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Friday, November 28, 2008

Photo Hunters~ Metal

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WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY back in April, I spent some time wandering around my property, playing with my macro lens. I snapped these two shots of METAL nails in our deck railing. The deck was made nearly 30 years ago, and I just fell in love with how the macro lens accentuated the appearance of the weathered wood, and old METAL.



These two photos quickly became a few of my favorites. The narrow focus gives them so much character. I am glad to finally taken the time to share them.
Have a great weekend! I look forward to seeing lots of METAL on my photo hunt!

20 Live It or Love It:

Anonymous said...

Very nicely done macro shots of the nails. Something simple yet important metals of our everyday life.
Hope your Thanksgiving was a good one! :)

PastormacsAnn said...

Wonderful! So clear and the textures are terrific and so sharp. Great choice for The Hunt!

YTSL said...

Very cool! Thanks for sharing. :)

CRIZ LAI said...

Very nice macro shots you have there. The rust on them are so detailed. :)

Anonymous said...

I see why they are among your favorites, excellent job making something mundane into something very interesting! Have a great weekend!

:) said...

Corey, you are the only person I know who can make metal nails look beautiful. You are so talented (and it's not just the camera, it's the person behind the lens). When I take photos of nails, they look like When you take a photo you make it look like a work of art.

Anonymous said...

Very very well done!!
Wish I had a macro lens

 gmirage said...

Great shot! But be careful, it isnt no nice to touch!

Happy Weekend! -Mirage

Janine Kain said...

Nice work.

Carver said...

Very artistic shots and perfect for the theme. Happy weekend.

Unknown said...

nicely done. i love the texture of wood and metal on these photos.

Rebecca Mecomber said...

Very well done. That wood looks ancient!

I did Photo Hunt today, too. I hope you get a chance to visit and leave your link. :)
Mrs. Mecomber
New York Photo Hunters: Metal

Anonymous said...

Excellent shots. They have character, too.

jmb said...

Corey these are brilliant photos. You must love that macro lens!
Have a good weekend.

Beth Cotell said...

Very nice!

Tammy said...

Wonderful pictures, I love the contrast between the wood and the metal too!

Brita said...

Great shots!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE these shots, Corey! Totally interesting!

Jo Beaufoix said...

Wow, I love the texture there Corey.

Tabitha Blue said...

Great photos! I'd love to get a macro lens... haven't been able to yet, hopefully soon.

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