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Monday, January 31, 2011

You are......

Sugar Bear.......


You are my delight. With you.....I'm always in for a laugh. You have so much joy in your heart, and you love to bring out that same joy in others. It might take you awhile to warm up to people, but once you out. You unleash your super, silly, goofy, wonderful little self, and people can't help but smile.

The transition to Kindergarten hasn't been a real easy one for you. While you are so very THERE cognitively, you are struggling to find your own place in your class. You are so tender hearted, and such a caring friend. It is hard for you to put your foot down, and be who you want to be when there is a friend monopolizing your time. It has been a constant struggle for you this year, and I'm so very proud of how far you have come in this journey. It gets better each week, and I believe that soon, very soon you'll find that balance you have been seeking. I want that so very much for you. ♥

My little Sugar continue to be quite the mama's girl. It is an honor to be loved by you. There are times when your love and devotion are so fierce that you can't imagine being away from me.....well...ever. You've asked to marry me.....and wonder if you can live with me FOREVER! I have promised that when you are old enough....if you still want those can happen. :) I'm THAT sure that you will find your need for independence. You just aren't looking for it yet, and I'm extremely comfortable with that.


You continue to have a big interest in animals, and your adventurous spirit motivates me. I need to give you more opportunities. It is a shame for me to let a weekend go by.....just staying in the house. You love nature, and I need to make a better effort to surround you with it. Waiting for spring to get here is not an option. Weather...good or bad....we need more outdoor time. Give me a bigger push this weekend. Your indoor mama needs it.


As much as you are my "big girl", I continue to cherish the "baby" in you. Snuggles, holding hands, story time, bath all brings a closeness I don't ever hope to miss. Your body has all but lost it's babiness these days. The chubby cheeks are gone, and you have grown taller, and leaner. Holding you close requires folding you up, and trying to ignore the bony knees, and elbows, but the bruises are worth it. ♥ You'll always be my baby!


The BEST part of EVERY.SINGLE.DAY. is knowing that I'll get to share at least part of it with YOU. Thank you, my dearest Sugar Bear......for being YOU! ♥

8 Live It or Love It:

Gayle said...

Every mother on earth should read your posts and strive to build the bond you have.

Kimberly said...

Jen said...

Sugar Bear is the cutest thing ever. Snuggling is not as easy now at my house either, but I still try. Such a heart warming post Corey.

Autumn said...

Love the blue fabric, really helps to show off her stunning blue eyes. I hope that Sugar can read these posts when she is an adult. They really are a beautiful gift. You are both so blessed to have each other and your special bond. :)

Jessie said...

Oh my sweetness. What a beautiful post for a beautiful girl. This will bring tears to her eyes when she reads it someday.

Christina said...

Sugarbear is as sweet and cute and heartwarming as they come...and so are you!

BTW, Nadia is planning to live with me forever, too. :o)

Kerstin said...

what a gorgeous love declaration to Sugar Bear - my heart melts away.
and you both look so alike - she for sure is mums daughter - no doubt....
and this blue eyes .......

Together We Save said...

Amazing pictures and post!!

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