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Monday, August 25, 2008

Hot and Buggy

So.....things aren't going as planned these days. We are HOT and BUGGY. Well, Sugar is HOT, and we might ALL be BUGGY. Time will tell.

Sugar Bear has had a fever since Saturday. No other symptoms....just the fever that persists. As long as she is under the influence of Motrin...she is a happy, normal Sugar. I'm waiting for the fever to end.....then most likely look for a rash to develop. We'll see. While the fever is present, I let her sleep with me, so that I can keep an eye on it throughout the night. I just love having my little snuggle muffin back in my bed.

HOWEVER, I got a VERY dreaded phone call yesterday evening, that really made me cringe. LICE........a child at Sugar's daycare has LICE. Sigh...being that I work in the preschool industry....I am not shocked. Lice doesn't discriminate. So....I checked The Sugar....and CRAP....she has it. Sigh.....

So......I have spent a great deal of time treating her......and myself (no one was here to check me, so I treated myself) using a non-toxic method, washing EVERYTHING in the house, vacuuming like a crazy fool, freezing stuffed animals, and picking....picking....and picking eggs out of Sugar's hair.

Your head itches now, huh? sucks.

So....all the cool posts I had planned to post....haven't happened. Editing the two photo shoots I did recently....hasn't happened. We are Hot and Buggy, baby. Oh the joy.....LIFE IS....ummmmm good?

21 Live It or Love It:

Cathy said...

Happy Happy Joy Joy to you.. My son had them once and I knew the minute I found them where he got them from. I was not happy.. Oh, thank,,I'm itching now..

I hope her fever goes fast.

Anonymous said...

I hope you can get rid of the lice quickly.

Just a word of caution (from another co-sleeping mom), when they have a fever and sleep w/ you it can cause their fever to go even higher. That's how Robert had his febrile seizure, he was already feverish and laid down w/ his dad. Bc of the body heat from dad, it caused his body not to be able to cool itself and he absorbed some of dad's body heat. And overheated him. Not to scare you, but just so you're aware.

Killlashandra said...

Yikes! Sorry to hear about the lice. I've managed to miss this one so far but W.W. did get the hand, foot, and mouth stuff from his daycare 2 years ago and that was a nightmare too. I thought I was never going to go back to work and the sores in his mouth would never get better. I don't wish that one on anyone either.

Good luck with the vigorous cleanings! May you get all the little buggers!

Gayle said...

So sorry it is buggy at your house. As if the fever wasn't bad enough!

Anonymous said...

Oh, lice . . . .

I spent two weeks getting it completely out of Hannah's hair. On the plus side, I was able to turn it into a story and sell it to a local paper. LOL!

Michelle said...

oh I'm so sorry to hear your Sugar has a fever AND lice to boot! I hope you got them all on the first treatment!

Mary Ellen said...

Oh no! Hope Sugar gets to feeling better soon.

Beth Cotell said...

Oh I how I hate this for you guys!

Good luck getting rid of the eggs and I hope Sugar's fever goes away.

Julie - On the Dot Creations said...

Oh no, Corey. I'm so sorry about that. Lice are no fun. I remember during my teaching days years ago, we had a HUGE epidemic of lice at our school (K-12). We teachers had to check our students' heads every morning before school started. Checking tenth graders heads is never fun. :)

Hope things are "not so buggy" soon.

Lindy said...

Oh boy what a great way to end a summer. good luck getting rid of it all.

Michele said...

Aww... I'm sorry Corey... that really isn't fun at all. Lice should be like the chicken pox... once you've had it.. no more.

Thanks for your nice comment on my blog and for the cyber hugs... that was very thoughtful. I can always use them! =)
Get better, all of you!! That's an order!
~ Michele ~
Mountain Retreat

Jo Beaufoix said...

Oh babe, I'm so sorry. I hope the fever goes soon and that the lice bu**er off.

With the lice, leave conditioner in Sugar's hair and comb it every two days with a nit comb. That really works well as the lice can't cling on.

Miss E always struggles with her temperature when she's ill. Cool baths and a strip down help. Hugs to you both Cor.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh man. LICE just sucks a duck. Poor thing to be sick AND have to deal with that.

Sending virtual best wishes your way Corey.

And yes, I am itching just a bit. :)

Anonymous said...

I think this is one time I am glad you did not post pictures!

Hope you are de-bugged soon.

Anonymous said...

Yuck! I'm so hoping we avoid lice as The Bean grows up. They had a case at her daycare last week, but so far, we seem safe. I haven't seen any signs of infestation.

I hope the lice and the fever are gone! Wishing you a restful sleep!

Dadgum it! Now my head itches!

AnnD said...

Oh I'm so sorry! Lice is the pits! I didn't get it until I was in college! I had it for months and we couldn't get rid of it!! It turned out to be lice from Egypt that we didn't have medication for here! So, I had to take dog heartworm pills to get rid of them!!!

Christina said...

Awww honey! I'm so sorry. Not fair to get hit with all that at once. So did the rash come, is it roseola? Life is crazy here right now, too. Work coming out of my ears. Stressful work.

Autumn said...

Oh Fun! Yuck, I'm sorry your having to deal with that. I hope Sugar feels better soon and that you get rid of the itches.

Deb said...

Oh no! Ugh, lice is one thing that I dread ever having to deal with. Good luck and hope that you and Sugar are bug-free soon (and that Sugar is fever-free) soon!

holly said...

this is the least fun i have ever had in my life.

and she got them from her childminder's kid in england, and her best friend here.

both of whom had parents who didn't really do their jobs. this made me want to stab them.


Laski said...

Your poor little one . . .

I hope she's feeling better soon!

I have sympathy itches . . . just for you :)

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