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Monday, July 28, 2008

What I take pictures of....when there is NO SUNSET!

Last week, I shared the information that all summer long I have been after the perfect beach shots, but have been relatively unsuccessful.


We have had really strange weather this year.


Lots of wind.....and tons of haze.


I will head to the beach on a gorgeous evening, thinking I'll find just the right light.


Only to see a huge cloud and fog bank roll in minutes before sunset. ARGH!


It can be totally frustrating, BUT...I make the best of it, and aimlessly shoot anything that moves...


or doesn't move for that matter!


20 Live It or Love It:

Jo Beaufoix said...

Beautiful shots sweetie. And sometimes the unexpected is a nice surprise isn't it. Love the new header. :LD

Anonymous said...

I love clouds and fog... and I see the face of God in the first one!

Making the best of everything sure has its rewards :-)

Anonymous said...

I love the white crested breakers! I think you underestimate those shots. :)

Michele said...

Beautiful photos, Corey.
Mountain Retreat Photos

Anonymous said...

ever bake cookies with your little
one when the camera is nearby? if
you ever do, don't forget some
flour on the nose.

Keara @ Now I Know What Life Is All About said...

So I see you are working on the perfect shots for Beep Beep and Baby C's room. ;P

CMB said...

No sunset needed - those are perfect and beautiful.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh beautiful. I would LOVE LOVE to have a beach to shoot (OR lie on for that matter).

The Mom Jen said...

I can HEAR the waves crashing in your pics!! Nice job!

AnnD said...

Any ocean shot is a good shot. I wish I had been there!

jennwa said...

I do not know anything about photography (my blog is proof of that), but those picture are wonderful.
That beach looks so peaceful, I wish I was there right now.

Anonymous said...

Looks so beautiful Corey- great job!

Christina said...

Who needs a sunset?! Not you - you did awesome without it! These really are beautiful, and make me wish we lived within driving distance of a beach. (the closest one is, oh, 500 miles away!). But I do understand how frustrating it is to have a certain image in mind, and not be able to capture it due to things beyond your control.

Gayle said...

I really like the fifth one. Wish I could go to the beach...

Unknown said...

Absolutely gorgeous! Love the third last one the best

Lindy said...

lovely shots!

jennwa said...

Those are amazing photos. But your's always are.

Megan Cobb said...

I ain't buyin it, girl. These are amazing and the light in incredible in a couple of them. Sunsets are overrated. Of course I say that knowing full well that when you DO capture what you want to capture, I'll be blown away as usual.

Hugs - M

holly said...

these are absolutely GORGEOUS !

this is near you? right. need a neighbour? i'm packing now.

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful shots!

The beach is very tough though. Plus I get very nervous about an expensive camera around wind and water.

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