning with our tools in hand. The first stop according to Sugar was the brick along the outside of our chimney.


Soon we were headed up the dirt trail behind our house, and Sugar Bear spotted what she KNEW to be a clue. I was instructed to photography it before she picked it up. "The pirates must have dropped it."


While I was busy completing my assignment, I heard a very audiable GASP.....


Sugar Bear had spotted another important landmark on the map.


The blackened, charred stump.


We high stepped it through the weeds, logs, and berry briars towards the stump, and quite literally stumbled upon THE SPOT. How did we know it was the spot, you say? know how it's marked, right?


The X marked the spot. The Sugar was so very impressed, excited and delighted. She was talking a mile a minute about HOW the pirates must have snuck up there, how they buried the treasure while we were sleeping. She was so busy yackin' I finally had to urge her to get on with it......what next?


Diggin' of course......


Lots of fancy diggin'! oh and the cute little shovel....well that is pretty special as well. My sweet friend, Jo Beaufoix sent that to us from across the pond. We ♥ Jo!


Where was I? OH yes....the diggin'!


That girl was flinging dirt like a pro when she heard the "clink" we were waiting for. At this point, she started to carefully unearth a very pretty (***albeit a bit inappropriate for children) multi-tonal blue tin.


"What is it, Mama? Can I opening it? I love BLUE! ooooo there is a camel on it!" (sigh....I'll have to do advertising damage control later!)


Her little hands carefully pried the edges apart, and revealed her pirates treasure.


"It's gold and silver COINS, Mama! They buried the coins for me to find!"


What a perfect treasure.........


and the coins aren't too shabby either! LIFE IS GOOD!

***Tin provided by one of hubby's friends. Not too excited about the tin itself, but the thought that went into creating this surprise in the early morning, before we got up for the day is PRICELESS.

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