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Sunday, December 30, 2012

52 Weeks of Me 2012~ Week 52

YES!  I made it.  I finished another year of this project.  Whew....It wasn't easy.  I lost all interest a little over a month ago.  My blog has been neglected.....and I just haven't felt like being here.  I'm enjoying Blipfoto very much though.  Here is a link to my journal there:

The last theme of the year was: Celebrate

For probably the first time EVER, we were home on Christmas Eve with no company and no place to be.  It was a wonderfully relaxing day.  My Sugar Bear and I head out to a local State Park to see the holiday lights to celebrate Christmas Eve together.  It was such a treat.  Sugar Bear took the last photo of me for the year. 

Dec 24 2012_0127efb

After two years of this project, I'd say that it was a success. I have an amazing amount of photos of myself for my Sugar Bear to cherish when she is older. She will be able to look back and remember her mama being there. :) This isn't the end of photos of me, though. It has become a bit of a habit to get shots of me now. I'm grateful for this. I let go of looking perfect in photos...and just allow them to look like I am.
I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas, and I look forward to the New Year.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ Week 51

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo not ashamed to say that I'm sooooooooooooooooooooooo ready for this challenge to be over with.  I really cherish the photos that this project of the past two years has brought about, and I know that my child will be ever so grateful for them in the future, but my creativity, motivation, and enthusiasm for this project is over. 

This week's theme was:  MERRY

I set up my tripod and used my remote shutter to grab a few shots of my girl and I by our tree the other night.  I did some posed.....and them just let it snap a few while be goofed off.  I adore this one.  It is so US.  Sugar is being goofy, and I'm over the moon in love with her. 

Dec 18 2012_0109efb
The last theme for the year is: CELEBRATE

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ Week 50

The theme was JOY.

My Christmas tree always brings me great joy.  I love looking at the sparkling lights, and all the amazing ornaments I've gathered through out my life.  Here is a shot of me looking at my tree.  You can see the lights in my eyes.
  Dec 16 2012_0065ebwweb
The theme for next week is: MERRY

Friday, December 14, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ weeks 48 and 49

I'm limping to the finish this time folks.  It's not like to me to give up on a challenge.  I'm struggling to find the motivation, but come heck or high water, I'm gonna finish.  :) 

Week 48 was: LOOK

So look at happy after my first concert in like 20 some years.  I went to see the Lumineers.....and it was the ZING!  woo hoo. You can read what I wrote about the event on my blipfoto journal entry HERE.
Dec 03 2012_0161e
Week 49 was: Together
I grabbed this quick shot of my hand holding a little heart my Sugar Bear got in her advent. It is a fun tradition we enjoy together. She is my heart in every sense of the word. LUV HER!
Dec 07 2012_0064e
This week is: JOY and I still need to get my shot.
  Hoping to find my way through the sadness of today's events in Connecticut to get a JOY shot. My heart is so broken for all the families of those lost. There just isn't enough words.....

Sunday, November 25, 2012

52 Weeks of me 2012~ Week 47

The theme/prompt for the week was:  Thankful

It isn't hard to know exactly what I am thankful for.....My Girl!  I am one VERY blessed mama.

Here we are on Thanksgiving, wearing our matching scarves I made this week. 

Nov 22 2012_0032ew
The theme for this week is: LOOK

Sunday, November 18, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ weeks 45 and 46

Hello there Internets.....this blog needs to be dusted off.  I've been a busy little person, and finding myself spread a bit thin.  I even went to work this Saturday...that NEVER happens.

I'm finding myself being so very forgetful.  This self portrait project hasn't been high priority, and the week often flies by without my remembering to get the shot.  I had to get two shots this week to make up for missing out last week.  oops.

The theme was: FALL

Here is a shot of me driving in the rain. 

Nov 18 2012_0016ew
The theme for this past week was: Black and White
Here is a shot of me outside my home today. I think I was feeling a bit blue when I took it. I really did have a good day, but I don't look all that happy in this shot.
Nov 18 2012_0001ebww
The theme for this coming week is: Thankful

Monday, November 5, 2012

My little Butterfly

This Halloween had some pretty un-fantastic weather, BUT....I couldn't complain because we are safely nestled here on the west coast, and my mind is on those who weathered Hurricane Sandy this week.  A lot of rain here.....really isn't anything compared to that, so I set my thoughts on enjoying our Hallween evening no matter what.

Funny story....LAST year my Sugar Bear wanted to be a butterfly, but noooooooooooooooooooooo.....I mentioned the possibility of being Rapunzel from the movie Tangeled, and BLAM.....I had two months of crazy planning and sewing to do.  I don't regret it one bit......but I wasn't ready to be THAT committed this Halloween, so I was more than thrilled when Sugar mentioned being a Butterfly again.  Whew......

She even requested that we keep it simple.  So we totally did, and she loved her costume just the same. 

