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Friday, February 8, 2008

About Me Page

What does one say, to sum up their life and who they are? It never seems enough, and sometimes it seems too much...what exactly does that say about me? I believe it says that I often over analyze things, and I sometimes worry just a little too much. I worry that as a 30-something mother of a 7 year old daughter, will I ever know enough to share with her what is right and true? As an "only", will she understand her place in this world, and strive to be just who she is and nothing else?

Does my desire to make people smile, laugh, or say, "wow great photo!" stem from insecurities or confidence in just who I am, and the want to share that with others? When after the family is in bed, I hole up at the computer and empty my mind writing on my own blog, or filling it up with other's writings, am I seeking to be more introverted or more extroverted?

So many many answers. I have settled on Living and Loving...and just plain being in the here and now. I try not to question whether it is right or wrong...I just try to be ME!

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6 Live It or Love It:

imbeingheldhostage said...

I LOVE what Nap Warden has done for your place!!! LOve it love it love it.

Nelly Hernandez Photography said...

Oh my! Ever since I saw your page I've become an instant fan. I love your work and really hope I can become like you very soon in the future. LOVE YOUR PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!!

Unknown said...

Hi Corey,

I got your email in my inbox from I Heart Faces, and I TOTALLY know what you mean about finding yourself in that 'same old rut', where all your photo's look the same, sometimes just a different child/person but still the same look, pose, or whatever else.

I'm there right now and trying to get my creatie juices flowing, but like a writer; I find myself having 'writers block'.

Your images here are still so beautiful and I love how you went all the way around your little Sugar Bear! I think that's awesome. I've too felt like such the fool when I've gotten all the way on the dirt playground to get an image of my kids while they played, knowing cars were driving by wondering what if I was some pervert or what in the world I was doing, but little did few know that I was simply trying to capture a 'Good Shot' and a 'Different Shot'.

You did a wonderful job with these photo's of your little one. They are precious! I especially love the close up of her and the one showing her with her arms on the porch deck; it makes her look so young and innocent (even though she is of course)but not like the tomboyish ways you mention she has. Great work.

I'm currently working on the setting phases of starting my own photography business, but it's taking longer than I ever thought. Can I ask how you got the 'watermark' on the images, was that through a software program like Photoshop? I've been trying hard to figure that out.

Well, nice to meet you,

Unknown said...

Okay, duh, never mind...I just browsed through your website and read that the part about how you made your watermark will be 'Coming soon' so I'll check back often. Thanks

The Brown Family said...

I found your blog through IheartFaces, and when searching for tutorials because I'm very new to photography...but I just wanted to say I thought the tutorials we're GREAT - especially for a newbie like me. Thanks a bunch!

Cynthia Morrissey said...

I found your blog through iheartfaces and I'd have to say this is the most interesting About Me page I've ever read and also ... wow, great photos!!! Who doesn't want to hear those words? Not me. If I were only half as talented as you.

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