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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Three Corners~ Nostalgia/Memories

For the Month of January, Jeanette chose the theme of Nostalgia or Memories. What a GREAT theme. I only wish I hadn't fooled around all month, and had to grab some quick shots this week. January is a busy month for me, so I'm really not surprised that it flew by! 

This first shot is something I can get really nostalgic about.  My mother's father gave this locket to my grandmother when she was just 16 or 17.  The photos are the original photos they placed in it.  They were married shortly after, and had my mom.  My grandfather was killed in a horrible tree falling incident when he was only 39.  I never knew him, but his impact on grandmother, and mom always made me wish I had.  When I graduated from High School, my grandma had it re-dipped in gold, as the gold plating had mostly worn thin.  The engraving on the front was restored as well.  Along with this locket she gifted me a handful of love letters she had save all these years.  Some were from him....and some from her.  What a treasured gift this was.  I have been too scared to actually wear it though.  What if something happened to it?  


This second photo is of several of Disney's classics.  They are full of memories for me, and I can't resist buying them for Sugar Bear when they are re-released.  It always makes me feel like we have a little bit of history.  I know that is cheesy....but I'm all cheddar like that.


This last photo truly takes me BACK!  I have always loved Cheerios. Each time I pour me a bowl, I am transported to my childhood days.  There is just so much to love about a BIG bowl of the O's.  There are a few ODD ways that I enjoy to eat them.  First off....Chocolate Milk and Cheerios is the BOMB!  My dad taught me that one.  YUMMY!  comfort food in my world.  Another thing my dad used to make with cheerios is pan fried in a bit of butter with salt.  OH loves it.  I haven't done it in AGES....but maybe tonight's the night.  


 So there you have it....a little bit of Nostalgia from me.  Be sure to head on over the take a look at Lindy and Jeanette's photos.

25 Completely OBNOXIOUS Things YOU Never Wanted to Know about Me.

So....Sugar has been a bit sick, so I've not been blogging like I usually do, but I did take a tad too much time Thursday night coming up with 25 random things about me on FaceBook. Since I am up to the tippy top of my heart with snuggling a sick Sugar, I decided to be really lazy, and just post it here as well.

Now don't click away just really isn't your REGULAR type of list.

1. In my entire life, I have NEVER won a speling bee.

2. In first grade, in an effort to curb my talkative nature, they sat me next to the deaf child. If you could see me RIGHT NOW, I'm saying "I have to go potty" in sign language.

3. There is a dead bear that appears to be coming out of my living room wall. I thought since I didn't do the shooting, it wouldn't have hard feelings, but it ripped a big chunk of hair out of my head once. I'm about 99.8% I did nothing to deserve it.

4. I used to sing soprano in the school choir, but 6 years of cheerleading brought me down to an alto....I think it was the tight briefs I had to wear.

5. When I was 7, I had a worm farm....and one day my brother and his friend went fishing with my little friends. :( I probably only mentioned this so you'd feel sorry for me. I'm pretty sure I'm over it by now....well...mostly.

6. I may, or may not, have a toenail fungus on my pinky toe. I'm not saying....and you're not here to look, so we'll all just have to lose sleep wondering about it. I did read the other day that while Vick's Vapor rub might be harmful to young children, if might cure toe fungus. I may, or may not, have been interested in that little piece of information.

7. I really like to use commas, and sometimes, or most of the time, I use them without knowing for sure if they are needed, or not, but I can't seem to stop myself, or at least, I don't really want to.

8. I once spent like 10 minutes photographing a really cute mouse in my yard, then proceeded to run and scream like a girl when it decided to come towards me.

9. This one time, I was naked, and sitting on an exercise ball, in the shower, and my friend Kim was in there spraying my back with hot water, and ball was covering the drain, and we flooded the entire bathroom, and out into the NEXT room, and my friend Thom came, and heard us giggling, and left a present on the chair and slowly backed out of the room. It was either my 21st birthday party, or when I was in decide.

