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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Photostory Friday~ Finally A Bit of the White Stuff

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

In Sugar Bear's short life, it has managed to snow for a few days each winter. In her mind, even though we don't get much snow, it really isn't winter unless she has had a bit of the white stuff in her yard.

It was beginning to look like this winter was going to come and go without blessing us with some stickable snowy goodness.

Lucky for us.....Sugar was sick for several days recently, and when we woke up to a winter wonderland, we were already slated to stay home. Unfortunately, she wasn't feeling so great, so while she insisted we head out for a didn't last long. About 7 minutes to be exact.

For the record, in case folks are wondering why she isn't all bundled up, it was over 40 degrees at the time, and she had thermal jammies on under those clothes.

It was so beautiful, and unexpected. What a treat for us.

While she didn't seem to enjoy the cold snow on her hands, she couldn't help but play a little in it.

And give it a bit of a taste.

I'm not sure she found it to be very tasty or not.....

But it did elicit a smile or two.

Being that we rarely get snow, it is an exciting time, as long as it only lasts a few days. While we try to live by the following quote, we are not always successful. Especially when it comes to RAIN.

This time, the snow was melting fast, and Sugar knew it.

First Snow

Snow makes whiteness where it falls,

The bushes look like popcorn balls.

The places where I always play,

Look like somewhere else today.



While we quickly wrapped up our cold wintery adventures, we had a few observers of our play. Tiny, as wet, and looked cold, but she couldn't resist coming out of her homey little shed to say, "Hello! Have you seen where the grass went?"

While Daisy girl, ran around sniffing and snorting the grass, and BEGGING me to throw another snowball for her.


It was certainly good times, while they lasted, and had The Sugar been feeling better, I know we'd have played much longer. What a welcomed surprise for a Monday morning in March. NOW we can both agree that Winter has been here....and we can move on to SPRING!

26 Live It or Love It:

Wayne said...

what loverly pictures. snow is so yummi. and I love the animal pictures in the snow aswel. infact there all great.

great photo friday

scrappysue said...

those pictures are amazing, such clarity

Michelle said...

Wow, what incredible shots. Great PSF!

Chris said...

You should have just asked -- I would gladly have sent along ALL of our snow to you.

Your pictures sparkle with life, Corey!

Your daughter seems to get bigger with each passing week. (I realize that's a biological reality -- but I'm trying to be philosophical).

I think her smile is so infectious.

Laura said...

Corey, these are such great ones! And I have to say...Sugar has always been a super-cutie, but HOLY COW is she ever getting to be a grown-up and gorgeous little girl! What a fun snow day. :)

Cathy said...

We only got one day of snow here too. But, it was enough for the kids to get out and play for a while. Great pictures and story!

lsnellings said...

Great pictures! I love her expression after tasting the snow! We never get snow here so I have to live vicariously through other people's pictures!

mrsmouthy said...

I didn't know there was any place left in the U.S. yet untouched by snow this year! I guess now there really isn't?

Anonymous said...

Love all the pictures! They are so clear and make the snow look so inviting!

Christina said...

Three cheers for the white stuff! While I know I'd grow tired of the snow if we had a lot of it...I do SO long to experience it again! What a lovely Photostory, Corey!

tiarastantrums said...

well I am glad you had your first snowfall . . . and I hope I have seen my last for the season!

Angela said...

She looks gorgeous in the snow, especially with that blue sweater. We have more snow than we'd like this year and I can't wait till it's all gone!

Autumn said...

OMG I love the Sugar bear in Blue with a white snowy background! Her eyes just light up.. being sick and all! Lovely shots.

Janet said...

Those are incredible! You have captured really special moments! It's cold here, but our chances of snow are ZERO! :(

Anonymous said...

Nothing like small blessings to cheer the heart, eh... wonderful shots, of course!

Susie said...

THat blue sweater is GORGEOUS on her--especially with that pretty snow behind her. I'm so happy you guys got a nice taste of the yummy white stuff--it's nice to see such a refreshing perspective on something I've been wishing away for the last 3 months.

Makes the idea of facing potential snow next week not so bad. Thanks Corey--this was a fantastic PSF!

kayerj said...

i love your stories

c-ya next week

Gayle said...

Such a nice group of photos of your outting. I am going to get my camera cleaned and really work on better photos such as these. They are great to scrap book. I would love to learn more about Tiny. Does Sugar ride her much? I wish Roscoe would stand still like Molly so I could take his photo. I really like that shot.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Okay that's it. I'm packing up some snow and sending it to sugar bear! She is SO CUTE, especially in that sweater against the snow Corey!

AnnD said...

Wow! I can't get over how grown up she looks in these. They are stunning. I especially love how the blue sweater brings out the blue in her eyes.

tommie said...

totally agreeing with ready for spring!

PS I think we might have the same play structure


Gosh, where to begin? Your photos are astounding and the narrative absolutely lovely.

Maude Lynn said...

These are just gorgeous. That first one is stunning; just a bit of color in a world of white.

Tabitha Blue said...

She looks so adorable... even though not feeling well, she looks great! And snow... what fun!! Although we are pretty much through with it now, and happy to be. Glad you got your white stuff for the year!

Aunt Julie said...

I think we're finally coming out of the deep freeze...these wonderful photos, though, make me wish for winter all year long!

Leigh Douglas said...

I love keeping up with your blog, I learn so much by checking out your photos. Can you tell me how you get those nice frames around your photos and how you are able to post such large photos? I can't figure out how to make mine bigger. Thanks for the info.

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