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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Sometimes A Person Just Needs To Say....."AWWWW!"

Sugar and I are a bit under the weather, which puts us in a less than happy mood. We'll been fine with some rest, some snuggles, and lots of fluids. Today, I was happy to stumble across a PERFECT blog to chase our blues away. Each entry was a sure fire dose of heartwarming smiles.
Do yourself a favor and visit Cute Overload for yourself. If you like animals, you'll be glad you did.

18 Live It or Love It:

kat said...

Thanks for sharing that link. Cute really and I awwwwwed a lot :). Hope you and Sugar will be better soon.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Ooo, get better soon hon. Hugs. xx
And Sugar's wellies look fab.

Megan Cobb said...

We're sick too. I'll save all the cuteness for one of our "Woe is us" moments later today. ;)

AnnD said...

Awwww no! You guys have it now too. I'm just NOW feeling better after a dose of antibiotics AND a does of steroids! Thanks for leaving us with the link! The pics weren't nearly as cute as Sugar's but you guys must get yourselves feeling better!

holly said...

LOVE the wellies! they totally brightened up my drab desktop just now!

do NOT get the plague that is covering the west coast. just don't.

CMB said...

I sure hope you feel better. Thank you for your sweet comments on my post about guilt. I'll be sure to check out the Cute Overload blog. hugs!

John-Michael said...

OK ... I can't contain myself. The CUTEST and most fun thing (I would SO do it if I were there) to brighten your space and your spirits, would be Sugar Bear's boots (wellies) with a GREAT BIG assortment of wild flowers in them. I can not stand it! I can't wait. You simply MUST do it and post photos. I just know that it will flood your room with joy (and you BOTH deserve that ... if for no other reason than the joy that the two of you illuminate my world with.)

Michele said...

Whoa, I'm seeing spots! .. no wait.. that's your new header... teehee... that's cute.

I love that site... I have gone to that site whenever I feel blue and yes, it does cheer me up as well. Guaranteed to put the giggles back in your day!

Get better you two!

Autumn said...

I love the new Banner! Those boots, I wish I could have boots like that!
Hope you both feel better soon, Bug woke up with a terrible cough this morning. Tis the season for the sickies! Hugs!

tommie said...

Hope you both feel better soon!

Gen said...

LOVE your new header pic!

Take care of yourselves, cozy up, have some soup, watch some movies, and relax.

Feel better!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes quiet days are the best. Get well and enjoy the extra cuddles!

Unknown said...

OMW I adore your new header!! It's gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Feel better wishes...
Doesn't look like paparazzi distain lasted long ;-)

Unknown said...

I'm sorry you girls are under the weather! The Terrible Two and I also under. Feel better soon.

PS. Thanks for adding me to your blogroll ~ very much appreciated!

Amy said...

Hope you are both well soon. I am loving his picture!

Carolyn said...

So sorry the bugs have caught you too. Here's one from Csilla to make you feel better:

Knock knock.
Who's there?
Atch who?
God bless you!

Groan. Sorry if that made you feel worse.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon. M's down with a 102 fever tonight. We'll be taking it easy at home tomorrow since we don't want to infect the rest of her class at daycare...Although, I'm pretty sure that's where she got it. Drink lots of fluids and take naps. See you on the other side.

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