10. There was a time in my life, when I MAY have been a boobie pusher, and if my daughter ends up being lesbian, I'll forever wonder if the endless days of nursing while laying on the couch watching "Ellen" had anything to do with it. For the record....I'll love her just the same.....oh and you know....I'll love my daughter too. Let's Dance!

11. When I was in 6th grade, I got a huge sliver in my bum, but didn't want to admit I was dumb enough to slide across a wooden picnic bench with short shorts on, so I let it fester until it just came out on it's own. I wonder if I have a scar?

12. I once told my husband that cats were MORE affectionate than dogs. I think I mistook all the feline butt-licking for foreplay. ( that is just wrong....who is writing this stuff?)

13. Talking about kittens, and angels, and fat little baby cheeks might help you forget about number 12. It isn't likely, but don't say I didn't try.

14. I once spent 2 hours re-routing a creek with my aunt, and had nothing to show for it but broken fingernails, and extremely exfoliated feet.

15. I probably didn't eat an entire bag of circus animal cookies in a period of two days. yeah...I probably didn't do that.

16. In the 8th grade, I had a pet spider in my pencil box for a month. Did you know that spiders need food, and pencil shavings AREN'T appealing? Me neither!

17. I am the most forgetful person on the planet. If I need to remember to do something, I call my house and leave myself a message. I'm telling you...this really works. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME, I come home and I'm all, "ooooo someone left me a message!" and then get disappointed when I realize it was only me. The disappointment doesn't last long, because I always make sure to say, "duh, may be forgetful....but you are darn cute!" when I'm leaving the message. It really softens the blow.

18. Do you ever wonder why your thighs look like they were caught in a horrible hail storm? Yeah, me neither.

19. This one time at band camp.........okay so I never went to band camp, but I did play the alto saxophone in school for five years. If I picked up one today....I'd hardly know which end was what.

20. My husband once told me my boobs were racing for my knees. After the initial shock of it all, I had to admit that the right one is winning, and the left one is jealous.

21. I secretly think that I can easily keep a secret secret...but unless it's anti-perspirant,I might be wrong. My friends don't know this.........DAMN!

22.My dog predicted my going into labor by growling and staring at my crotch....that had never happened least not that I ever wanted to admit.

23. My husband has delightfully brought home the following animals without discussing it with me first: an iguana, a chicken, two giniea pigs, one rabbit, a three legged turtle, one horny toad, two more rabbits, two more iguanas, and a miniature horse. Okay... so I'm exaggerating. One of those he didn't bring home....lucky me.b

24. I was once voted most likely to come up with 25 completely idiotic things to say about myself. They gave me a golden toilet plunger. My parents were so proud.

25. I only participated in this silly "25 things about me" thing because my friend Caitlin was whining about it. Whining pushes my buttons, so she worked me GOOD!


Thursday, January 29, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Keeping It Close

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

It NEVER fails....I see the most AMAZING things when I don't have my camera on me.  Seriously, it is a huge frustration in my life.  I'll see an amazing sunset, and wish I had my camera with me, but I rarely do.  I will not leave my camera in my vehicle, and I get annoyed by dragging the thing along with me when I'm just going to work, so I leave it at home 95% of the time during the week.  I see so many incredible things, and get alittle pissy about not having my camera.  I'll quickly decide to bring it the following day, and ALAS...I'll see nothing.  What I saw the day before.....we NOT be the same.  Drives me insane.   I am not kidding....I let it bother me WAY more than I should.  I feel all irked inside, and it ruins my mood.  I glumly leave my camera at home the following day....and it literally takes me a day or two to get over it.  (ummm yeah....I think I have's okay to think that....I don't mind!)

