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Friday, June 22, 2007

Four For Friday

A little bit of this....and a little bit of that. This is how I live my life. I have my finger on many different hobbies, and interests. I feel that I have a wide variety of interests, and some would say talents. I have a hard time believing I am very good at anything. Sometimes I just feel that I do a pretty decent job at most things, but nothing stands out as excellent. I often say that I spread myself so thin that sometimes I feel like I am just doing a half-ass job at everything. When it came to crocheting, knitting, scrap booking, stamping, sewing, and photography, I found that it was fairly easy for me to find my niche, and do a pretty decent job. Some....even a good job.

Today's Four For Friday focuses on four things that I have interest in, but I KNOW that I have ZERO talent. These four things bring me joy, and frustration equally. I really wish I could master these things, but the natural talent is severely lacking

1. OH how I wish I could sing....and sing really well. I LOVE to sing. Love love love to sing. There is a closet American idol in me. I adore singing loudly in the car. I totally can carry a tune, and I am not tone deaf, but years of cheer leading damaged my vocal cords, and my range is pitifully small. My huge honker plays against me, which is apparent in the nasally tone that rings out. I purchased a high quality Karaoke machine, so that I could sing at home, where no one would need to suffer though the sound. I used to spend a great deal of time rocking out in my own living room. I swear my pets thought the whole world was coming down on them. tee hee That could be why my one cat only comes home once a year. Hmmmmmm.......

2. Dancing, dancing, dancing.....oh how I wish I could dance. I am not really certain what happened on this one. I used to fancy myself a fairly decent dancer, but for the last 10 years I find it extremely difficult to move my body with any sort of agility. It looks like my top half and bottom half are having an argument when I dance. Well, to be fair...I am sure it isn't THAT bad, but it certainly is far from HOT! My favorite show is, "so you think you can dance!" I eat this show up like ice cream on a hot day! I imagine being able to dance around the stage like that. I enjoy all times of dancing, from ballroom to hip hop! It all makes me dream of having that talent.

3. An artist I am NOT! I can not draw...nor can I paint, but I would love to have this ability. I admire very much talented artists. I can hardly drawn a stick figure. I can make a pretty decent Fir tree. tee hee...but other than that, a 2nd grader could put me to shame. I am always disappointed when I pick up Sugar Bear's Magna doodle, and sit there with nothing I can draw. I want to impress her with a cat or a dog or at least a recognizable object, but I fail every time. Darn it!

4. The final disappointing NON-talent I want to share, is my severe lack of yeast bread making knowledge, understanding, and luck. I crave homemade bread, rolls.....and so on, but when I rarely turns out. I even have a bread machine, but it only has about a 25% success rate also. Nothing frustrates me more than excitedly waiting for the timer to go off, only to find a bread brick. It is probably a good thing, I suffer from this inability, because there is nothing tastier in the world than a fresh from the oven homemade roll, with a TON of butter on it. sigh...I would be 6 thousand pounds if I could make a decent roll. Let's face it....that wouldn't help my dancing ability at all! :)

So there you have it. Four things I not only don't come by naturally I haven't seen any improvement with practice. I honestly think I just need to accept my fate, and just go back to tackling the things that I might actually have a chance of improving.

3 Live It or Love It:

Laura said...

Corey! This post made me laugh out loud! I can totally picture you rocking out with your karaoke machine! I'm right there with you on the dancing...and the drawing...argh!

Autumn said...

You crack me up! I'm very suprised at the first two, I always found you very talented in both the singing and dancing categories... fifteen years ago.
Getting old sucks doesn't it? I will now be using the, I can't sing due to cheerleading excuse! Thank you very much. :)

Boricua in Texas said...

Hey, judging by this post we could be soul sisters.

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