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Thursday, May 29, 2008

This is a test......

a test of the emergency blogcast system. Ignore me.....but do read anything that catches your eye the post I wrote last night, but isn't showing up in many readers.....hmmmmm.....wonder why?????

OH and if you want to be completely and totally tarnished against the people of this planet check out the last three blog posts over at Joeprah. I love Joe's blog. He is a great blogger, and a wonderful person. He has pointed out two really awful incidents in the last few days that has me wondering....WHAT IS THIS WORLD COMING TO????

8 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

My Google Reader seems to hiccup on a regular basis . . . some posts never show-up, while others do, but DAYS after they were written. Weird!

holly said...

oh i do like joeprah, but i am so behind that he has to go to the back of the queue. sorry, joeprah.

Anonymous said...

With a name like "Joeprah," I had to check it out. (and since subscribed - always need a good daddy blogger on the list)

I heard about the Alex Barton story on another blog while my husband heard it on CNN (what does that say about my husband and me??). Anyway, horrible, awful story. Makes my blood boil.

Jo Beaufoix said...

I'm like Holl, on big time catch up, but I'll get over to lovely Joe's soon. And Corey, one day we will all meet and our kids will play and it will be lovely, ok? It will happen. xx

Autumn said...

Ok, so now I'm really pissed after reading about those girls. I'm fuming actually...ARGH!
Your other post didn't show up in my reader either.. that happens to me a lot. drives me bannanas!

Anonymous said...

Yeah... it seems to be a reader issue. There are times a post never makes it to the reader and most often it's hours later than the post. Today I had a post on the reader that wasn't on the blog... lol, probably was a deleted post, though.

What's the world coming to... a few bad apples...

Really liked your Simple Rules post... I'll leave it at that, lol... I heard a book (post) developing in my head...

Deb said...

Hmm, nope it didn't show up in my Reader - odd! Thanks for pointing that out - I'm off to read it and check out Joeprah's site too. :)

Joeprah said...

So awesome! Thanks for the props Corey! You are so sweet to do this. I swear, cool people rule. Have a great weekend!

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