Oct 31 2012_0024efb
I purchased the wings.  We loved that they weren't the stiff....hanging off your back sort of wings.  She didn't want to be bumping into everyone all the time.  I did embellish them a bit with some gems and sequins.  So pretty.
Oct 31 2012_0036efb
I made her antennae with wire and beads.  We both thought it was really pretty and cute. 
Oct 31 2012_0044efb
She was happy with how quick and easy it was to put on her costume.  :)
Oct 31 2012_0039efb
Trick or Treating was great.  She flew all around, and enjoyed her butterfly freedom. 
Oct 31 2012_0074ew

Sunday, November 4, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ week 44

Theme/prompt for the week was: SCARY I really really really wanted to take the time to play with this theme, but busy.  I didn't have a chance.  That's okay though.  I took some quick up close snaps of my face and got quite a scare.  Gee.....I'm getting old. 

Nov 03 2012_0061ew
The theme/prompt for this coming week is: FALL

Monday, October 29, 2012

Costumes of Halloweens Past I couldn't help doing this as well.  Look at my little munchkin grow.  It took me a bit to find the pics from the first two years though.
My little lady bug.  I got this costume off of Ebay for like $10 as a set with the costume she wore the next year.  I loved her chubby little cheeks.  Gosh I miss that plump little baby. 


This pumpkin costume came with the ladybug one.  Loved it.  She adored it too.  She was so excited about Halloween that year.  I love this picture.


I purchased this adorable pink kitty costume the previous year on clearance.  My girl really dug this costume.  She was the Cat's Meow, and won her first costume contest at a local harvest party. 




Yeeeeeeeeeee Haw!  My little Cowgirl.  This was the first year I stepped into making Sugar's costume.  I embellished a simple denim jumper dress for her cowgirl look.  The boots were borrowed, the hat was purchased, and the horse was from a costume clearance the year before.  The freckles.....topped it all off.  Adorable.




Sugar wanted to be a cheetah, and I figured....why not? So I whipped up this costume from my imagination.  She loved it.  It made her feel fierce and sassy.




This was the year my girl was alllllllllll about "The Wizard of Oz."  It was super fun to whip up this dress, snap up the ruby red slippers, and borrow a basket for Toto.  This costume was so easy and fun.




This was the year I LOST.MY.MIND and spend an amazing amount of time making the perfect Rapunzel costume from the movie, Tangled. I made the dress and the wig. It took me two months, but it turned out better than either of us could have imagined. My girl felt really special.



To be continued....

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Oh How Time flies

I'm feeling pretty nostalgic these days. I decided that I wanted to take a moment to look back at Octobers past.
oh and you can't miss this Video of her doing the 5 Little pumpkins: Tooo cute
Oct 18 2012_0023efb
Love that she is wearing the same shirt for the last 3 years. :) She is growing fast...but not tooooooooooooo fast. 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Pumpkin Patch Time

"Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile." ~William Cullen Bryant

I really do love Fall.  The cold crisp mornings, and the beautiful sunny afternoons.  What a delight.

Oct 14 2012_0232ew

We had the honor of getting up to the pumpkin patch TWICE this year.  Once for a fun fall birthday party, and once with her class from school.  Both days were fabulously perfect. 

Oct 14 2012_0017ew

Both times were filled with friends and fun.

Oct 14 2012_0067efb

Gotta love the silly faces.

Oct 14 2012_0240ew

Picking the perfect pumpkin can be such a challenge for a seven year old.

Oct 14 2012_0218efb

But both times she was successful. The first day she found "Pum", and the second day she found "Kin". They are a perfect match.
Oct 18 2012_0023efb
One of the sweetest parts to see this year was the day that the second grade class was there, the morning was rather chilly. While standing in line, I noticed several of the girls had paired up for some snuggles. It was lovely to see that they are so very fond of each other.
  Oct 18 2012_0041efb
I'm not sure this guy provided any warmth, though.
  Oct 18 2012_0120ew
We are so very blessed. Life is good!
Oct 18 2012_0083ew

52 Weeks of me 2012~ week 43

The theme/prompt for the week was: MOVEMENT
I had intended to play around with the camera and come up with some really fun for this week, but was a crazy week, and I didn't find the time.
I did grab this shot of myself when I got home from work last night. It is a movement of sorts. You see I haven't worn a skirt or dress in at least 8 years. In fact, Sugar Bear has never seen me in a dress or skirt. (she still hasn't, because she was off to grandma and grandpa's farm on Friday.)
Anyhow.....I have been wanting to get some fashionable, good quality, comfy boots for a long, long, long time, and I finally bit the bullet and did ordered some. Remember....I don't spend money all that easily. They came in the mail Thursday, and I was so excited to show them off. I want to be a bit less lazy about my appearance. I'm hoping these boots motivate me. I purchased 6 skirts for only $23 Friday afternoon at The Goodwill.  It is a skirt MOVEMENT in my life.
My hand looks wierd because I was trying to hide the remote shutter release.  I need to work on looking more natural when shooting remotely.
Oct 26 2012_0024ew
The theme/prompt for next week is: Scary

Friday, October 26, 2012

52 Weeks of me 2012~ Week 42

The theme/prompt for the week was:  Jewerly

I was sooooooooooooo uninspired this week.  I grabbed this quick shot while I sat in my truck waiting for Sugar Bear to get out of her dance class. 