Well, let's just say that I finally got completely and utterly FED.UP.WITH.IT, so I made a decision to keep my camera with me 24/7.  No matter what....I'll have it on me.  I figure one of two things will happen:

1.  For the rest of my life, I will see absolutly NOTHING amazing again.


2.  I will definitely have my camera with me the next time I need it.

Between you and me, I'm hoping for the second result.  It has almost been two weeks now.  The first week, I spent much of the time annoyed that the weather was yucky, and nothing BEGGED to be photographed.  This week, I am much more relaxed, and settling in to just accepting that it is only a matter of time before I'm at the right place, at the right time....WITH my camera.  It just has to happen, right?

I took this photo yesterday....and although it isn't what I've been waiting for....I'm pleased that I had the opportunity to capture it.  I have seen a sunset from this particular place on my drive home from work MANY times.  Having this photo makes me happy, because it reminds me of so many wonderful evenings picking up my Sugar Bear from daycare.  It is my favorite time of day.


Have a great weekend! 

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This Just Isn't GOOD!

The New Year started with a few decisions on my part to do something about the BAD snacking habit I had formed in the last year. It was going to be simple. Two new rules:

1. If I didn't bring it....I don't eat it! (this is for work, designed to stop the endless snacking on candy and cookies...and such around our office. The photo from yesterday's post is a basket of chocolate in on of my co-workers's office.)

2. NO eating past 9pm. (designed to stop the horrible munching I do at about 10:30 pm each night)

All went GREAT for two whole weeks. It was hard, but I stuck to the rules. I even saw some change in the scale. woo hoo for ME! Then....then......a combination of PMS, and life stress, and all hell broke loose. I ate anything and everything that crossed my path for a week straight.

Monday of this week, I set myself up to resume my former rules. I was picking myself up off the dirt, and hurling myself back on that wagon. Monday was GREAT!

Then Tuesday came along, and it began innocent enough. In the late afternoon I was minding my own business, happily working at my desk when THIS suddenly appeared on my desk:

Isn't it cute....and innocent....and well.....just plain delightful sitting there minding it's own business? Sitting there......smelling yummy......and TAUNTING.ME.WITH.IT'S.DELICIOUS.LOOKING.FROSTING!!!
Before I knew it.....this happened:

EEEEEEKKKKK !!!! The vicious little honey is IN.MY.HAND! It was officially declared PANIC time.
Suddenly, there was a bit of a scuffle.......and someone took a direct hit:

oh did that happen?????

I'm pretty sure there was much whispering and pointing going on in my work place as sounds of desperate pleas for mercy....and hoards of obnoxious whining were billowing out of my office, but sadly, with another jab, and a right hook surely wasn't looking promising for a peaceful ending.

Co-workers came running, children ran screaming.....and after the dust cleared, the KNOCKOUT was called, and SOMEONE was left looking pretty GUILTY!

This just isn't GOOD!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ Reason Number 647 My Bum is Big!


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Q and A.......well....It's Time for the A's!

Have you noticed that my blog has been ....umm....boring lately? too! I have been crazy busy or shall we say pre-occupied with life stuffs, and I am hardly finding the time to do anything. I simply throw a few photos at this place, and to the next thing on my list. I am not liking it, and I know I have been whining about it for awhile now, and it is getting so old, and......I have no more excuses. I will be PUMPING UP THIS PARTY!

Oh yes, I just WAIT!

Cause it ain't happening today!

Today, I only have like 5 minutes to get a post up, and I.HAVE.NOTHING!

However, a week ago, I opened up this here Bloggity Blog (why do I like that phrase?) to some questioning, and I fully intend on holding up my end of the bargain with some answers. You all asked some darn good questions, and I have lumped some of them into categories (because I am anal like that), and have come up with at least 6 different blog post ideas. There were a few stragglers that I couldn't seem to fit into a category (oh and I tried.....), so I will quickly address them here.

