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Friday, March 21, 2008

The Other

....the significant other, that is. My friend Julie tagged me with a meme, but not just any meme. She changed it up, and asked me to share 5 things about my significant other that you all might not know. I am jumping right on this tag, as it is pretty easy to come up with 5 things, since I hardly ever write about my hubby.

Hubby and I have been together for over half of my life. We began dating in 1990, and have been married since 1996. I can hardly remember what it is like to NOT be romantically linked to him. We have had our struggles, and currently we are in a "mending" phase of our relationship. Life is a journey....marriage is a challenge....there are no rewards without a little hard work. We do our best....we love each other deeply....and take it day by day.

Now for 5 totally random things you may not know about my hubby:

1. Hubby rarely allows photos of himself. The only real exception is when he wants a photo of himself and one of his hunted animals. He is an avid hunter. If it can be hunted....he wants to do it. I am about as far opposite from this as I can get. I cry at catching a fish, even if I catch and release, so photographing him with his kills doesn't appeal to me, but I usually take a quick one or two. All other photos, I have snuck in when he thinks I am photographing something else. tee hee....

2. Hubby has many hobbies that revolve around remote control vehicles. He has cars, planes, and helicopters. He spends a great deal of time working at perfecting his skills. It is a spendy....and sometimes dangerous hobby.

3. Hubby is a commercial fisherman. He has worked off the pacific coast from California to Alaska for 25 years. His entire life has been fishing. Recently he has taken a leave of absence from it. He is burned out, and tired of the long hours, and months away from home. Commercial fishing is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world, and he has been so fortunate all these years. You'd think, if you spend so much time on the wouldn't like to sport fish....but he does.

4. Hubby has had a beard for about 10 years now. He likes it because it is easy to maintain, keeps his face warm when out on the ocean, and hides his double chin. :) I am quite used to it, and only rarely wonder what he would look like without it. Most people in our life thinks Sugar Bear looks just like him....all she needs is a beard.

5. It is really rare to find Hubby without a hat on. His leather hat is his pride and joy. It carries his hunting memories, and he identifies himself with it. The ball caps are more just to hide his bald head, and to protect his head, eyes, and face from sunburn out on the ocean.

So there he significant other, and Sugar Bear's Dad. We love him.
As for tagging anyone....I'm still not 100% healthy, and too tired to choose, so if the idea of this new meme strikes a fancy to you...then consider yourself tagged. I'd love to learn more about your loved one.

23 Live It or Love It:

Maude Lynn said...

A commercial fisherman? That's fascinating! How long was he gone at a time?

Carolyn said...

Nice! Thanks for sharing. He's very manly. Although I'm with you on the hunting thing. urp.

kat said...

Thank you for sharing, it is so great to learn more about your family.

Your hubby sure has a lot of really fascinating hobbies.

Anonymous said...

Oh yes - Sugar definitely looks lik her daddy! That seems to always be the case with kids and fathers. I rarely have someone tell me that any of my kids looks like me.

AnnD said...

Our hubby's would get along fabulously! They are exactly the same right down to their beards! I too have a fishing loving, RC plane flying hubby. Only James doesn't hunt. But, they are so much alike!

Deb said...

Wow, Sugar does look like her daddy! Without the beard, of course. :) Thanks for sharing so much about him - it's fun to learn more about your 'other half'!

Anonymous said...

Despite their surreptitious nature - the pics really show off your hubby's character - they are great! Thanks for sharing - it's great to know about your "other" half. I too know the toll that being away so much can take (although mine isn't gone nearly as often as yours) and I too have been with my hubby for almost half my life. Very cool - I might just do this one in honor of Dale coming home for the weekend!

Autumn said...

Even though I knew most of those facts already, I liked this post. The picture of him on the beach fishing, dog at his feet. That is a great picture. It's wierd for me to see him with a beard, my mind still has a picture of that kid he used to be. With the big truck, AC/DC playing, getting stuck in the sand... fun times. Ahhhh I feel old now.
Sugar does look a lot like him, only waaaayyyy prettier. LOL

Jules said...

Ooh thanks for posting!!! I didn't know he was that into hunting! Thank you for sharing all that!

Anonymous said...

What a great post! I think the longer I read a person's blog, the more I want to know more about them and their lives - I still marvel everyday about how great blogging connections make me feel. I too love the picture of him on the beach with the dog, and that Sugar bears a bit of a resemblence to him!

Gen said...

I enjoyed getting to know your husband better. Cool meme! Maybe I'll tack this one onto another one I was tagged for recently.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I loved this Corey. I like learning more about my blog buds, though in a none stalkerish way. I too would find the hunting a bit hard, but each to their own and all that. He certainly seems to love the outdoors like you and sugarbear. Mr b is very like your hubby in that he doesn't like having his pic taken much, and we've been together nearly 15 years, since 1993. so nearly half my life too.

Hmmm, I may nab this meme too sweetie. It's lovely. You did him proud.

Akelamalu said...

I enjoyed reading about your hubby, I could do without the hunting though :( The photographs were great, I like the sneaky way you got some of them too. :0

Unknown said...

Lovely post!!
I love how he has so many outdoors interests, kwim! Very unlike my husband :)

Amy said...

Great tribute to your husband!

I just might do this tag too!

Julie said...

Wow, Corey! Sugar does look so much like her daddy! Amazing!

Happy Easter!

holly said...

i actually worked on a factory fishing boat off the coast of alaska the summer before i moved over to britain. i think i saw him and waved. he didn't wave back - duh, he didn't know me. silly me.

david mcmahon said...

Thanks for introducing him to us and vice versa.

Hope you all have a great Easter.

Cath said...

Hi Corey - this is so much full of the relationship you have. It is strong - it shines through. You both work it.
You have a very handsome husband!
Thanks for the introduction. It's interesting.

:) said...

It's so nice to hear a bit about Daddy Sugar Bear! I think I might do a post on my significant other.

Donetta said...

Happy Easter!
It was nice to get to know your Husband. I see that the differences in Killing (hunting) can be a stretch. I too am hard to enjoy a hunt (unless it is for sustenance).
It is a hard life on the water. I hope that all the mend is well nurtured. You are a blessing and a gift as is he.

CMB said...

Very nice post. Did hubby read it? He would be proud. I love learning things about people.

Anonymous said...

Nice to hear a bit about your guy - too funny that you have to sneak those other photos in! I have to do that occasionally around here too :)

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