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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

There's no day like a SNOW day!

It doesn't really snow here......not usually....and last year....not at all. I think! I do remember Sugar Bear being confused because she just wasn't sure if winter had really happened because it didn't snow. It is always my hope that we'll get just a couple days of the white stuff to satisfy our yearning, and this came earlier than ever.

And there was MUCH excitement! woo snowed!

Being that our area just isn't all the used to snow and ice, the schools usually panic and call it a "snow day", even if it isn't all that bad. I think the adults are just as excited as the kiddos, and want to stay home as well.

This particular day, Sugar Bear's school decided to close, but I felt that it wasn't bad enough for me to miss work, so we just had a delayed day. We stayed home for a few hours so that we could have a little fun before it melted.

I have to say.....there is something just so endearing about watching a child make a snowman. ♥

Of course, my girl needed a bit of instruction as she doesn't recall ever making a snowman before. I'm hoping that this memory lasts for her.

She gleefully searched for the perfect nose, and carefully inserted it in our snowman's head. A curved blade of grass was the mouth she chose. I had to help her push it in so that it would stay.

Two rock eyes completed the face, and she was proud as can be of her little creation.

He definitely needed a final touch, and Sugar was more than excited to share her hat with him. She took great care in getting it on him JUST right, after giving him a bit of grass hair on the very top of his head.

What a darling pair. ♥



It doesn't really get much better than that!

Monday, November 29, 2010

It's Good

-the movie "Tangled" in 3-D. Seriously.....loved it....adored it......laughed out loud....cried TWICE. love love love.....want to go see it again!

-Pumpkin Turtle Pie. couldn't even taste the turtle (wink wink)

-unexpected snow days full of giggles, smiles......snowmen.....and a Christmas card photo shoot.

-mulled cocoa......either or.....or maybe both.

-leftover turkey sandwiches.....with cranberry sauce.

-black Friday CYBER shopping in my jammies......and bedhead.

-hearing the UPS truck come roaring up the driveway.

-sharpies. don't know why.....just feel happy when I use them.

-“The Kitchen House” by Kathleen Grissom (DUDE! good book!)

-bedtime snuggles with a fuzzy footed jammied girl.

-sleeping in....when grandma has the little. sigh....I do love to wake up...and go back to sleep!

-fresh crab....on a cracker....with onion and chive cream cheese. YUMMO!

-the 25 days of Christmas on ABC Family channel. I'm a sucker for Christmas movies!

-the HOLLY channel on my XM radio. Yup, also a sucker for Christmas music.

-having the time to help a friend FIX a photo of her kiddos for their Christmas card. :)

-cheese........ummmm....yeah....cheese. It rocks the food party!

-listening to your husband snoring on the couch, and peeking in on your daughter to see her peacefully asleep all snuggled up with the cat, and knowing you have the whole evening to yourself. SIGH.....


Saturday, November 27, 2010

Sunday Citar~ Cousins

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.






Families are like fudge - mostly sweet with a few nuts. ~Author Unknown

My Week 7


The first shot was taken on November 14th. I had a fabulous day of sewing, and Sugar Bear is in LOVE with this skirt. So FUN!

The second shot was taken on November 15th. Had to make a quick stop at a store to grab a sale item. You should have seen the looks I got from the cart guy who was coming to get these in the rain.

The third shot was taken on November 16th. Bath time is a special time for the Sugar and myself. We share our bath time so that we get more time together. We loved our splishy splashy time.

The fourth shot was taken on November 17th. This is a girl who doesn't like her picture taken first thing in the morning. I wanted a photo of her braid but...she just wasn't cooperating. It was a cold dismal morning. Can't say I blame her for being grouchy.

The fifth shot was taken on November 18th. This was the day when Sugar Bear and I were HEROS! We have never been so popular. Who knew all you had to do to get tons of attentions was to bring 7 baby bunnies to show and tell at Kindergarten? tee was good times. The kiddos are STILL talking about it.

The sixth shot was taken on November 19th. It has been raining for what seems like forever around here. I took this photo sitting at a stoplight on the way to get Sugar Bear after a long work day. While I didn't feel like rejoicing at the time, this photo reminds me that everything can be beautiful....even a rainy windshield on a dark afternoon.

The seventh shot was taken on November 20th. Another great day of sewing. What a happy day. Who can help being joyful when working with such happy fabrics? I'm all caught up on the "my week" project. if I could just edit some of the other photos I've taken recently, and get a proper post up. We'll see!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Week 6

Trying to get caught up....but can't seem to do it these days!