First off, my lovely, and fairly new blogging buddy Marcy inquired as to whether I have every had a dancing lesson. Ummmm...NO! well......YES......ummmmm sort of. I have never had any real dance training, if that is what you mean. However, my first experience with dance was in First Grade, when we spent a few weeks partaking in the art of SQUARE DANCING. Oh how I loved me some square dancing. Unfortunately, after a few "Corey is talking too much in class" meetings with my mother, they made up their minds that if I couldn't be quiet in class, I had to sit out in the dancing. Well, if you know won't be surprised to hear that to this day, I know NOTHING about square dancing. le..sigh....

Secondly, Marcy also wondered what makes me mad. Well, isn't that a loaded question? I can feel my blood pressure rising just thinking about it. I can go on and on and on about the injustices of the world, but if I'm really honest, most things don't make me MAD. I tend to get SAD about things instead. I am a tender hearted lady, and I find myself getting sad about the problems with this world. I am not saying I don't ever get MAD though, cause I do, but usually it takes something rather LARGE to do so. OR....anything or anyone messing with my Sugar Bear's happiness. You don't even want to see me then. I'm a pretty fierce mama bear.

OH Hey....I just thought of something that makes me darling friend Kimi, queried me on what was for dinner. ARGH! and yet again, I don't know! THAT just plain makes me MAD. I tell myself all the time that I will start menu planning, and I NEVER do. I get so mad at myself about that. Each night at 6 pm-ish, I tiredly trip into our house with about 40 bazillion things in my arms, and a very tired, and hungry Sugar Bear at my feet. I stumble around my kitchen taking note of the food we have, and TRY to come up with a plan. All the while, Sugar is NEEDING me, and the Hubby is NEEDING me, and all I want to do is yell out, "Cold Cereal for dinner, AGAIN!" and half the time I do. It isn't that we don't have food, or that we don't have recipes that we like. It is simply poor planning, and a lack of time that forces us into this frustrating cycle. Oh needs to change.

Breathe in.....breathe out....breathe in....breathe out......(calming down)

It's a darn good thing my ultra fabulous friend Jo is here to save my sanity by asking the following question:

"if you were a penguin, what would your favorite colour be?"

I love that this question assumes that I am NOT a penguin, when in reality....are we certain that I am NOT? hmmmm.....anyhow, the answer is yellow. Yup, yellow.....I have no idea why, because yellow snow is just plain nasty. Am I right or am I right?

Gotta run.....or I'll be late for not knowing what we'll be having for dinner tonight, and we wouldn't want that, now would we?

Sunday, January 25, 2009

I heart Faces (week three)

I'm excited to share that my "I heart faces" entry  from last week, came in at 7th place.  :)  Check it out!  What a thrill.

This week, the process is the same, but there is a theme, which is JOY!

Once again, I went digging through the archives and decided on this one:


This is pure JOY on her face.  She had just been out in the Strawberry Patch with Grandma....and she was feeling GREAT!  

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Photostory Friday~ The Soggy Time of Year

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Where I live, it is wet....really wet in the winter. rains....and rains.....and rains some more.  I am used to it, dislike it, but it doesn't really mean that I don't appreciate all the glorious GREEN it brings to my life, year round.  I just tire of the endless rain.

This winter has been different.  We have had a very dry season.  It has been cold and clear, instead.  AMAZING weather.  However, as evidence of this photo I took of our yawn, it is still so very WET out there.


I took this photo in the late afternoon, this past weekend.  It had not rained for over a week.  We just simply live in the shade, and no matter how long it goes without a down pour, we don't dry out.  The grass remains sopping wet.  It is NOT fun to walk in it.  Your shoes are literally soaked in seconds.  

Sugar Bear and I, are longing for the summer days, of frolicking in the nice dry grass.  Yes......we miss it!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

An Interview With A Vampire....oh I mean A MOM!

Recently, I was brave enough to ask my dear bloggy buddy, Holly, to interview me. Brave you ask....what's so brave about that? Well, take a quick glance at these questions and you'll see. She happens to be the type of friend that always knows how to make me laugh. Often, her single comment on one of my posts easily outshines my entire post. Not only is she a total crack up...I consider her a lovely person. I found a real gem when I ran into this lady. Yup.....probably an emerald.....she reminds me of an emerald....and I have no idea why.

