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Friday, June 26, 2009

A magical evening


I couldn't help but practice some silhouettes again the other day. I am trying to figure it all out, so that when the PERFECT opportunity arises...I'll be ready. Yes, I am sort of anal like that. I can't help it.

Sugar thought the tutu, fairy wings and wand would be a nice touch. I'd have to say that I agree.






Next time we'll remove her bulky pants. One of the things I've learned about silhouette shots is that the clothing really does matter. I can't wait to try some more soon.....possibly with a different model. Hmmmmm....who can I harass with my camera this weekend?

15 Live It or Love It:

Melissa ♥ Spoiled Mommy said...

I am SOOOOO copying you on this!
I LOVE the fairy wings, wand, just love it all!! My lil girls room is princess/fairy....would love to get a shot of her like this!!
OHHHH, and I am definitly going to play the photo game with her too like you & Sugar did, I loved it and my lil girl loves to take pictures too!

Gayle said...

I like the second to last shot because you can see Sugar's profile. I agree that she probably could use tights. So how do you do this? Is the sun behind her? Is this in the evening because my sun doesn't go down so I wouldn't be able to do that. I wouldn't mind trying this. Harass the pony or the dog. Animal shots would be interesting.

Beth@Pages of Our Life said...

You did a smashing job! I can see how the clothing would make a difference.

Your NOT anal! Your smart. I'm trying to set up scenarios too to learn. Just don't forget to pass on your tips to us. K! :D

Autumn said...

These are great Corey. The fairy wings and wand were perfect. Did you do any color adjustment to the sky? I love how blue it is.

kayerj said...

very magical :)

Chris said...

I am in awe of these shots -- and Sugar was absolutely right about the fairy wings and the wand. These pictures are absolutely magical.

Now I think I need to try silhouettes!

AnnD said...

OoooO! I love the last two! They are just perfect!

Tabitha Blue said...

Corey, these are some of my favorite shots that you've done!!! SO CUTE! I love that first shot especially.


JC said...

Fabulous! Really! I didn't even notice the bulky pants.

Michelle said...

What wonderful and amazing silhouette shots! Love them!

Jeanette said...

Stunning, the second last one is my favourite.

Sue said...

O _ M _ G .... tooo cute. Love them all. I think the one with the heavy pants is so cute...LOL

brionyskerjance said...

these are absolutely fantastic!!

Anonymous said...

Marry me, Corey!

Christina said...

You're still waiting for the perfect silhouette opportunity? I think you created the perfect one! Great call on the fairy wings and tutu, Sugar. These. Are. Magical.

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