The first shot was taken on November 7th, and it was literally an AMAZING night. My girlfriends and I had AMAZING seats at the So You Think You Can Dance tour. SERIOUSLY fabulous show. I am so not kidding. BEST NIGHT EVER!!!!!! This photo is of Ade and Billy Bell doing the dance that depicts a successful business man and a homeless man. So very moving. I am so blessed to have been there to see such moving pieces of work. WOW!

The second shot was taken on November 8th. I splurged BIG time last September and ordered myself an Epiphanie bag for my birthday. My brother, and my mom both chipped in as well, but....what a splurge it was. It was back ordered, and finally arrived. I am so in love with it. It feels good to have a purse that also keeps my camera safe. Now it is easier than ever to have my camera and a few lenses with me at all times. :)

The third shot was taken on November 9th. I am so fascinated by these HUGE mushrooms that are popping up every where. Some people like to admire them...photograph them....and some people like to knock them over with their feet. I might be a little bit of BOTH those people.

The fourth shot was taken on November 10th. This is a product of, "Oh Pickle Juice! I forgot to take a picture what?" I aimed my camera at the mushroom Alfredo sauce The Hubby made for dinner. Two mushroom shots in a row...but VERY different.

The fifth shot was taken on November 11th, Veteran's Day. This was the day Sugar Bear had been dreading. The day we gave our first little baby bunnies away. She had to get some last bits of snuggling in. All three went to great homes, so we are pretty happy.

The sixth shot was taken on November 12th. Again......almost ended my day without taking a photograph, so I grabbed my Pampered Chef catalog and took a picture of a few of the products I earned the catalog show I closed out that day. I can't wait to make these fun cookies with Sugar Bear this Christmas! :)

The seventh shot was taken on November 13th. Oh dear....can I really be getting this forgetful? Why yes....yes I can. Found myself at dinner time without a photo again. sigh....good thing we had really yummy toastadas that night. Would have been embarrassing to take pictures of the yogurt, crackers, and cheese like we had the night before. tee hee.....

So....there you have it. My week....a few weeks back. Hopefully, I'll have another posted on Friday, so I'll be all caught up!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Straight "A"....or just plain AWESOME!

I've been BLESSED again, folks. Oh yes, I have! The ever fabulous Jessica, of Happy Together, has allowed me to do some pattern testing for her, and I am seriously IN.LOVE.WITH.HER! Yup....not afraid to show my crush on this awesome crafty mama! There is just so much to love about her projects.

This pattern for the "Straight A Skirt" makes my heart sing. It can be made entirely using an old t-shirt. For the past several years, I have been on a huge RE-PURPOSING kick. I find great joy in turning an old piece of clothing into a newly LOVED item of fashion, and this skirt is the perfect opportunity to do just that.
This lovely little tie-dyed number was picked up at our local Good-Will for $1.65. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with it, but as soon as I saw Jessica's pattern, I knew I had found my project, and it turned out just how I imagined it.

Sugar Bear it! It is funky, fun, and utterly fabulous! A one of a kind. is so comfy. How could it not be. A well loved.....softly worn.....t-shirt. sigh....perfect. I don't know exactly what it was about this skirt, but as soon as she had it on....she seemed to be filled with incredible amounts of silliness.

She couldn't hold still....she wanted to dance....and jump.......


and run and run and RUN!


and HOP...oh, we can't forget the hopping! ♥


We couldn't be more infatuated with this darling little skirt, and can't wait to make one or two....or possibly SIX more of these incredibly easy skirts.
You should head on over to Jessica's blog, and see how you might get your hands on this pattern yourself. It would be Silly not to! Even Sugar Bear thinks so!

Gotta easy as this pattern is......the skirts don't make themselves, and I've got big plans!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Team-Up Thursday~ Night

It was my turn to choose a theme, and knowing that I was going to the big city for some nights out on the town with some friends, I chose the theme......NIGHT. Then I proceeded to take seriously boring and sucky shots in a hurry. sigh....I just couldn't find inspiration. That's okay was a great weekend, and the enjoyed the beautiful city nights even though my photos don't show it.

Now Berta's shot, on the other hand.....stunning! This lamp makes her happy....and I can totally see why. It makes me happy just looking at a picture of it. If I had a lamp like that....the winter evening would be a little less dreary.


Please do head over to Megan's to find all the Team-up Thursday participants.

My Week 5


Yes.....I am VERY behind in the posting of this project. That just seems to be how my life is rolling these days. So much to little time.

The first shot was taken on Sunday October 31st. Halloween! and it is officially the ONLY photo I have of this day. :( I THOUGHT that I had already uploaded those pictures to my computer so I deleted them from my card, and then filled it up with other photos in the past few weeks. So they are GONE GONE GONE! No photos of the Halloween carnival this year. Bummer deal.