Anyhow, on to the GREAT questions.....and my feeble attempt at answers. Enjoy!

1. i move next door to you. which item from the kitchen would you prefer i *didn't* borrow when i ran out of? oreos for you. I just can't bare to watch you destroy them....CAN'T.DO.IT! There little cries for "help" break my heart!

2. you have such a great relationship with sugar bear. what will you miss about year three?

Well, to be technical, being THREE was actually year FOUR, but who is counting? I certainly try not to. So much growth in this year. It was truly the year she left babyhood behind. We said goodbye to her beloved crib, and the diapers. It is really hard to look at this four year old, and not see a "big girl". I miss being able to fool myself that she still is a baby.

the thrower asks me to add 'is she interested in only very slightly younger boys who may or may not throw things?

I'm deeply sorry to tell the thrower that Sugar Bear has a thing for older boys. sigh....It is cute NOW, but I'm not going to be loving it in a few years....of THAT I'm sure.

3. your husband is bringing home a new animal this evening. what is it and what is his/her name?

Shhhhh.....we don't speak of such hopes that it won't happen again....for a long while. But...for the sake of this interview, I'll play along in a whisper.

Tonight he came home with a three-legged turtle, named Tri-tip.

what is its quirky characteristic? has three legs.....HELLOOO!

does *it* heart jesus?

We did introduce him to jesus...and they hit it off really well. Mostly, Tri-tip listened intently to jesus' birthing story, and thanked his lucky stars for being a boy.

4. i absolutely love your photos. apart from, obviously, sugar bear, what has been your favorite subject (to shoot)?

Without a doubt, aside from my Sugar, taking photos of an expecting mother, has been the most amazing experience. I have only had the honor once, but it was surely enough to give me a dream. It would be one of my deepest honors in life to be allowed to capture such an amazing time in a woman's life. Someday...someday...

5. madonna moves next door to you on the other side from me. what would you prefer *she* didn't borrow?

I have zero hesitation in saying, "my funnels!" Nope....CAN'T.DO.IT! Cause we all know what she would do with them.....

Madonna Cones Pictures, Images and Photos

So there you have it. whew....made it through. Now's your chance to participate.

Here's the directions:

1. Leave me a comment saying, "Interview me."

2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. (I get to pick the questions).

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.

4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.

5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.

Monday, January 19, 2009

The One Where I Realize That THIS is my 500th Post, and Feel Like We Need To Do Something Special

Holy 500 posts, Batman!

The other day, I was over at Megan, of Fried Okra's blog (who by the way happens to be a really awesome blogger, and a topnotch person to boot), when she announced that her 500th post was coming up. I feeling sassy and was all about making fun of her obvious lack of a LIFE, until I came back over here and realized that I only had 4 post to go to be right there with her. who needs a life? It's ME....It's ME!

Off and on, over the past few months, I have toyed with the idea of a post where I open it up to all of YOU to ask ME all the burning questions that have been keeping you up at night. I'm sure you have some, right? Well, now's your chance.......all you have to do is ask me! Who knows what we'll find I wear boxers or briefs? What are my thoughts on Yo Gabba Gabba? Is my lawn mower electric or gas powered? You ask....and I'll do my best to answer them in a follow-up post or two (depending on the amount of questions, and how...ummm....interesting they are.)

Please help me celebrate this momentous occasion, and leave me a comment with YOUR burning question. Come on...don't leave me hanging here, looking like a girl who doesn't have a life, AND has no friends. Now THAT would be embarrassing!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

I heart Faces (week two)

Last week, everywhere I went I ran across this little button.

You had to be nearly living in a hole not to have seen it. For the first week of a new photography sharing meme, it sure had an amazing following. Being the photography loving freak that I am, I simply couldn't let the opportunity to play along pass me by.

