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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The BIG Interview

We are still trying to get well here in the Living and Loving Household. Sugar Bear is feeling much better and it back to preschool today, after a week of absence. She was pretty excited to see her friends, and just plain get out of the house.
Now Mama is feeling head hurts to much, and I just want to crawl in a hole and sleep for a million years. In fact, I think I just might do that. I went into work for a couple hours to get a few important things done, now I am just going to take care of me for awhile.

I did want to take a minute to thank my friend David over at Authorblog. If you have not checked him out, now is your chance. Head on over there and read my interview. If you didn't think I was a dork will now. tee hee

Thank you so much David. You are one of the most caring and generous bloggers I know. I appreciate your giving me a bit of your spotlight.

*** oh and don't forget I'm on Top Momma! CLICK HERE!!!!! I know.....I are sick of clicking it, but you love me right? At least a little bit? it....once or twice, k?***

14 Live It or Love It:

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Get well soon (while I read your interview). And those are orders.

Unknown said...

Hope you feel better soon! That's a great interview btw

Anonymous said...

I hope you are feeing better soon! And it was so very neat to see you interviewed on David's site!

Jules said...

Very nice interview!!!! I loved reading it!

I also tagged you, so go check it out!!!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. I agree that blogging for yourself is what matters most.

I also hope that my girls might someday appreciate this vibrant record of our days together.

Julie B said...

hope your feeling better soon! I was lucky enough to escape it but my youngest is still suffering and only Mama can help her.
Hopefully I can get back on and catch up on what I missed! Again- take care of yourself!!

Carolyn said...

Personally, I think they must have more hours of the day in Melbourne. How else could David be such a great blogger? Not only does he take great photos, find time to post them, keep up with intresting news around the world, read other people's blogs, comment on other people's blogs and post about them, but he also has time to actually reply to people's comments via email too. He's very kind. Secretly I think he's cloned himself...

As for you, my dear, sorry you aren't well! Take care of yourself and, yes, do get some sleep.

We'll look forward to your return when you're back at 'em.

Donetta said...

I hope your resting and feeling better dear heart.

Anonymous said...

Oh, wow... am I ever behind! That was a great interview, Corey (mostly 'cause he picked such a sparkling witty soul to chat with... tee, hee!)

And I am just floored by your kind words about me... you are a parent I deeply admire and such words from you are of the priceless variety. Thank you :)

Lindy said...


Hope you're feeling better now! I really, truly feel for you both!

Joeprah said...

Nicely done! I loved the interview!

Bellevelma said...

Howdy! I've been out of town and without a computer for well over a week. Just catching up on all I missed. First off, LOVE the boots in the photo at the top of your page. I want me a pair ;) Second, WOW! You mentioned ME in your interview. I'm honored. Thank you!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh, I loved the interview at David's. It was fab. Hope you feel better soon sweetie. :D

CMB said...

I loved the interview. What an honor!

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