The second shot was taken on Monday November 1st.'s all about the snacks for my girl. She loves to purchase a snack after dance class. The frugal part of me has trouble with it, as the price isn't good for the individual bag of crackers. I get a whole box of the individual bags all the time, so I know how much they cost....but it makes Sugar Bear happy, so I do it every once in awhile.

The third shot was taken on Tuesday November 2nd. It was the first day of a three day training on the basics of breastfeeding and how to support mothers in successful breastfeeding journeys. This was a tree of knowledge that we all worked on. Near the roots were the things we felt confident in. The trunk area were things we were looking forward to learning more about from the agenda, and the leaves area were things we didn't see on the agenda but wanted more information on.

The fourth shot was taken on Wednesday November 3rd. YES.....that balloon is what it might look like........A BREAST! LOL we had so much fun in that training. It was by far the best training experience I have had in AGES, and I loved being in a room with a group of ladies that feel so passionate about the benefits of breastfeeding. ♥

The fifth shot was taken on Thursday November 4th. I was marveling at how BUSHY our little Tiny girl has already gotten this season. She has definitely put on her winter coat. Here she was enjoying some ears of corn that were a bit too tough for us to eat. She loved them.

The sixth shot was taken on Friday November 5th. Sugar Bear was visiting with her grandparents, and The Hubby was away on a hunting trip, while I was home with a bit of a stomach bug. :( As much as I NEEDED to get stuff done around my house, I was pretty lazy, and spent the day trying to get caught up on some shows I had DVR'd.

The seventh shot was taken on Saturday November 6th. This day I traveled with some friends to the BIG city for a fun girls weekend. I love to see the city at night. I didn't really get any good pictures though, as I was in a hurry before dinner. I'm all about the FOOD when I'm traveling. :)

So there you have it......a week in the life of ME! Exciting...isn't it? tee hee

Monday, November 15, 2010

Why I'm not blogging

-the sky is falling.

-pigs are flying.
-H-E-double hockey sticks is freezing over.


-I've made it big in Hollywood, and feel too good for this dumb old blog.
-I've been abducted by aliens.
-Sugar Bear has tied me up, and keeps me in the closet.


-nothing exciting is going on.
-I haven't taken any pictures worth sharing lately.
-I'm suddenly tired all the time.
-I'm addicted to reading, and head to bed to read at 8pm each night.
-I've been sewing.
-been spending time with The Hubby.
-had a horrible cold....after Sugar had it....and then The Hubby.
-has been editing photos that I should have had done and ordered LONG ago.
-been cleaning house (very badly needed).


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Simple Things

The photos in this post have sat here waiting for the right words to go with them. They are deserving of some thought....some emotion, but quite frankly....I'm just fresh out of both of those things these days. I don't know what it is about the past few weeks, but I am just plain exhausted. My mind barely functions throughout the day, and it flat out refuses to even try in the evenings. While my body is telling me to stop and rest, my heart is wanting to go, go, GO! I am not emotions are stable, but I am just physically weary. I am in denial that it is the second week of NOVEMBER, and I have so much I WANT to get much I NEED to get done, but find myself falling into be bed earlier and earlier each night. I WANT to do more, but gosh darn it.....I can't.
So, I'm taking it easy....trying not to stress about all the things piling up, and making sure that I keep to the simple things. Cherish the moments as they come, and believe that in not time, I'll be back to my usual productive self. I just wish I could push pause on the calendar so I don't miss out on things while I regroup. Wouldn't that be nice?
It's all good though. How can things be all that bad when I have a super duper Sugar Bear giving me love and kindness each day? Together we enjoyed a local Pumpkin Patch the day before Halloween this year, and watching her heartfelt excitement was enough to give me a bit more energy to make it though the day.



She threw herself into all aspects of the visit, and her infectious chitter chatter had me giggling the entire time.



Running through the patch, looking for just the right one......

And happily embracing it when it was found. ♥



She is such a wonderful spirit who is always ready to help out. I adore watching her problem solve and figure things out.






Such good times we had.

YES...I was there too. Sugar took this shot of me. She was so proud of herself, and I was glad to be documented, as that rarely happens. We used the timer to get the photo of the two of us together at the top of this post.



It was a wonderful afternoon, and I'm so glad that I found the energy to make it happen. I quite nearly didn't go, as it was raining all morning, and I just didn't want to make the long drive.


But, the joy in my little ones heart was worth the extra effort.
Life is Good! but I need sleep. tee hee

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