For my first entry, in the kids category, I wanted very much to use an oldie but a goodie. Without a doubt this photo is one of my all time favorites. I took this back in March of 2007. Sigh....the girl just has a pout that melts my itty bitty heart.


I mean seriously....can you hardly stand it?

Friday, January 16, 2009

Photo Hunters~ Hats

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

For a nice change of pace, I actually knew exactly which photos I wanted to post this week, upon reading the theme. frantic looking for something suitable, or desperately trying to find the time to get a photo to match. LOVE .IT!

Back in December, Sugar Bear's Cousin, had an amazingly fabulous Birthday Party. It was simply an intimate gathering of four beautiful young ladies, enjoying an afternoon tea. Each participant was given the opportunity to have a special styling session with Miss Amy (the birthday girl's mama). It was such a treat to see their proud faces as they made their way down the hallway into the living room, in their finery. Here is Sugar Bear, and the Birthday girl in their pretty dresses, and HATS!


Sugar doesn't often play dress up, so it was a delight to see her really getting into the process, right along side the other party goers.


Aren't they a fine looking bunch? Such style....such glitz. As for the one in black.....such attitude. Cousin K wasn't feeling it....she wanted to be wearing something one of the other girls had, so it was killing her party mojo....sigh....


...which nearly killed the entire party's mojo....cause a bit of a "sharing lecture" was presented by Miss Amy. You can totally tell they were luvin' it, huh? tee hee


Soon, things perked up, with the announcement of punch tea and cupcakes crumpets. A quick lesson in how to properly hold their teacups, and they were eagerly practicing. Pinky OUT!


Then the bride birthday girl enjoyed a lovely serenade by the party goers, whom had mustered some of the fading mojo. It was a hearty song of birthday wishes.


And my a true LADY through it all! She managed to keep her HAT firmly in place the entire time. Including the tense moments following her demonstration of how slippery those darn plastic high heel shoes are on linoleum floors. Her HAT barely moved, but her bottom was bruised. Poor little Sugar!


Thank you for coming by my blog this week! I certainly look forward to browsing around and seeing all your HATS!

Happy Weekend!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Photostory Friday~ What's Your Name?

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

When making the decision to use a pseudonym for my daughter's name on this here blog, it was incredibly easy to pick a suitable name.  From the very first moment of her life on the "outside", she has been mama's little Sugar Bear.  There have been other nicknames, but none of them have stood the test of time, like Sugar Bear.  It just fits, as does Sugar, and Sug.  I call her one of those three nearly as often if not more than her actual name.  I have proof.


The other day, during her 4 year Well Child Exam, the following conversation occurred between my little honey and her pediatrician:

Doctor R:  So, can you tell me your name?

Sugar: "first name"

Doctor R:  Okay....what's your whole name?

Sugar:  (grinning) "first name" Sugar Bear!

Doctor R:  (wide eyed) "first name" Sugar Bear? I see...what about your LAST name???

Sugar:  (knowingly)  "first name" Sugar Bear "last name"!

Doctor R: (suppressing a giggle)  "first name" Sugar Bear "last name", huh?  That is quite a nice name.

Sugar: (nodding, and saying quite matter-a-factly)  Yeah....but you can just call me SUG!

Doctor R and Mama: (no longer able to suppress the giggles.)

Have a great weekend everyone!  :)

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's not the Presents.....but the Presence That Really Matters

As many of you guessed, recently we reached a milestone in the house of Living and Loving.  The Sugar Bear has officially blessed this earth with her PRESENCE for four years, and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the world is a better place for it.   Sugar is a complete and utter JOY, and I know not one person in her life that doesn't marvel at her easy going, and fun nature.  Her smile melts hearts, and her giggles tickle funny bones.  Blessed are those that know and love this amazing little bundle of goodness.