The Hubby has always given me Blue Sapphire jewerly since it's my birthstone. His birthstone is the diamond, so it works well.
Oct 19 2012_0017ew
This next week is: Movement

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

52 weeks of me 2012~ weeks 40 and 41

OH man.....could I be more lazy blogger these days? I just haven't been feeling it lately. I don't want to see my blog end, as it has been such a blessing to me over the past 5 years. I'm just needing to slow it down, I guess.
I'm behind on my 52 weeks of me challenge as well. This will get me all caught up though.
The theme/prompt for week 40 was: Can't Live Without
My life wouldn't be the same without humor.  :)  If I can't laugh or be silly.......I'm not, well.....ME!

Oct 14 2012_0251ew
The theme/prompt for week 41 was: DARING
Can you believe that I'm showing you the ugly tile in my bathtub?  YUCK! 

Oct 11 2012_0025ew

Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 104

One Hundred and FOUR weeks of the "My Week" collages.  How on earth did that happen?  seriously, time does fly.  I've been doing some sort of 365 photo challenge now for 3 years.  It has changed my life.  I know that sounds totally corny, but it it true.  

I was sitting in a seminar about dealing with Stress in our personal and work lives today, and the presenter was talking about how important it is to focus on the GOOD, the AMAZING, the BEAUTIFUL of our days, and spend less time on the BAD stuff.  Naturally, humans spend 97% of their time thinking about, and dwelling on the things wrong in their lives.  I have fallen in this trap many times. 

The 365 photo challenge has helped me find the beauty in each and every single day.  I find myself looking at my world differently than I did before.  I search for the perfect moment each day.  This helps me focus on the AWESOME, and it helps me love my life. 

While I will not be continuing with the "my week" collages, I will be continuing to take photos each and every day.  I have been sharing my photos over at Blipfoto for a 84 days now.  You can see my photos HERE

I will likely be sharing my daily photos here as well, in some fashion, but I'm not sure yet what that will be.  My blog has taken a backseat for many many months.  I don't want to let this place go, but I am certainly not as active as I used to be.  Someday, I hope to get back to writing more about my life, my thoughts, and my feelings. is the final week of collage:

September 24th. I have no idea what is causing these amazing morning sun colors, but I am loving it. This photo doesn't even do this justice. The sun was amazing this morning. So orange, and perfect. I was on the way to drop my girl at the bus, and only had a quick moment to pull over and grab this shot.

It started my day off FABULOUS. Great day at work....and Sugar had fun at school and Tap class. Life is good.
Sep 24 2012_0009ew
September 25th was a pretty normal day for us. The highlight was a yummy brunch with a friend. I need to do that more often.

After I picked up my Sugar from the bus, we trucked on over to the pet store to grab some "food" for our snake. (sigh) As we were leaving, Sugar snagged a sighting of the bridge, and asked, "Is that the bridge we go over to get to my school?" It is so rare that we see the bridge from this view. I took a few snaps, and was about to put the camera away when Sugar said, "Take another one! There is a bird in the picture now!" I love that she sees life as a "picture" just like her mama.

Sep 25 2012_0003ew

September 26th was a turning point for me at work. I'm feeling like there are so many wonderful things waiting to happen. I love that feeling. I found myself watching this flag blow in the breeze this evening at my daughter's after school program, and I couldn't help but smile and think, "I feel so free!"

Sep 26 2012_0022ew

September 27th I had a super great day at work, and Sugar Bear had fun at school. She even had a play date in the afternoon, so she was feeling really pleased. We got home early enough to enjoy some time outside with the bunnies, the dog, and the swing set. (Not all together, mind you.)

Then I set my girl to doing her homework outside at our picnic table. What a fun treat. However, I think the paparazzi was not welcome. What do you think?

Sep 27 2012_0012ew

September 28th was a lovely fall day. Cold and crisp in the morning, but fabulously warm and sunny in the afternoon. I love it. It was a great day at work, and we had time to enjoy the sun when we got home. 

Sep 28 2012_0054ew

September 29th was a great day for the Sugar Bear. She first had a morning play date with a friend she doesn't get to see very often. Then we headed on out to the local pottery place for a birthday party of a friend she rarely gets a chance to see. It was delightful to see them together.

Then we jetted off to yet another birthday party for a school/dance friend. This was an outdoor jungle themed party. All the kiddos got these great hats, and there were plenty of jungle stuffed animals to snuggle. I think my girl simply fell in love with this hippo one. What do you think?
Sep 29 2012_0095ew

September 30th. please don't be afraid. This little guy is teeny tiny, and he doesn't want to hurt you. I mean look at his innocent little face. ?

I got a lot of things done today. I'm slowly working my way through my house deep cleaning and de-cluttering. It's way past time. I worked in the bathroom today. I then rewarded myself with some outside time.

I found this little spider in a white bucket, and he provided me a wonderful opportunity to work on my bug macro skills. It appears that I still needed to bump up my aperture to get him entirely in focus. Next time.

Sep 30 2012_0044ew

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