When folks ask me what Sugar Bear is "in to", I can only answer, "everything!"  Unlike many kids, she has no favorites, and yet she find joy in nearly anything that crosses her path.  It is only through comments from little friends that she is learning of "boy things" and "girl things".  I have tried hard to keep her options open.  I find it great that it isn't such a big deal to see a young girl enjoying trains, but find it criminal that young boys are usually not given the same freedom.  In our home, children are free to express their interests in a variety of toys, and I love that Sugar embraces this.  She is a princess loving, train driving, car pushing, music playing girl.  She also has a yearning for playing games with her mama, and I have to say I love it.  Growing up,  I certainly was a board game kind of girl.


So far, there has been little to no sign of the materialistic "give me's".  She might make a casual comment  of wanting something after seeing it on TV, or in a store, but a simple, "maybe someday!" from me, and she is satisfied.  I know this will probably change, but for now....I'm relishing that beautiful sense of contentment she carries with her through life.  


There is no lack of excitement in her heart.  She always finds a way to make every activity fun, and I thank her everyday for guiding me to always see the rainbow amongst the clouds.  I know it is cliche, but I really didn't know life could be this fabulous until Sugar Bear came along.  She authentically anticipates and expects the best life has to offer.....


...and usually isn't disappointed.  I love that she takes her time to enjoy each GIFT that her life offers her.  She doesn't tear into it, already thinking of the next.  She holds it... imagines it... slowly discovers it... and shares her experience with those around her.  There is much I can learn from her method of living.


I'm really not sure who enjoyed this passing of another year more, the one opening the PRESENTS, or the one sitting dumbfounded, by the shear blessing of her daughter's PRESENCE?  Either way.....we both felt a lot like this....



Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Wordless Wednesday~ No More Monkeys Jumpin' On The Bed!









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Sleeping Is Bliss

Holy Toledo, Folks! I went to bed at 9PM last night! That is about 2-3 hours earlier than I usually do, and 4 hours earlier than I did all last week. As I stumbled into the bathroom this morning, it became painfully obvious the amount of shock this put on my body. My face is horribly puffy, my hair is standing on end, and I feel like my muscles don't remember how to work. I guess 10 hours of sleep is enough to thoroughly MESS.YOU.UP!

I hadn't intended on going to bed so early, but pure exhaustion had taken it's toll, and I fear that I am coming down with my FIRST illness of the winter season. My throat hurts, and I feel a bit like death. One of my first defenses against illness is sleep, so I trudged off to bed in hope of helping my immune system fight this puppy off!

We have a bit of "found time", this morning, as Sugar Bear has her four year Well Child Check today. I am spending it HERE, as Sugar is getting a bit more sleep as well. I'm hoping she isn't getting this cold of mine. She has been so very healthy this year. Cross your fingers for us, if you will.

Since this post is a bit blah, and I don't even have photos to show you, I'll direct you over to Blissfully Domestic, and my newest article in the Photo Bliss Section. At least there, you'll get to see Sugar Bear enjoying a bit of the last days of summer. Those were the days......

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Survived.....

....the week that nearly killed me, and boy do I need a nap. Like a LONG winters nap. Many of you know why my week was so busy, and for those of you that don''s a little hint.


I'll be back soon, with the details. For will be nice to get to bed before Midnight for once. Seriously, lack of sleep is doing NOTHING for the rumor going around that "I have lost my marbles!" 

Here's to a really great, and relaxing week ahead!

Friday, January 9, 2009

24 To Go...

The week of New Years, Sugar Bear spent three days up on the farm with Grandma and Papa.  She thoroughly enjoyed all the farmy activities of feeding the cows, and chickens.  Much like all the other times she as visited, each evening, I enjoy our phone call where she describes her day, and lets on to anything she thinks I might find pertinent.  She specifically likes to inform me of things Grandma didn't know, and she had to inform her.  I hear that it is common for my mom to be accosted with, "My Mom says........(fill in the blank)!"  It tickles me a bit, to hear these stories, because at least I know she is listening to me.

The funny thing is....often it isn't something I have actually said.  Recently she had mentioned, "My mom says that Kool-Aid doesn't make us healthy and strong!"  Well, to be honest, I have never said that about Kool-Aid, but it is something I WOULD say.  This makes me wonder if she is not only listening, but LEARNING from what I say.  Woo Hoo.....Rock On!  Cause let's face it....Kool-Aid really DOESN'T make us healthy and strong.  This only proves that she is Brilliant.   Sugar particularly likes to tell me about it, while on the phone, then gloat to grandma, that she was right!  "I told you Kool-Aid doesn't make you healthy and strong!"  Seriously, I think grandma might literally SNAP one of these days, and tell her that 'her mom doesn't know everything.' FOR SHAME! 

During this last visit, Sugar Bear enlightened Grandma on a subject that neither of us was expecting.  While, my mom was cooking dinner, Sugar Bear happily skipped into the kitchen and the following conversation occurred:

Sugar: "Grandma....Grandma.....Did you know there are 26 bad words?"  

Grandma:  (halting her task) "Oh really!  26, huh?"

Sugar:  (happily) "Yup.....26!  

Grandma:  "hmmmm....interesting!"

Sugar:  (looking both ways, as if trying to ascertain that it was just the two of them in the room, and whispering) "I only know two of them!"

Grandma:  ( A bit intrigued) "Two of them, huh? Which ones?"

Sugar:  (Moving closer, and still whispering) "Stupid"

Grandma: (Not surprised at all, as Sugar corrects her 8.7 times a day) "Of course....yes....and what is the other one?"

Sugar:  (without hesitation)  "Dammit!"

Grandma: (stifling a giggle)  "Oh yes....that is a bad one!"

Sugar:  (Quickly) "Don't tell my Mom, I said it."

Grandma:  (Pretending to be horrified) "Oh no....I wouldn't tell mama, don't worry."

Sugar:  (Smiling) "Okay, cause I didn't really MEAN to say it!  It was an accident!"

And she happily skipped out of the room, while my mom let the giggles loose.  

~20 minutes later during dinner~

Grandma:  (Addressing Papa) "So did you know there are 26 bad words, and Sugar knows two of them?"

Sugar:  (Before Papa has time to reply) "GRANDMA!  Don't tell him!  What would mama say?"

Tee Hee..needless to say, this shockingly DIDN'T come up that evening when I called.

***For the record....I have no idea where she came up with the number of 26, but is incredibly cute, huh?***

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Saving the World....One Netflix Cover At A Time

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

One day, several months ago, I stumbled upon an  interesting website that peaked my interest in many ways.   It served to feed not only the creative side of me, but the thrifty, and waste not part of my being.  All that, AND it made me giggle.  I found humor in the fact that someone, like millions of over Netflix users, looked at those small red rectangles of paper that mindlessly gets ripped off the package, and thrown away, and actually thought......"what could I do with these things?  What a waste!"  I found intrigue in the process that person must have taken to come up with THAT something.  I smile at the ingenious way that they didn't keep to themselves, but created a website.  BRILLANT!

That very day, I dug through a small pile of junk mail envelopes and salvaged my Netflix flap.  I sat my hiney down, and followed the instructions to make this fabulous shirt.



I have to admit that I felt pretty sassy about it.  I took these photos, and intended on sharing them here on my blog ASAP, but something got in the way, and it was soon buried in my "to edit" files of photos.  A few weeks later, I had gathered up several more flaps, and I proceeded to make the swan, crab, frog, and heart.  Sugar Bear was by my side at the time.  She was ecstatic about these creations, and insisted that we play with them for nearly an hour.  They were a tad worse for the wear when we were finished, so I neglected to take photos.  Darn it....they were cute, too.

I have no doubt that Sugar Bear and I'll make some again, as I have an unlimited supply of Netflix flaps coming into my house each month.  Rock On!

Have a great weekend!

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